13 Paper Towel Utilities You Didn’t Know!

What do you use paper towels for at home? Probably to absorb the frying oil, clean the sink countertop or remove excess dirt from dishes and pans.

But did you know that the uses of paper towels go far beyond that? This artifact, usually used in the kitchen, is a real thousand and one uses and can help you in countless tasks.

Want to find out what they are? So stay with us in this post.

13 utilities of paper towels

1. Absorb fat

You already know that paper towels are super absorbent and this guarantees much more dry fried foods.

But did you know that it is possible to remove fat from other types of food, not just fried foods? Yeah!

Paper towels can help you get rid of excess fat from soups and broths. To do this, simply line a sieve with two sheets of paper towels and strain the liquid. All the fat will be on paper and your broth will be much more fitness.

2. Quick cleaning of surfaces

When it comes to quick cleaning, paper towels are your best companion. With it you clean all kinds of surfaces from the floor to the desk in your office, through the furniture in the bedroom and living room.

Just take a sheet or two of paper towels and moisten with a little alcohol or some multipurpose product and that’s it.

3. Window cleaner

Paper towels are great for cleaning window and door glass. He is the one who will remove those lint from the cloth that always insist on staying.

You just need to take a sheet of paper towels and wipe the glass. This tip also applies to table glasses, mirrors and crockery.

4. Freezing drinks

You didn `t see it coming! The paper towel helps to cool cans and long necks of drinks much faster.

The trick is simple: just moisten the sheet of paper towels and wrap the can or bottle in it. Place in the freezer and count for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Ready! Your beer or soda will be ready.

5. Bye corn lint

The boring part of eating corn is the lint that always sticks to your teeth. Be patient!

But you can solve this with paper towels. The tip is to moisten a leaf and pass through the corn. The hairs will stick to the paper and the ear will be free of lint.

6. Breaking sugar

Sugar, especially brown and demerara, is often stony because of the humidity.

To undo these lumps you just need to cover the sugar jar with a sheet of paper towels.

The moisture present in the sugar will be absorbed by the paper and the lumps will loosen. So easy!

7. Fry bacon

Do you want to fry bacon very quickly, without making dirt and still leave it dry? So the tip is to use paper towels.

Line a plate with a sheet of paper and place the slices of bacon. Then cover with another sheet and bring the dish to the microwave.

The bacon will fry, become crispy and all without splashing fat.

8. Preserve vegetables and herbs

You will hardly ever consume all the vegetables and herbs that you have just brought from the market or supermarket.

And what always happens with the leaves that remain and stay in the refrigerator? Usually they wilt in a short time.

The solution to this is the paper towel. Wash the leaves, let them dry and, when storing in the refrigerator, place them in a pot and cover with two sheets of paper towels.

The paper will absorb moisture and prevent the leaves from wilting.

9. Freeze bread

If you have a habit of freezing bread, pay attention to this tip!

Wrap the bread in sheets of paper towels, so when it thaws, the moisture goes straight to the paper instead of the bread.

10. Making coffee

Coffee paper roll

Did you know that you can strain coffee on paper towels? This is another great use of paper towels that can save lives.

To do this, place two sheets of paper towels in the colander or on a sieve, add the powder and then pour the hot water as usual.

11. Make compress

Did it hurt and you don’t have a thermal bag to make compresses? Smoothly! Use paper towels.

The tip here is to wet the paper towel and take it to the freezer. It will quickly freeze and you can place it on the wound.

12. Prevent rust

Anyone who has iron pots or utensils knows that any moisture is already sufficient to cause rust.

But that is no longer a problem when you have paper towels at home. Line a sheet of paper towels inside each pot or wrap your utensils in the paper. The moisture will be absorbed and the rust will not have room to appear.

13. Reheating food in the microwave

The microwave is a great branch breaker in the daily rush, especially when reheating food. The problem is having to deal with the rubbery texture, especially in foods like pizza, for example.

But you can also get rid of it using paper towels. Place the piece of pizza or other food on the plate, cover with paper towels and microwave.

Ready! Warm food and without looking like rubber.

Non-paper towel utilities

You have already noticed that paper towels are very useful for many things. But there are certain types of tasks that are not for paper towels.

One is cleaning glasses. Do not use paper towels for this. Paper fibers can cause scratches and scuffs on the lens glass and impair your vision.

It is also not advisable to use paper towels to clean cell phone screens, notebooks and flat screen TVs.

The reason is the same as the glasses. Paper fibers can cause screen scratches.

When doing this type of cleaning, prefer micro fiber cloths that do not release lint and do not harm the surface of glass and delicate screens.

Did you write down all the utilities of the paper towel? So now just take them to life!

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