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Tea for some time lingerie has been taking the place of traditional kitchen teas. Instead of a well-behaved meeting in which the bride takes the form of a cake and meat whisk from friends and relatives, this is a space for women to have fun and talk openly about sexuality. The gifts can be lingerie, or, for those who want to innovate, aromatic candles, bath oils or even sex Toy, if the bride is open to play.

As these meetings usually bring together several friends from different groups – friends from childhood, from work, from college, in addition to family members – nothing better than livening up the moment with games for lingerie tea. If you are a bridesmaid or a friend of the bride, know that this is a fun way to create intimacy between women and make the most shy women let go.

Most important of all, the bride feels happy and at ease. For this reason, it is important that the bridesmaids, participants and bride agree on the games beforehand. It is also nice to separate gifts, such as chocolate, makeup, a drink, etc. Thus, all the guests can prepare themselves so that everything is done with care and remembered as a pleasant and unforgettable moment.

Lingerie tea games: from the simplest to the most “spicy”

Lingerie tea games: from the simplest to the most “spicy”

With the games for lingerie tea, the event is much lighter and a lot of fun. Therefore, we have separated several tips for the taste of all brides. Some can be improvised and others require some preparation. The most important thing is that they are defined by someone who knows the bride well and who knows what would make her happier, since it is not the bride who usually organizes the event.

Check out the following fun tips for lingerie tea games and get ready for an unforgettable night!

1. Prenuptial contract in the dark

This game for lingerie tea requires the groom’s participation before the party. Some of the participants must bring a cardboard to the groom and he must sign at the footer. At the time of the party, the guests write above the signature different commitments that he must fulfill that can be related to the couple’s intimacy or to different things of a life together.

Anything goes, from the commitment to take coffee in bed every day to more spicy actions. At the end of the party, the organizer presents the bride with the pre-nuptial contract that he signed in the dark.

2. Celebrity for a day

Upon arriving at the lingerie shower, the guests must wear a badge with the name of a famous person. And throughout the party they can imitate the celebrity’s mannerisms and should be called, exclusively, by that name.

Celebrity for a day

When someone calls another guest by their real name, they will have to pay a gift, such as overturning a drink, or doing an imitation. You can bet it will happen several times.

3. Photo emotion

Do you want a tea full of good memories? The organizer can ask each guest to take a printed photo of the bride at a special moment that they were together or that represents a special moment for her. The idea is for each friend to paste the photo on a panel while talking about the memories of that moment and what the bride represents to her.

4. My past condemns me

Another game for lingerie shower that brings a lot of laughter is to explore the bride’s past. Ask each guest to write down on paper some exciting, funny or embarrassing moments that they spent with the bride. But whoever wrote it should not sign the name, maintaining anonymity. If the person’s handwriting is known, the tip is to try to mislead.

Another tip is to respect the bride’s intimacy and avoid embarrassment. After all, it’s possible that mother, mother-in-law and sisters-in-law are at the party. The bride must draw one of the papers and read it for all. Then she must guess who wrote it. If you make a mistake, you know, right? You will have to pay a gift.

5. Hunting for bags

Hunting for bags

Before the party, the organizer must prepare a list of objects that women usually carry in their bags. Start with the basics: makeup, mirror, gum, credit card, cell phone, keys, etc.

Then add more unusual items, such as a condom, company badge, chocolate, sock, scarf, umbrella, 3 X 4 photo of the current or ex… When something on the list is announced, the first person to take the object out of the bag, wins the round. In this case, she can win gifts such as chocolates, nail polish, a drink, etc.

As the list starts to get more and more unusual, the moment will come when no one will be able to take one of the items out of the bag. In this case, everyone pays a gift, like wearing cheesy makeup, or having a drink.

6. Guessing gifts

Guessing gifts

This is a classic game for any type of tea, be it baby shower, bar tea or bridal shower. The bride needs to guess the gifts she won, which can be lingerie, nightgowns, or other sexy items. It is important for the tea organizer to inform the other guests about the size of lingerie that the bride wears.

In this case, there are two ways to play: the bride opens and tries to guess which of the guests bought the gift, or guess what is inside before unwrapping it. In both cases, the bride must pay gifts when she doesn’t get it right.

7. Bride’s Quiz

Bride Quiz

This is a game that the bride plays with her guests. The guests are divided into two groups. It could be, her family x his family, married x single, etc. From there, the bride will ask questions of the groups.

The content of the questions can be quite varied. They can be related to the bride (first boyfriend, favorite color, where she dreams to travel, favorite food), the bride and groom (how long they have been together, who got interested first, where they met, where they will spend their honeymoon), or about subjects more generic.

Plan the questions in advance to give more dynamism to the game. The team that answers the most questions can win gifts.

8. Hot potato surprise

Put various tacky objects in a box, such as wigs, tiaras, necklaces, feathers, masks, hats, etc. This box must be passed from hand to hand among the guests following a song. As soon as the music stops, whoever has the box should answer a random question. If she misses, she needs to use some of the things in the box by the end of the party.

It is clear that the first guests will choose the least weird objects and leave the worst to the last participants. What will you get?

9. Groom’s challenge

This is a game that can take a little more work, but it is worth it and it will be very exciting for the bride. Before the lingerie shower, a friend should film a conversation with the fiance, in which she asks about details of the relationship, such as the first kiss, the first trip, the first sex, the best quality and her biggest defect, some curiosity, which irritates her, which makes her happy …

Choose good questions and, at the end, ask the groom to record a declaration of love or testimony to the bride.

Throughout the video presentation, the bride will answer the same questions that were asked to the groom before seeing his answer. Thus, everyone can compare the responses of the two. In the end, the bride can also be filmed making a statement to the groom.

10. Sexy Bingo

This lingerie tea game takes its name from following a dynamic similar to a traditional bingo. But instead of numbers, we should use propitious words for lingerie shower, such as: corset, seduction, fantasy, passion, sex, among others. Whoever completes the card first wins a gift, such as make-up, cream or chocolates.

11. Spicy mimicry

This one is well suited for lingerie tea games, as it can be quite bold. The bride and her guests mimic song lyrics using a lot of body expression.

Imagine songs that can generate funny mimics: “(…) Like a goddess, you keep me…”, “I’ll tie you to my bed, just make love to me”, or “every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray”…

The more lively and uninhibited the bride’s friends are, the more fun it will be.

12. Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie

In this game, each guest needs to tell three stories lived between the bride and her. The other guests should try to guess which one is a lie.

The facts told can be something like: “we went to a show country people together « , » we did a gym together « , » she already took me to the hospital « , » we performed a choreography together « , » we know such a celebrity « and whatever else your imagination sends. The fun is that truths are unlikely events. Whoever gets the lie right can win a toast.

13. Men for sale

Want to provide a moment of laughter? So try using this joke in tea lingerie! The guests need to advertise for sale any old product they have at home (a piece of furniture, an appliance, a blanket) putting their good and bad characteristics. For example: « it is beautiful, modern, practical, efficient, soft » or « it defects, let me down, it does not heat up, little memory, it makes dirt ».

All must announce the sale of the product aloud, but with one detail: the name of the husband, boyfriend, stayer or crush (flirting) needs to be in place of the object. Participants must guess how the product is being sold. For example: “Is Luiz a freezer? A sheet? ”

14.Wool advice

As soon as the guests arrive at the party, they should take a piece of wool thread (already cut) of the size they want, but no one should know why the threads are different sizes.

Then, at the time of play, the bride calls each guest to be her advisor while wrapping the wool thread on the bride’s finger, and should only stop when the thread runs out. The longer the thread, the more advice the guest must tell the bride.

Did you like our play tips for lingerie tea?

Have you ever participated in a lingerie tea game? Whether you are an organizer, godmother, friend or bride, what is your favorite game? We hope your party is unforgettable! Remember to tell us everything in the comments.

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