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After drinking that coffee, we ask you: what do you do with the coffee grounds left in the strainer? If you are throwing it in the trash, then we have a lot to talk about.

And do you know why? Coffee grounds can be used for many things, from aesthetic treatments to plant compost.

We will tell you all of this (and a few more things) below, follow along.

Why reuse coffee grounds


According to data from the Brazilian Coffee Association, ABIC, we Brazilians consume no more, no less than 1 million tons of coffee per year, which is equivalent to 4.8 kg of coffee per person, on average.

It is no wonder that we are the largest coffee producing country in the world and the second largest consumer market, second only to the United States.

The result of all this consumption is the annual production of about 800 thousand tons of coffee grounds. And do you know where it all ends up most of the time? In landfills and dumps.

And this is an environmental problem that impacts the whole of society. The coffee grounds when decomposed in these places generates methane gas, a highly toxic and harmful gas to the ozone layer, 20 times more polluting than carbon dioxide.

Nutrient rich

Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients that can be used by our skin and hair. But it is not limited to that!

This leftover coffee from every day is still very beneficial for plants, for cleaning and deodorizing the house and even for your pets.

This is because coffee grounds contain nutrients such as caffeine, a natural stimulant, as well as lipids and phenolic compounds that, among other things, guarantee the typical color and aroma of coffee and still work as an astringent.

This combination of substances makes coffee grounds an excellent ally in the home for the most diverse functions.

See the main ones below:

14 ideas of what to do with coffee grounds

Compost with coffee grounds

Compost with coffee grounds

One of the most common ways to reuse coffee grounds is as fertilizer for plants. But, calm down! It is not enough to pour the powder over the vase.

The ideal is that the powder is diluted in the irrigation water, so that the nutrients are gradually released into the soil.

Another interesting way to use coffee grounds as fertilizer is to mix it with some other organic residue, such as egg shells or fruit shells.

That way, you balance the amount and variety of nutrients that will land.

The recipe is very simple: put equal portions of coffee powder, eggshells and banana peel in a blender and then add a liter of cold water. Remembering that the egg shells must be clean, dry and previously crushed until it becomes flour.

Beat this mixture in a blender until it becomes a thick and thick broth. Let it ferment for two or three days in a ventilated and shaded place. Then, just mix this liquid with the irrigation water and fertilize your plants.

Want another idea on how to use coffee grounds on plants? Then write it down: sprinkle some of the powder over the soil, either from the pot or the bed. But don’t overdo it. This small amount of dust is enough to help fight pests and other diseases that often affect plants, in addition to protecting the soil from sunlight.


Coffee grounds can still be used in composting. It becomes fertilizer when mixed with the other organic waste deposited for composting. Not to mention that earthworms love coffee!

Coffee grounds in the face

Coffee grounds in the face

Now moving from caring for plants to aesthetic care. Did you know that coffee grounds can turn into a great face mask? So it is!

The coffee powder helps to make the skin softer and with a firmer appearance. To do this, just mix a little of the coffee grounds in two tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply this mixture to the skin of the entire face and neck using gentle, circular movements. Wait for about 20 minutes and then rinse.

Exfoliation for skin

Exfoliation for skin

The coffee powder has grains of ideal size for a gentle exfoliation of the skin, both of the face and of the body.

However, care must be taken not to attack the skin. Therefore, the recommendation is to mix the powder in a cream or body oil and then apply it on the skin with gentle movements.

Then rinse.

Anti cellulite treatment

You didn `t see it coming! Coffee grounds can be used as an auxiliary treatment for cellulite. This is all because of caffeine.

The substance is also widely used in expensive cosmetic products. So here’s the tip!

For this homemade treatment you will only need coffee grounds and coconut oil. Mix the two ingredients and massage gently on the spot where you want to treat. Then rinse. To obtain results, the ideal is to perform this treatment at least once a week.

Use for hair growth

Want long, soft locks? Then apply coffee grounds directly to the wires. And this is not popular belief! Several studies around the world, including one carried out by the Department of Dermatology at the University of Jena, Germany, claim that coffee grounds stimulate hair growth.

According to the study, the caffeine present in both liquid coffee and sludge, had positive effects on the development and growth of the threads, even accelerating this process.

For that, you just need to apply coffee grounds on the scalp, massage gently for a few minutes and you’re done. The recommendation is that this treatment be carried out twice a week for better results.

Elimination of hand odors

Elimination of hand odors

Nobody likes to have their hands stinking of garlic, onions or fish, right? But thankfully, you have coffee grounds in your house.

This magic powder is perfect for removing unpleasant odors from your hand. Just apply some of the coffee grounds on your hand and rub gently, remembering to pass the powder between your fingers and nails. Then rinse and you’re done.

Insect repellent

How about now making an insect repellent using coffee grounds? It works great for flies and ants.

Start by mixing 100 grams of coffee grounds in one liter of water. Shake well and then transfer the liquid to a spray bottle. Then just apply where the insects appear.

Surface cleaning

Remember that we mentioned earlier that the phenolic compounds in coffee have an astringent effect? Well, this characteristic of coffee makes it widely used in household cleaning.

The astringency of the coffee powder combined with its slightly abrasive and acidic power are great for cleaning countertops, household appliances, grills and greasy dishes. Even the kitchen floor can be cleaned with coffee grounds.

It is possible to use the powder alone or in combination with its conventional cleaning products, enhancing the effect of both.

Removing odors from home appliances

Removing odors from home appliances

Coffee grounds can also be very useful for removing odors inside appliances.

Do you know when the refrigerator smells bad or you make popcorn in the microwave and the smell sticks to the appliance? In all of these cases you can use the same solution: a small pot with coffee grounds. Only that.

Place the uncapped container inside the appliance and leave it there for a few days or until you notice that the smell is completely gone.

This same tip is valid for removing odors from other places in the house, such as wardrobes, for example.

In this case, the tip is to put the coffee grounds inside a thin sock and make a bundle. Tie it up and put it in your closet.

Natural dye

Natural dye

How about now using coffee grounds to make a natural dye for fabrics and papers? Believe me, this works.

For the dye to work you need to boil enough water to cover the fabric you want to dye. Then add the coffee grounds and mix. Place the fabric in sequence and let it soak for a few minutes. Remove, remove excess water and dry.

The coffee pigments will penetrate the fibers of the fabric and dye them naturally.

Furniture Restoration

Do you have any scratched or scratched furniture at home? So, again, the tip is to use coffee grounds.

To do this, make a paste using the sludge and warm water. Then apply a small amount to the scratch using gentle strokes.

Repeat the process until you notice that the scratches are gone.

Flea repellent

The residue of everyday coffee can help you get rid of your pet’s fleas.

The tip is to use a portion of coffee grounds in the hair of your pecker right after the bath. Rub gently and rinse.

The fleas go away and your pussy still has a soft, shiny coat.

However, if the flea infestation is very large, then the most recommended is to use an anti flea recommended by the veterinarian.

Keep the mosquito away from dengue

And, finally, another super utility for coffee grounds: repelling dengue mosquitoes.

Just put the coffee grounds on the plate of your plants. In addition to killing mosquito eggs, coffee grounds still prevent mosquitoes from depositing new larvae on the site.

Did you write down all the tips? So now there is no more excuse to throw the coffee grounds in the trash.

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