34 Things Every House Had In The 90s: Check It Out And Come To Remember

The 90s missed you! At that time, life was still calm, quiet and not at all technological, despite the clear evidence that the world was about to change completely.

The 90s was that milestone between life before and after digital.

And how was it possible then to live in a world without Google, Netflix, Iphone and Kindle? Very simple: with some gadgets and things that every house had in the 90s.

For anyone from that time, this is a post to remember and activate the memories. For those arriving now, it is an opportunity to get to know the world through a very peculiar lens.

So let’s embark on this journey back to the past?

34 things every house had in the 90s

1. Caquinho floor

Little dog floor

You can’t deny it, every yard in the 90s had it.

2. Crate of drinks

In a time when pets had not yet taken over the world, what existed were the returnable glass bottles stored in the yard or garage.

3. Plastic yarn chair

Plastic Yarn Chair

For moments of relaxation, every home in the 90s had a plastic wire chair.

4. Fair stand

And to go to the fair, you could not miss the wired metal cart.

5. Colorful refrigerator

The most classic of the time were baby blue, yellow and brown. Detail: the color of the refrigerator always matched that of the stove and, if possible, the color of the cabinet.

6. Refrigerator penguin

Refrigerator Penguin

And to complete the look of the colorful fridge, the penguin was a must.

7. Blue chicken

Blue chicken

What was the 90’s house that didn’t have a blue Maggi hen that laid eggs? A true classic!

8. Plastic plants

On top of the bookcase or dining table there was always a vase with plastic flowers, really plastic!

9. Fridge magnets

And as if color and penguin were not enough, refrigerators from the 90s were also often adorned with magnets of all kinds: from those of fruits to those that gas deliverers left at the gate.

10. Clay filter

Clay filter

Clean and fresh water only if it was from the clay filter. This, in fact, is one of the items that crossed the 90s and is still found today in different Brazilian homes.

11. Dishcloth on the stove

Kitchen clean and tidy only after spreading the dish towel over the glass top of the stove.

12. Cups with cartoon figures

Throw the first stone who did not have at least a glass of curd or tomato paste that, after being used, served to drink water, juice and everything. Only with one detail: in the 90s they were collectible, they all came with cartoon prints, flowers, among other things.

13. Duralex cup set

Duralex Cup Set

The amber set of Duralex cups was a luxury in the homes of the 90s. Those who were more financially affluent, could still count on the complete collection that also included plates, bowls and baking dishes.

14. Take penguin stick

In addition to the classic fridge penguin, every home also had a toothpick picker penguin.

15. Plastic and wax fruits

Anyone who didn’t have a plastic flower pot certainly had a basket of plastic or wax fruit on the dining table.

16. Flower tiles

Flower Tiles

In the 90s there was no porcelain tile, what was used was flower tiles.

17. Crochet cover

Crochet cape

The crochet cases were absolute reigns in the 90s covering everything you can imagine: from the gas cylinder to the clay filter, passing through the blender and the toilet.

18. Curtain in the sink

The kitchen of the 90s was only complete with the cloth curtain in the sink.

19. Telephone table with phone book

Those who had the luxury of having a telephone at home in the 90s also needed to have their own small table for the device that usually came with a stool and the super necessary phone book.

20. Encyclopedia and dictionary collection

Encyclopedia and Dictionary Collection

In times when the internet did not exist, collections of encyclopedia and dictionaries were a basic necessity for every student.

21. Mirror with orange frame

Bathroom that was a bathroom in the 90s had a mirror with an orange frame.

22. Gossip


The yo – yo was a classic too. He was on the rugs, the bedspreads, the curtains and the cushion covers.

23. Board games

Board games

The fun in the 90s was board games and every house had at least one: real estate game, game of life, detective, ludo and so on.

24. Music box

What girl in the ’90s never dreamed of a music box? The piece was usually on the dressing table in the bedroom.

25. Clock radio

Clock radio

Whoever had a clock radio in the 90s never missed an hour and still woke up to his favorite radio show.

26. Waxer


The friend of the housewives of the 90s was the polisher.

27. VCR

Video tape

Movie? Only if it were on the video cassette with tape rented at the video store and properly rewound at the end.

28. Beer mugs

Indispensable decoration on the shelves of houses in the 90s were the beer mugs made of ceramic.

29. Poster in the bedroom

A teenager in the 90s decorated the room with posters of singers, bands and actors.

30. Sticker on bedroom window

And there were also the promotional stickers that always adorned the window glass.

31. Wired egg basket

Wired egg basket

The eggs of the house were always inside the wire basket in the shape of a chicken.

32. Milk holder

In the 90s, milk was sold in sachets and to hold this product, only a plastic milk holder.

33. Market calendar

An indispensable item in the homes of the 90s was the calendar that every market offered to customers. It usually hung behind the door or on the kitchen wall.

34. Internal antenna

For the TV to work properly even with an internal antenna, sometimes it was still equipped with a piece of Bombril.

Was it possible to kill some of the nostalgia for this incredible decade?

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