60 Projects, Photos and Ideas

The planned double bedroom is an environment that should provide romanticism and comfort. Therefore, the decoration helps to take these characteristics while maintaining the personality of the owners of the environment. Remember that each detail demonstrates the couple's taste and you can also tell a little bit of their story through decorative objects or photo murals.

To create an elegant decoration, it is necessary to harmonize all the elements and accessories of the environment. Most couples seek to use neutral colors, as they end up pleasing both styles. For those who want more color, the ideal is to use it in some prominent point, it can be a wall, a rug, the headboard or other objects.

With the planned furniture it is possible to customize the room according to your area. In addition to offering a quick design, the furniture adapts to your needs without many details in the joinery.

After choosing the bed model, have drawers or niches made under the bed. This is ideal for storing books, bedding, bags, coats and etc. The wardrobe is another important item, despite occupying a large space, it can be used in a functional way: with drawers, internal partitions or entire and mirrored doors.

Try to invest in a beautiful composition of nightstand and headboard. The nightstand may be small, but it is important to have drawers or shelves. Another option is to opt for a small desk instead of the nightstand.

60 decorating ideas for a planned double bedroom

Finding the perfect balance between functionality and design is essential! Check out some projects and ideas on how to set up a planned double bedroom:

Image 1 – Plan the closet according to the couple's needs.

In this project, the bed is fixed on a base of the furniture that also has drawers to store objects such as blankets, towels and bedding.

Picture 14 – Small planned double bedroom.

The mirror feature on the cabinet door can also be applied in a strip, covering the entire length of a cabinet with a lacquered material base.

Picture 21 – Double bedroom planned with clean decor.

Imagem 26 – Quarto de casal planejado simples.

Imagem 28 – Aproveite a parede da cabeceira para decorar com espelhos e prateleiras.

Imagem 51 – Além dos móveis planejados incorpore pufes na decoração.