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How about a little housecleaning today? But calm down! No need to pick up a bucket and broom, the idea here is quite different. And do you know why? Today we’re going to introduce you to eight house-fix game options.

Yes, believe me, they exist! And more than just a distraction for the moments of free time, these games can bring many benefits to real life.

We’ll tell you everything in this post. Come check it out!

Games of tidying up houses: advantages for real life

Stimulus and Motivation

There are people who love to tidy up, clean and organize the house, but there are also many people who keep putting off this moment as long as they can. And if you fit into the second group, then housekeeping games will be very beneficial in your life.

That’s because they’ll encourage you to roll up your sleeves and start cleaning. This miracle happens because the games encourage participants to organize and clean entire rooms that are completely dirty and messy.

In the end, the player is rewarded with the incredible feeling of a clean house. And of course this good energy will end up infecting you and you will also want to have this experience in your real home.

Organization and practicality

Housekeeping games are also great for picking up cleaning and organizing tips and inspirations. Do you know why? You need to strategize to clean rooms conveniently and quickly.

Most of the time, the same ideas that were developed to tidy up the game house can also be carried over to real life.

encourage children

Do you have children at home? So tidying games are also ideal for them.

By getting in touch with games and challenges of cleanliness and organization, children are more receptive to repeating the behavior in real life. Then you know right? You can start teaching children, in a playful and fun way, to carry out household chores, such as washing dishes, making the bed, feeding the dog, among others.

Just remember to respect the child’s age, proposing tasks that he is capable of fulfilling.

At the end, combine some kind of reward with her, just like in the game. It could be a walk around the block, an ice cream, a game or some other activity that she is interested in.

Housekeeping game tips

Check out some of the best housekeeping games for you to have fun and be inspired:

1. Big Home Cleanup and Wash: House Cleaning Game

The Big Home Cleanup and Wash game is very complete and allows you to do a real virtual cleaning. It has two main steps, the first is Clean & Wash, or, clean and wash, the second part is Seek & Find, or, seek and find.

The game is very dynamic and you can choose between these two options. In the first one, it is possible to clean entire rooms of a house, including the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms. The game also lets you choose other locations, such as a garden, a hotel and even a bus.

In the second part of the game, the player needs to find hidden objects to organize and complete the cleaning.

The game is all in English, which is not so bad, after all, you can take the opportunity to practice the language.

The free app is available for Android and IOS and already has over a million downloads.

2. Peppa Pig Clean House

Inspired by the famous Peppa Pig cartoon, the game that bears the same name is a challenge for children. In it, players are challenged to clean and organize the entire house along with the piglet.

Tasks include storing the objects in the right place indicated by the game, in addition to carrying out a complete cleaning of the environments.

A good way to teach children about household chores, isn’t it?

The game is available online for PCs.

3. Puppy Home House Cleaning

If you like pets and like to clean the house, then Puppy Home House Cleaning is perfect.

With it, you’ll have to clean and organize all the mess made by the dog’s protagonist of the game.

Puppy Home is very intuitive, easy to play and especially dedicated to children.

The app is available for Android and IOS.

4. Keep your house clean

Another very simple and easy-to-use little game, Keeping Your House Clean brings all the tasks necessary for organizing and cleaning a house daily.

Among the activities proposed by the game are dusting furniture, sweeping and washing dishes.

The game is very well-rated by users and already has more than 10 million downloads. Available for Android and IOS systems.

5. Masha and the Bear: Housekeeping Games

Fun and educational, Masha and the Bear’s house-cleaning game has everything to make it a hit with kids.

He teaches how to clean the house, fix toys and even wash clothes.

Available for Android and IOS systems.

6. Messy House Cleaning Game – Hidden Objects

This game integrates a number of other games of the same type. You can choose the hidden object game in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and even in the garden.

In it, you need to find and organize objects in a timed time, which makes the game even more challenging.

Available for Android and IOS systems.

7. Daddy’s Messy Day – Help Daddy around the house

This game has a playful and very fun proposal. The idea is to help Dad organize and clean the house while Mom is away.

The player needs to help daddy with a series of tasks that include: cooking, cleaning, washing, going to the supermarket, setting the table for the meal, and getting the kids ready for school.

The application is in Portuguese and can be downloaded on Android and IOS systems.

8. Home Clean 2020

Home Clean 2020 is dedicated to children and has a playful and educational interface. In it, players need to choose which room will be cleaned and organized first.

The various tasks include washing dishes, organizing objects in place, cleaning the floor, washing clothes, among others.

The app is available for Android and IOS systems.

So which of these housekeeping games are you going to try out first?

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