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Even in small spaces it is possible to build a modern and pleasant small pool for the residents. To solve this problem, good planning, tricks regarding the choice of treatment system and format are needed. For this we have separated some tips to help execute a project for the pool that pleases the whole family. Check out:

  • It is necessary to balance the water surface area and the space for sunbathing. Because a circulation or rest area is needed in this place to be able to decorate with sofas and sun loungers so that it does not lose its functionality.
  • It is recommended that you do a study of heat stroke to insert the pool, so that it does not protrude in places that hit the shade. So look at the time when there is more incidence of natural light to be able to project it in the right place.
  • To gain space the ideal is to lean the pool in corners or walls, so that at its edge has a landscaping with small gardens or potted plants. This helps to disguise the lack of edge of the pool, leaving the space with a larger appearance.
  • The best material that allows you to properly design the shape of the pool is concrete, due to its flexibility. Also prefer the shallow pools as you need a smaller amount of water and consequently a smaller installation system. You can also find pools made with fiber, masonry and plastic.
  • For the feeling of spaciousness, look for neutral tones like green and gray for the finish of the pool. Finishes with small pieces, such as ceramic or glass inserts, are the most suitable, as are tiles.
  • To decorate, add a fountain with water drop effect. In addition to making it sound pleasant, it takes up little space and can be fixed on the wall or by small structures coming out of the floor.

90 small pools in different projects to get inspired

With a good project and knowing these tips, you can transform a yard into a refreshing space with complete leisure for the residents. Take advantage of our ideas to help when choosing:

Picture 1 – Small corner and concrete pool surrounded by protective glass. Its coating was made with blue glass inserts.

Picture 2 – Small pool in the external yard with stone wall, it still has a small waterfall to embed.

Picture 3 – Small pool with wooden deck: here it is connected to a kind of upper reservoir through the waterfall.

Image 4 – Small pool located in the outdoor area next to the corridor.

It was built so that people can feel it. Around it, the base coated with white tiles and a waterfall embedded in the side.

Picture 5 – Model of small pool next to the barbecue and the house.

This swimming pool proposal is located next to the building and the leisure area, with a wooden deck around.

Picture 6 – The small corner pool is ideal to save space on land with more restricted space.

Image 7 – Design of swimming pool with a wooden bench attached in one of the corners.

Image 8 – A differentiated project where the pool is located in a small external area between the rooms.

Picture 9 – Small backyard with swimming pool and garden.

Picture 10 – Model of small rectangular pool with tiles in the backyard of the residence.

Picture 11 – Small pool in the center of the outside area.

Image 12 – Small pool project for residence.

Picture 13 – Small pool in the backyard surrounded by grass.

Image 14 – A house project in the countryside with a small pool – its maintenance is easier and changing the water is not a problem.

Image 15 – Design of small pool with rounded edge, wooden walkway and built-in waterfalls.

Image 16 – In this proposal, the small pool is located around the room and next to the entrance hall of the residence.

Image 17 – Proposal for a small narrow pool in the outdoor uncovered area.

Picture 18 – In this proposal, the small pool occupies the side of the residence with a concrete staircase and wooden deck beside it.

Picture 19 – House with large leisure area and small pool protected by glass.

Image 20 – Proposal for a small pool at the back of the house.

Picture 21 – Square and small pool at the back of the house.

Picture 22 – Backyard with small and narrow pool next to a fountain, lawn and sun loungers.

Image 23 – Add lighting to your project to make the pool stand out at night.

Image 24 – Single storey residence project with small and narrow pool.

Image 25 – Lateral of the residence with small and narrow pool. In it, lighting was installed to create this effect during the night.

Image 26 – Concrete pool in geometric shape with access staircase.

Image 27 – Small pool around the lawn with waterfall embedded in the wall with stones.

Image 28 – Small pool model with curved shape on the side.

Picture 29 – Small pool with waterfall for backyard in homes.

Image 30 – Proposal for a small and narrow pool on the side of the residence – next to it, an extensive wooden bench and the vegetation that leaves the project in contact with nature.

Image 31 – Design of small pool with coating on blue tiles.

Image 32 – A concrete pool project in the backyard of the residence.

Image 33 – Small square pool at the back of the house.

Image 34 – In this construction, the pool was inserted on the side of the land and has a narrow shape.

Image 35 – Another rectangular and narrow model for a small pool.

Image 36 – A beautiful project of small rectangular pool with lighting.

Image 37 – In this proposal, the pool fits the conditions and the size available on the land, following the design of the residence.

Image 38 – Small pool located on the side of the residence.

Image 39 – A pool proposal that resembles a whirlpool.

Image 40 – View of the project for a small pool located on the roof of a building.

Image 41 – Small pool with glass side.

Image (1)

Image 42 – Small indoor pool.

Image 43 – Small rectangular pool.

Image 44 – Small pool with fountain.

Image (4)

Image 45 – Small pool with glass partition.

Image (5)

Image 46 – Small pool in the corner.

Image (6)

Image 47 – Concrete pool.

Image (7)

Image 48 – Small square pool.

Figure 8)

Picture 49 – Small pool with wooden deck.

Image (9)

Image 50 – Swimming pool with space to sunbathe.

Image 51 – Small pool with concrete block.

Picture 52 – Swimming pool with external house.

Image (12)

Image 53 – Small pool with landscaping.

Image (13)

Image 54 – Small pool with sofa.

Picture 55 – Swimming pool with wooden bench

Image (15)

Image 56 – Small pool with stairs.

Image (16)

Image 57 – Small pool with night lighting

Image (17)

Image 58 – Small pool with stone wall.

Image (18)

Image 59 – Small pool with half covered by pergola.

Image 60 – Small round pool.

Image (20)

Image 61 – Swimming pool with wooden finishing edge.

Japanese Style Patio Bamboo

Image 62 – Small pool with decorative tent.

Image (22)

Picture 63 – Small concrete pool in the tank style.

Image (23)

Picture 64 – Pool with pebble floor.

Image (24)

Image 65 – Small pool attached to the child’s pool.

Image (25)

Image 66 – Small pool with access by stairs.

Image (26)

Image 67 – Swimming pool integrated to the gourmet area.

Image (27)

Image 68 – Small pool for home.

Image (28)

Image 69 – Small pool with concrete stairs.

Image 70 – Small semi-buried pool.

Image (30)

Picture 71 – Small pool with a view to the sea.

Image 72 – Swimming pool with hydromassage.

Image (32)

Image 73 – Small pool with potted plants.

Image (33)

Image 74 – Small pool to relax.

Image (34)

Image 75 – Small pool on the bedroom balcony.

Image (35)

Image 76 – Modern small swimming pool.

Image (36)

Image 77 – Small pool with infinite edge.

Image (37)

Image 78 – Small pool with fountain coming out of the wall.

Image (38)

Image 79 – Small pool around the residence.

Image (39)

Image 80 – Swimming pool in L shape.

Image (40)

Image 81 – Small pool with tablets.

Image (41)

Picture 82 – Small pool with outdoor area in a minimalist style.

Image (42)

Picture 83 – Small pool with stone decoration.

Image (43)

Image 84 – Swimming pool with beds to sunbathe.

Image (44)

Image 85 – Small pool with internal seat.

Image (45)

Image 86 – Small pool with green area.

Image (46)

Image 87 – Pool with a wall.

Image (47)

Image 88 – Small narrow pool.

Image (48)

Image 89 – Small pool with internal led.

Image (49)

Image 90 – Small pool on large land.

Image (50)

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