Best Creative and Different Gift Ideas to Rock

Creative gifts are an excellent way to give something different and unusual to someone you care about, to co-workers, boss, family members and are also great for secret holiday friends and souvenirs.

But, there is that doubt: how to choose a creative gift?

In today’s article you will find some creative gift tips for the most diverse types of people and occasions, as well as suggestions for products and ideas.

Interested? So keep reading until the end!

How to Choose a Creative Gift?

The first step in choosing the best creative gift is to determine what the person’s profile is. To do this, look at her personal tastes and interests.

Another option is also to choose a theme that describes the person, such as gifts for mothers, grandparents, fathers, teachers, and gifts that resemble the person’s profession.

Finally, there is also the option of choosing gift themes related to a person’s hobby, such as gym, travel, crafts, music, cinema, and even cooking and barbecuing. The main tip here is to choose a theme and focus on it when choosing the gift.

Types of Creative Gifts

Creative gifts are those that have something different from the ordinary. For example, instead of giving a tablecloth with a common print, you can go further and give a tablecloth printed with characters from a movie that the person likes.

  • Home items
  • BBQ and kitchen kits
  • Pillows
  • Picture frames
  • Purse, backpacks and necessities
  • Stationery Items
  • Pet items
  • Shirts
  • Accessories
  • Keychains
  • Passport case and suitcase tags
  • Piggy Banks
  • Lamps
  • … and much more!

To choose the type of gift, evaluate what the person’s lifestyle is like. If you are someone who likes to stay in your room or loves to stay at home, gifts like pillows, trinkets, organizing boxes and creative decoration for the home are an excellent option.

If the person has pets, surely giving some creative gift to pets is a good idea.

If you are someone at work, perhaps a stationery or key chain is more appropriate.

The most important thing is not the type of gift, but the theme! With the theme in mind, browse the creative gift shops and let your imagination run wild.

Creative Gift Ideas

The best place to buy this type of gift is at specialty stores. In them, you will find several different options and will be able to let your creativity flow.

One such store is Imaginarium. It has been in this market for many years, and has an online store where you can check all products: click here to access

The ideas below were taken from Imaginarium, and are suitable for different occasions and different profiles. I hope you enjoy!

Scratch off World Map

This map includes a pick for you to shave all the countries you have visited. Perfect for that friend who loves to travel or to encourage this new passion.

scratch off world map

Picnic Basket with Cooler

Want something really different? Then how about this cooler picnic basket! It comes with thermal bag and cutlery included. Great for those who love to stroll.

picnic bag with cooler
Picnic Bag with Cooler – Imaginarium

Harry Potter Case – Hogwarts Suitcase

Do you have any friends who love Harry Potter? Then surprise him with this beautiful Hogwarts case-shaped case. Beautiful and extremely useful!

Harry Potter Case - Hogwarts Suitcase

Harry Potter Case – Hogwarts Suitcase – Imaginarium

Creative Coffee Grinder

This is for coffee lovers. You can gift this beautiful coffee grinder by hand. A different and beautiful item for any kitchen!

Coffee grinder
Coffee Grinder – Imaginarium

Wireless headphones

Why give a simple headset if you can present a more creative version? Hello dear, listen here!

Wireless Headphone – Imaginarium

Massage Pad with Speaker

This pillow is great! In addition to being super comfortable, it also comes with a built-in massager and speakers for you to listen to your favorite music. Imaginarium has several different models and prints, and this is a great gift option if you are in doubt about what the person likes. Nobody can resist a good massage!

massage cushion
Massage Cushion with Speaker – Imaginarium


You don’t have to go far to give a creative gift. Imaginarium provides hundreds of irreverent and fun ideas for you to give to family, friends and coworkers!

In addition, you can also select gifts for a secret friend, holidays, and also for the amount you want to spend. Anyway, there are options for all tastes and pockets.

I hope you enjoyed the inspirations. And tell us in the comments: what is your favorite creative gift?

Hugs and see you soon!

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