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Lack of time, lack of motivation or is it laziness? What keeps you from keeping your house organized?

This brief reflection is already halfway to changing your attitude and, with that, transforming your home.

We give you a little push with various ideas and organization tips, come and see:

Why you should organize the house

1. Functionality and practicality

Why organize the house

An organized house makes your life a lot easier. That’s because you know where everything is without having to waste time searching.

Another advantage of the organized house is the functionality of the environments. If you have had the experience of not being able to move freely through the rooms of your home, you know what we are talking about.

Disorganization, at whatever level, has a tremendous negative impact on the perception of environments.

2. Shopping for no reason, never too much

Have you ever needed to buy something and then found out you already had it at home? So it is! This situation is very common when the house is disorganized.

The opposite is also true. It may happen that you swear that you have a certain object or clothing, for example, and when you go to find that you no longer have it or that the piece is broken or defective.

Frustrating isn’t it?

3. Featured decoration

Tips for organizing, decorating

An organized house also reflects in the decoration. After all, it is useless to have a beautiful decoration and it is hidden behind the mess and disorder.

4. Comfort

Honestly, do you think it is possible to relax and rest around a messy and disorganized environment?

An organized house will bring you much more comfort and moments of tranquility for you. Try it!

5. Make cleaning easier

Cleaning Tips

Believe it or not, but the organization makes it easier to clean up. Do you know why? You will not need to waste time collecting and storing scattered objects.

How to organize the house: general tips

Organization tips 2

1. Create a habit

Like many things in this life, organization is a habit that needs to be exercised.

It may take a while, but over time you get used to it and when you least realize it, the organization has already become part of your daily life. The important thing is not to get discouraged or give up.

2. Have an organizing agenda

Make an agenda to keep the house organized. The idea here is to stipulate a maximum daily time to dedicate yourself exclusively to this task.

It can be ten minutes, half an hour or a full hour. You define according to your availability and your need.

Take advantage of this moment to determine what chores need to be performed every day, such as washing dishes, making the bed and collecting the laundry.

Then, determine the tasks that need to be done only once a week, such as doing laundry, cleaning the refrigerator, or wiping the house.

Then it’s time to select the monthly tasks. Here, activities such as cleaning windows and panes, cleaning cupboards, among others, can enter.

With this agenda in hand, it is much easier to visualize everything that needs to be done, so that you don’t feel pressured to have to perform several tasks at once.

3. Everything in its place

Another tip of fundamental organization is to adhere to the motto: everything in its place. This means that the shoes must be in the shoe rack or box, the keys hanging and the bag on the rack.

Forget that habit of throwing things away wherever you go. This will only give you more work.

4. Used, saved

Did you use an appliance? Keep it! Did you use the scissors? Keep it! Did you use the hair dryer? Keep it too.

Every time you use something, whatever it is, put it back in place. Your future self will thank you.

5. Room size

For a truly organized home, it is important that you are aware of the size of each room in your home.

That’s because the smaller the space, the more organized it needs to be. Otherwise, the environment ends up looking smaller and tighter.

Finding out the size of the environments also helps you choose the furniture and objects of the place better, in addition to offering a reference on the amount of things you already have there.

If you notice that one piece of furniture is overlapping the other, or that a free area for circulation is lacking, it means that in this environment there are more things than it is capable of handling.

6. Priority for the most used objects

Do you know those things you use every day? So these objects need to be within easy reach in the organization of the home.

The keys, for example, can be hung or in a box next to the door. The TV control can be in a box on top of the rack or on the coffee table.

And why is that? Not to waste your time picking up things that should be right in front of your eyes. Leave what you use less often in drawers and cabinets.

7. Have multipurpose boxes and organizers

Every organized house has multipurpose organizing boxes and baskets. They are a hand on the wheel and allow you to organize and sector objects according to type and use.

For example, a medicine box only helps you to know that all the medicines in the house are kept inside. The same goes for a document box.

Depending on the environment of the house, it is worth having specific organizers, such as one to store cutlery in the kitchen, for example.

8. Detach

Whenever something new enters your home, find a way to let go of something older or that you no longer use.

You can send for donation or sell. The important thing is that the house is always breathable, without the accumulation of objects.

How to organize the house room by room

Living room organizing tips

Organization tips

The living room is one of the best places to start organizing the house, especially since it is where we rest and receive visitors. Write down the following tips:

1. Rethink the use of small objects

A room decorated with many small objects is more laborious to clean, not to mention that it can end up being visually polluted. Therefore, the tip here is to rethink the use of these objects and adhere to the maxim of « less is more ».

2. Have a remote control port

Nothing worse than looking for the TV control around the room. This problem you can easily solve with an organized box or a control door that can be placed on the sofa arm.

3. Hide the wires

No one deserves to see wires piling up on the floor and the wall. It is ugly, in addition to causing that aspect of mess and disorder. So, find a way to hide all the wiring or, at least, keep the wires together and organized. Nowadays there are several yarn organizers for sale on the internet and utility stores. It is worth investing in one.

4. Organize the cushions

Aren’t you going to watch TV anymore? Then put the cushions back in place and fold the blanket you were using. This simple attitude already changes the look of the room.

5. Take advantage of rack space

The TV rack does not have to be used only for television. Depending on the height and size of the furniture, the rack can be useful for accommodating a puff, extra pillows and even folded blankets in a basket.

6. Use a blanket on the sofa

When you go to bed to watch TV, make a habit of covering the sofa with a blanket or sheet. This simple habit helps to keep the sofa clean, free of stains and crumbs. When you get off the couch, take the blanket off and go.

7. Dust and vacuum

Once a week dust the furniture in the room. Take the opportunity to vacuum the floor, carpet and sofa. If you have pussies at home, you may need to vacuum between two or three times a week.

Room organization tips

Room organization tips

The bedroom needs to be the most organized environment in the house, so that you can rest and feel good inside. To do this, follow the tips below:

1. Collect the scattered clothes

Every day collect dirty clothes and put them in the washing basket. The ones that are clean, fold and store in the closet.

2. Have a clothes rack

Coats, bags and other accessories used in daily life, such as cottages, scarf, cap and cap, for example, can be placed on a clothes rack. Thus, nothing is scattered around the room.

3. Organize accessories

Small accessories such as earrings, necklaces, watches and bracelets need a place just for them. There are thousands of ideas for organizers of accessories on the internet, from the simplest made with recyclable material, such as paper rolls and PVC pipes, to the most pompous, bought ready-made in specialized stores.

4. Use organizing boxes

Organizing boxes save lives and the room would be no different. These boxes can assist you in storing various items, from clothes and shoes to accessories, documents and hygiene and beauty items.

5. Make partitions in the closet / wardrobe

Create partitions in your closet to facilitate access to clothing, especially smaller ones, such as underwear and gym clothes.

6. Separate clothes by category

Following the previous idea, the tip now is to separate the clothes by category. So you don’t waste time looking for that woolen blouse in the middle of summer regattas.

Kitchen organizing tips

Kitchen organizing tips

The kitchen needs organization for two basic reasons: to facilitate the preparation of meals and to maintain hygiene. See the following tips:

1. Use shelves

Install shelves in the kitchen to facilitate access to the items you use most, such as spices and culinary accessories.

2. Sector the cabinets

Distribute kitchen items by sector within each part of the cabinet. For example, in one door keep only glasses, in the other, just plates, in another, organize pots and lastly, pots.

3. Use boxes and organizers

There are several options for kitchen organizers to sell. They are important because in addition to keeping everything in place, they also help you save space.

4. Who arrived first?

Food that arrived at your home first should be eaten first so as not to spoil it. So, put them in the front.

5. Organization tips for the bathroom

An organized bathroom is everything you need to facilitate the cleaning and hygiene of this very important room in the house. Look at the tips:

6. Cleaning kit

Assemble a cleaning kit to facilitate the routine of organizing the bathroom. In this kit put a sponge, detergent or multipurpose, cloth and alcohol. With these simple little things you can clean your bathroom quickly every day.

7. Organizing boxes and supports

Boxes and brackets are a hand on the wheel for organizing the bathroom. They are used to store hygiene items, appliances such as a hairdryer, razor and flat iron, as well as makeup, towels and toilet paper.

8. Shelves

And where to put all these things? On shelves, of course! You don’t need a huge closet taking up space in your bathroom. Some shelves and voilà… everything is in order!

Did you like the tips? So now just put everything into practice.

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