Country Wedding Decor: 90 Inspiring Photos

Despite the celebration of many weddings taking place in traditional environments such as buffets, ballrooms, churches, temples and closed party spaces, there are those who prefer the freedom and the boldness to hold the party in open spaces, with a wide presence of nature. Like the beach, the countryside is a different place, in wide contact with nature.

Anyone looking to have a wedding in the countryside should take into account the season and the time of day it should take place: they are key elements for choosing the flowers that bloom at that time, as well as the forecast of rain and bad weather on the day of the party. .

The decoration can be creative and integrate with elements of the environment such as trees, shrubs, branches, walls, pergolas and etc. Flowers are always welcome and make the decoration much more colorful. Wooden objects and other rustic materials combine with the theme of the country party, so consider them when planning.

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Country wedding decor inspiration and photos

To facilitate your search for references, we have separated only the most beautiful pictures of wedding party decorations in the countryside. Keep browsing and get inspired by these ideas:

Image 1 – A door that opens to a new phase!

Image 2 – One of the advantages of getting married in the countryside is the beautiful presence of nature.

Picture 3 – Creativity and research are essential when planning your wedding!

Image 4 – The fluid drape of the curtains give more lightness and romanticism when the "yes"

Picture 5 – The field is the perfect place for those who prefer more intimate ceremonies.

Image 6 – Pay attention to the weather forecast and rent a tent so as not to take any risks.

Image 7 – Numerous ton sur ton petals decorate the way to the altar.

Image 8 – This is how our story begins.

Image 9 – Enhance the wedding nave with a long curtain and delicate arrangements.

Picture 10 – Colorful flowers highlight and brighten the environment!

Image 11 – The welcome sign is the first contact with your guests.

Picture 12 – Easy and economical ideas to decorate your wedding!

Image 13 – The rustic style sets the tone for celebrations in the countryside.

Picture 14 – DIY: wooden support and vase decorated with glitter

Image 15 – The trees are great supports to decorate the party.

Picture 16 – Hanging swings and vintage furniture already make the space for the happily married very lovely!

Picture 17 – Bottles, natural flowers, boxes and lamps are indispensable items.

Picture 18 – Innovate with the arrangement and suspended lamps!

Picture 19 – Reuse the wooden crates and integrate them into the decoration!

Image 20 – The view of the lake will leave your guests more inspired to write a message.

Image 21 – The photo on the swing is one of the most requested among the couple.

Image 22 – How about sharing the party schedule with your guests?

Picture 23 – Escape the conventional and plan your wedding in the countryside!

Picture 24 – Charming details make all the difference!

Picture 25 – Mini hanging flower arrangements separate the environments in a very creative way.

Image 26 – If the budget allows, prefer places that have internal and external spaces.

Picture 27 – Table arrangement with colorful orchids brings more delicacy and joy.

Image 28 – Create a sensational effect with tsuru curtains.

Picture 29 – How to resist the charm of the tent with personalized print?

Image 30 – Community tables make the environment more welcoming and interactive.

Image 31 – Amazing lighting for outdoor night weddings.

Image 32 – The suspended candles enhance the décor and emphasize the colors of the flowers.

Picture 33 – Candy colors are always welcome!

Image 34 – Spring flowers embellish the guests' table.

Image 35 – Fresh fruits as an original table decoration.

Image 36 – Give a fun touch to the plates of the newlyweds chairs.

Image 37 – Contemporary style, with rustic elements.

Image 38 – Get compliments when opting for aerial decoration.

Image 39 – The field is the perfect location for mini weddings.

Picture 40 – Enjoy the branches of the trees and hang curtains of lights to make the scenery stunning!

Image 41 – Pink is vibrant, cool and blends perfectly with the green of the countryside.

Image 42 – Traditional weddings call for the Portuguese tile pattern.

Picture 43 – Personalize the table with cute treats and leave your guests speechless with such zeal.

Picture 44 – Centralized floral arrangements never go out of style!

Image 45 – Bet on the apparent lighting and candles to create a very cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Image 46 – Rent a tent to avoid unforeseen events.

Image 47 – Opt for more open tones in daytime celebrations.

Image 48 – Upgrade with candles distributed in glass candlesticks.

Image 49 – Delicate details are able to melt any heart!

Image 50 – Create a visual identity that has everything to do with the proposal of marriage in the countryside.

Image 51 – Bet on lightness with light wood furniture.

Image 52 – Colorful, modern and youthful.

Image 53 – The right lighting makes all the difference!

Image 54 – The pink of the flowers breaks a little of the classic of colonial decoration.

Picture 55 – The color chart chosen refers to the vintage / retro style

Image 56 – Elegant weddings ask for a set of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Image 57 – The contact with nature creates a magical and involving atmosphere.

Image 58 – Unstructured furniture fell in favor of the coolest and coolest brides.

Image 59 – The continuous arrangement is ideal for community tables.

Image 60 – Bring more comfort when replacing chairs with sofas.

Image 61 – Warm colors bring enthusiasm, energy and animation!

Image 62 – The schedule is an important factor for the success of the wedding.

Image 63 – The purple is a grace when combined with the aged pink.

Image 64 – One of the favorite tones for its neutral, feminine and smooth.

Image 65 – Mix of vases with variations of flowers and colors harmoniously decorate the table.

Image 66 – Do not be afraid to load and exaggerate the plants and flowers.

Image 67 – How about the rustic style combined with the tropical?

Image 68 – Mild temperature in the late afternoon makes your guests more comfortable to enjoy your moment intensely!

Image 69 – The vineyard is a different place to carry out your dream wedding.

Image 70 – The scent of rosemary stirs the palate and sharpens the look!

Picture 71 – Cozy lounge to give that break!

Image 72 – Aerial decoration is a trend that arrived with everything this season.

Image 73 – Extend several carpets with cushions at strategic points with shade.

Image 74 – Unforgettable moments shared with family and friends.

Image 75 – Value and highlight your lounge with a beautiful and vibrant tree.

Image 76 – Many colors and light on the cake and sweets table.

Image 77 – Tent with very high ceilings.

Picture 78 – Neckline the far away with hanging frames and ferns

Image 79 – Incredible idea to decorate the bar area.

Image 80 – Merge two different styles and let the party with your face!

Image 81 – One of the advantages of making the connection in the field is to enjoy the undeniable beauty of nature.

Image 82 – Ice cream cart is a fun and economical option.

Picture 83 – Use your creativity and surprise the guests!

Image 84 – Lounge with a lower and fluid tent to give more movement.

Image 85 – Delicate vases distributed along the path of the altar.

Image 86 – The corner of messages and wishes for the newlyweds.

Image 87 – Oil lamps with flowers hanging from the branch of the tree.

Image 88 – Cute phrases inspire to create a favorable atmosphere on the big day!

Image 89 – Prize the comfort of your guests with fans to ward off the heat!

Image 90 – A nave full of roses and petals.

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