Essential Tips for Having Basil at Home

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This plant is a tremendous success wherever you are. It does not matter if it is in the culinary, medicinal culture of different countries or in good drinks. Learning how to plant basil and grow these leaves at home is certainly a great opportunity to enjoy all the benefits and uses of this very diverse ingredient. If you want to stay on top of everything about planting basil, follow the reading below and find out.

How to plant basil by cuttings

The most organic way for you to learn how to plant basil is from seeds or cuttings. In this case, you will need to start the cultivation with a healthy basil tree, which has a branch height of 10 to 15 centimeters. Then, remove the lower leaves, and so that the growth of the roots is stimulated. Secure the stake in a container of water and couple its branches. You must change the water every day.

Probably, in about 7 days the cutting method will be completed and its roots will be ready to be planted in a definitive environment. The cultivation after planting involves an organic fertilization every 40 days, preferably using earthworm humus. Finally, remember that basil doesn’t need a lot of water to live well; so be careful not to overdo it.

How to plant basil from the market

There is a very simple way to start growing this essential ingredient that is present all over the world in the famous pesto sauce. How to plant basil is essential for you who love to cook and explore all flavors. An uncomplicated and inexpensive way is to use a sprig that you find in practically all markets.

It is necessary that these sprigs contain roots, otherwise, you will need to repeat the previous process, in order to place some sprigs in a container with water, until the roots appear.

Already with its rooted branches, you should use a pot with a height between 20 to 30 centimeters, with quality soil and properly fertilized. In addition, the soil must be dry and “loose”. This is because the roots cannot be « bent » or « kneaded ». Now, just open a hole in the prepared soil and place your plants. They need space, so don’t put them too close together.

Basil watering should be frequent, but in small quantities. The flowering period lasts almost all year. So, make sure you have a special recipe and drinks.

How to plant basil and rosemary

How to plant basil and rosemary

Did you know that it is possible to join two or more plants in a single pot? Yes, it is perfectly feasible what you will discover now: how to plant basil and rosemary in the same pot. Rosemary, in addition to sage and thyme, are plants that require the same care as basil for their cultivation. Among the main characteristics, the need for sandy soil, little water and constant fertilization are highlighted.

Undoubtedly, this combination of ingredients has the power to transform any dish, elevating the gastronomy of any chef kitchen, even if it’s just your own chef. Therefore, abuse your creativity when choosing the spices that will accompany your meals.

How to care for mint and basil

Is the mint more of a plant that does well with basil as a neighbor? Some plants may not adapt to each other and end up in the health of your garden. In order to have a very healthy and productive planting, you will need to know and choose well the plants that will be pot companions.

Mint requires a very large space for its roots. So, to care for mint and basil, you will need a very spacious vase. This is because the cultivation of these two plants is similar, so the care will be the same. But, if possible, prefer to grow the mint in a pot just for them, so you will not put other plants in « danger », will you?

Now, if you want plants that adore themselves as neighbors, bet on oregano and marjoram. After cultivation with moderate watering, fertilized and sandy soil and sunshine, you will be able to enjoy a pizza with fresh and delicious herbs. It’s delicious.

Planting basil in the water

Planting basil in the water

The simplest way to plant basil in water is to start with small experiments. Therefore, separate a large glass of water, some beautiful stems of the basil, which are about 10 to 15 cm. Remove the leaves from the bottom and remove the flowers, if any.

Fill half the glass with water and add two or three stems in a cool, sunny place. This water should be changed every two days, until the roots begin to appear and reach the size of 2 centimeters. After this process, you should replant in a medium pot, with fertilized soil, little water, about 10 centimeters of space between the seedlings and in a place where there is direct sunlight

How to plant basil in pet bottle

Did you know that it is common, ecological and highly recommended to grow a vegetable garden in your home? Now, imagine if this garden is complete and using pet bottles as a base? Incredible, isn’t it. So, if you want to learn a little more about how to grow and how to plant basil in pet bottles, know that it is perfectly possible. That’s because the basil has a size that fits in small environments.

In addition to basil, you can take the opportunity to plant seedlings of lettuce, rosemary and a host of other fresh herbs. If your disposition allows, even strawberries and tomatoes you will be able to grow and harvest from the foot! Cut the bottles in half, so that it is « lying down » and with the top part open. Preserve the ends so that the earth does not fall.

The following procedures involve choosing a sandy soil, with specific fertilizer for what you are planting and a place to hang or support your bottles. It is a conscious attitude that promotes the reduction of waste and sustainable consumption on the planet, in addition to being an invigorating activity for those who practice cultivation.

How to recover withered basil

Before checking out this tip, pay close attention. In most cases, when the plants, herbs or leaves wither, it is synonymous with a lack of water. If this is the case for your basil, just water it for its vitality to return. If you have already harvested it, dip the leaves in cold water and get back the beautiful and tasty basil from before.

However, only do this if the basil was grown by you or someone you trust. That’s because basil can wilt under attack from pests and even some diseases. In order not to take any risks, you have already checked out all the tips on how to plant basil in your home. So don’t waste any more time and start your cultivation now and always have fresh leaves.

Types of basil

Types of basil

Did you know that there is an extensive variety of types of basil? To check out the most used in the world, we separate the main characteristics of each one and the best ways to use them. Check out.

Basil basil

It is the most consumed in Brazil, present in all national cuisine. With their oval shape, these leaves populate pizzas, sauces and pastas. Its branches are well branched and its flowers in shades of white. Teas of this type of basil have anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in vitamins A and C.

Italian Basil

Despite its name, this basil is also well known in Brazil. Its main characteristic is its flavor, much stronger and sweeter than the previous one. Therefore, its use is moderate and mainly accompanying sauces, soups and hot dishes in general.

Purple basil

Unlike the Italian, purple basil is the mildest type of plant, indicated mainly for cold dishes, tis as salads or decoration in various preparations.

Small basil (or French)

This type of basil has very small and pointed leaves and is also used in the preparation of various dishes, such as sauces, pastes and also salads. It is ideal for planting at home, as they naturally occupy a smaller space, as they are more “kids”. Its flavor is very reminiscent of cloves, which is why it is so passionate.

Thai Basil

Finally, Thai basil is widely used in Asian cuisine. Its taste resembles common basil, with the exception of its leaves that are bigger and more pointy. Its flavor resembles the acidity of the lemon, making it ideal for sauces and pastas.

Have you already chosen the way you will choose how to plant basil?

You have just given a series of possibilities on how to plant basil, in addition to knowing the main varieties of this herb. So don’t waste any more time and start your cultivation right now and tell us which way you chose.

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