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They appear in various places, from clothes and books to upholstery, kitchen cabinets, tapestries and wallpapers. Moths are, in fact, a group of insects, which is divided into: book, wall and grain moths.

Each of them usually appears in a specific location, due to their type of food. However, regardless of what these beings are consuming, they will certainly cause great discomfort and concern for those who find them at home.

Even if these creatures are not harmful to human health, no one wants to see their valuables being destroyed by them. So, to teach you how to end moths once and for all and prevent them from returning, we have prepared this article. Keep reading to understand a little more about them and discover methods that keep them away!

Wall bugs moth

Before proceeding to the tips on how to end moths, it is worth understanding a little more about the main type of moth that is found in cities and how they arise.

The wall bug moth is considered an urban pest, since its appearance in large quantities, in places such as homes and commercial environments, is very common. The feeding of these creatures is formed by wool, hair, feathers and, sometimes, cotton, synthetic fibers, linen and silk.

For this reason, the appearance of wall bug moths next to the wardrobes is what they expected. They can be on the walls, inside the closet or even on the back of it, hanging and wrapped around its cocoons.

What attracts moths inside the house?

Knowing a little more about this plague, you must be asking yourself: how does the wall moth appear? What attracted moths to the house?

Due to the high supply of food, ranging from paper to the remains of skin and hair, in addition to dark environments and humidity, moths end up being attracted into homes. They enter through open windows and doors, hitchhiking in boxes or objects from the street and even small parties.

Thus, blocking these creatures from entering your home is a very difficult task, but avoiding it is not impossible. You can do this by following four simple practices:

  • Keep your home airy;
  • Eliminate moisture;
  • Clean wardrobes, books and cabinets frequently;
  • Store food in sealed pots.

However, if you did not follow these procedures or if you already practiced them and still these insects managed to get into your home, keep reading to learn methods of how to end moths!

Poison for moths

The market is full of effective moth poison options, among them some that are not so expensive, however, there are homemade options, which cost much less and also prove to be very efficient.

To make a moth-eliminating poison, you can follow one of the methods below:

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is an excellent moth eliminator. Being able to be replaced by any other device that does vacuum cleaning, it is important that the vacuuming of cabinets, drawers, walls, clothes and fabrics in general is done. This is because, in addition to being in these places, moths also leave their eggs in them.

At the end of the vacuum, do not forget to clean the dirt and put it out.


An excellent homemade solution that serves as a poison for wood moths is vinegar.

It serves very well as poison for moths and does not require complex preparation. To do this, you must mix it with water and vinegar, always in the one-to-one portion. Prepare enough to fit in a spray bottle, then use it to apply the mixture to the furniture, with the help of a soft cloth.

Iron your clothes

A solution that is not exactly a poison for moths, but is just as efficient, is the habit of ironing clothes with a hot iron. This keeps moths away and prevents them from depositing them on garments, since heat is a way to keep these insects away.

In addition, you can take the clothes that are stored in the closet longer and do the same procedure with them, so that they stay warm.

Lemon grass

Another efficient moth killer is lemon grass, as its scent keeps these creatures at bay. The tip here is to separate bags of organza or tulle, fill them with freshly chopped leaves and mirror them through drawers and cupboards.

A bonus of following this technique is the delicious smell that lemon grass leaves.

Bay leaf

The bay leaf is another poison option for natural and inexpensive moths. To make use of this technique, just separate three of them, which are new, and put them in a sachet.

As with lemongrass, you should distribute the bags in the cupboards and shelves, remembering to change them every 3 months.

Although simple, all of these techniques are effective methods of how to end moths. In addition to doing a great job, they are still environmentally friendly and affordable.

How to end moths in the wardrobe

In case you need a more lasting way, there is a very simple way to end moths in the wardrobe: using cloves. You will only need the aforementioned ingredient, a cup of water, a cup of alcohol and a spray bottle;

With these ingredients prepared, follow these steps:

  1. Place 20 cloves in a pan with a cup of water and simmer for 5 minutes.
  2. Then turn off the heat, remove the cloves from the pan and let the water cool.
  3. Then, add a cup of alcohol to the water and pour the mixture into the spray bottle.
  4. Finally, spray where the moths meet.

How to eliminate moths in the kitchen cabinet

In one of the previous topics, we taught some methods of how to eliminate moths in the kitchen cupboard, both of which are made with leaves. For more, you can try other techniques for eliminating these insects from shelves, pots and food bags.

A good tip is to do a thorough cleaning using a mixture of water disinfectant and bleach. To make and apply this solution, follow the steps below:

  1. Mix 1 liter of water with a tablespoon of bleach
  2. Use a sponge to apply the solution and scrub the shelves and the walls of the cabinet.
  3. Then, wipe with a dry cloth, so you can avoid the environment becoming humid, as moths like.
  4. Clean the glass jars in the cupboard. You can use the mixture or wash it normally with detergent water.

In addition, it is worth pointing out that moths can be both outside and inside food. Therefore, it is very important to check the food in order to be able to identify what has been contaminated.

Did this article help you with the moth problem?

Now that you know how to get rid of moths, it is important to remember that the ideal is to prevent them from entering your home. So remember to follow all instructions to keep them away and don’t forget to check the paper or fabric items you take home.

Did you like the tips? Do you have any suggestions or tips? Write in the comments!

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