How Much Does a Pool Cost? Materials, Advantages, Disadvantages and Price

After all, how much does a swimming pool cost? If this doubt is also there in your head, continue here in this post with us.

Today we will explain to you, tim tim by tim tim, how much it costs to have a pool at home, from construction to maintenance.

How much does a pool cost, anyway?

Some factors directly impact the final cost of the pool, the main one being the material with which the pool was or will be manufactured.

Luckily, today there are a number of options for pool materials on the market, which makes life easier for those who want to realize this aquatic dream.

Below are the main types of pool materials and find out which one fits your home best and, of course, your budget.

One pool for each yard

Before thinking about building a pool, you need to know your yard well, which includes the topography and the space available.

Assess the conditions of the terrain and, mainly, the area available for the pool. It is worth mentioning that the pool should not occupy the entire outdoor area. It is essential to leave free spaces for circulation and, of course, to enjoy the sunny days.

It is also important to define the depth of the pool, as well as the shape you want to give it.

Pool types

Pool types

Ground swimming pool

The ground pool is the most popular, where it is necessary to excavate the land so that the pool is on the same level as the ground.

There are several models and materials available for this type of pool. The workforce needs to be specialized.

Above ground pool

The above-ground pool is the one, as its name suggests, built above the ground, that is, it is not necessary to excavate the terrain.

However, it is important to build a deck (usually wooden) around the pool, so that it is possible to access it without difficulty.

The above-ground pool can be made of different materials and shapes, but is limited in size. This is because this type of pool is generally small and shallow, resembling a jacuzzi rather than a recreational pool.

Suitable for small spaces, the above-ground pool is one of the cheapest to be built and, depending on the material chosen, it is not necessary to hire specialized labor.

Infinity pool

The infinity pool is the dream of many people. Modern and with a sophisticated look, this type of pool adds value to any property.

Only, unfortunately, if you want to have such a beauty at home get ready to shell out a small fortune. This is the most expensive pool model today.

In addition to the cost of labor, the infinity pool also requires different maintenance due to the water drainage system, responsible for the infinite effect.

The infinity pool can be installed in different types of terrain, but it is even more beautiful when positioned on an elevated area of ​​the terrain, valuing the infinite effect.

This type of pool also accepts different types of installation, both in the traditional way, after excavating the soil, and in a suspended way, above the ground.

The materials also vary, but the most common is glass, ensuring transparency and the impactful look of the infinite edge.

Pool materials: advantages, disadvantages and prices

Pool materials: advantages, disadvantages and prices

Masonry swimming pool

The concrete or masonry pool is the most common and used, in addition to being the oldest method of building pools.

For this type of pool it is necessary to excavate the soil, which, depending on the size of the pool, can considerably increase the cost of labor.

After the excavation, the masonry structure is made around the earth walls. Then, the pool is tiled.

The advantage of the masonry pool is the variety of sizes and shapes with which it can be made, perfectly fitting different types and sizes of terrain.

The masonry pool also stands out in terms of durability. When well built and with all maintenance up to date, this type of pool can last for more than 30 years.

However, despite the durability, maintaining the masonry pool is quite complicated. This is because this type of pool requires frequent cleaning of the flooring joints.

The masonry pool is also among the most expensive on the market, and can cost up to R $ 30,000 depending on the size and materials used for finishing.

Vinyl pool

The vinyl pool is very similar to the masonry. What differentiates one from the other is the finish. While the masonry pool uses tiles as a coating, the vinyl pool is covered with a vinyl blanket responsible for waterproofing.

This type of pool can be built in different shapes, sizes and depths, being suitable for the most varied types of terrain.

The advantage of the vinyl pool is that it can be cheaper than masonry. The average price of a vinyl pool is around R $ 10,000.

The vinyl pool is also easier to clean, as it has no grout.

However, its durability is approximately 10 years, much less than that of masonry. The use of sharp or piercing materials can compromise the pool, as they have the ability to damage the vinyl.

Fiberglass pool

For those who want to join cost with benefit, then the fiberglass pool is the most recommended. Widely used today, this type of pool is one that comes ready to be installed, just dig the soil.

Once installed, just fill and ready.

The average cost of a large fiberglass pool is approximately R $ 23,000.

A great advantage of this type of pool is the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

But durability is a factor that can weigh against you, as this type of pool has a useful life of 10 years.

Glass swimming pool

Now, if your intention is something modern and sophisticated, then our tip is the glass pool.

Similar to a large aquarium, this pool model is the most modern on the market. Made of laminated glass sheets, which alternates layers of tempered glass and EVA, a flexible material that prevents, in the event of an accident, the glass from becoming sharp blades.

The glass pool is very common in infinity pool designs. Not to mention those breathtaking suspended pool designs. In this case, the pool is placed on the cover of environments, so that the transparent bottom simulates the illusion that the person is floating instead of swimming.

But, as you can imagine, it all costs money. The glass pool is currently the most expensive.

Pool equipment and accessories

Pool equipment and accessories

In addition to the pool itself, you must also account for expenses with appliances and accessories, both aesthetic, safety and those necessary for the proper functioning of the pool.

This includes pumps, engines, ducts and, finally, decorative elements, such as waterfalls, decks around the pool, special lighting, non-slip floors and the surrounding landscaping.

How much does pool maintenance cost

The pool also requires monthly maintenance, especially in the summer, when it is most used.

Cleaning can be done by yourself (which makes the process cheaper) or by a company or specialized professional.

In addition to labor, it is also necessary to have the necessary equipment and products, such as sieves, vacuum cleaners, chlorine and soda, for example.

But, on average, it is possible to estimate that the monthly cost of maintaining a small swimming pool is R $ 50 (without labor).

Now that you know how much a swimming pool costs, just start preparing your project.

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