How Much does a Wedding Cost? In Civil, Church, Party and Tips

Are you going to get married and don't know how much a wedding costs? Then he takes a pen and paper to start recording all the costs of this celebration.

Today's post brings important tips for you and your love to plan this special moment, but that should fit within the couple's budget, otherwise, you’ve already seen it, right? Starting a married life with debts is not cool.

We will see?

How much does a wedding cost? General information

A complete wedding in Brazil costs, on average, R $ 40,000, according to a survey conducted in 2020by the Zankyou website. This is the base cost for an event considered simple and economical that involves a maximum of 120 guests.

For a medium-sized wedding, according to the survey, the wedding can reach R $ 120 thousand. And the values ​​don't stop there. A luxury wedding can cost up to more than R $ 300 thousand.

But it is worth remembering that these values ​​are only estimates, since they can vary for much more, reaching millionaire figures, as much as they can cost much less.

Do you know what will make a difference? The style and personality of the bride and groom. If your face is a simple and intimate ceremony with few guests, then it is very possible to have a wedding at a much lower cost than the values ​​mentioned above.

But if you two have outgoing personalities who like to party and party, then the tip is to prepare your pocket.

Another very important tip for determining the final cost of a wedding is advance and planning. The sooner the bride and groom manage to close contracts with suppliers, the better.

And one more fundamental thing: many grooms end up leaving the opinion of third parties to interfere in the organization of the wedding. This is a mistake that you must avoid at all costs.

Define the style of the ceremony and be faithful to it until the end, no matter what you say. After all, the wedding needs, first of all, to please the bride and groom and only afterwards to please the guests.

How much does a civil wedding cost?

The prices of a civil wedding vary according to the city and the state where the bride and groom live. Just to give you an idea, a civil wedding in the state of São Paulo costs from R $ 417, one of the most expensive in the country.

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the notary fee starts at R $ 66. In other words, there is a huge difference in values ​​depending on where the ceremony will be held.

It is also worth remembering that an extra fee is charged if the bride and groom decide to hold the civil wedding outside the registry office. In São Paulo this value is R $ 1390, also the most expensive in the country.

For the bride and groom who wish to marry only in civil, it is important to remember to include other expenses, such as the bride and groom's clothes, wedding rings and a reception if they wish to celebrate later.

How much does a church wedding cost?

A church wedding can cost between R $ 600 to R $ 10,000, depending on the church and the date. These values ​​refer only to the rent and reservation of the date, do not include decoration, nor the musicians.

A tip: some churches have very disputed dates and, therefore, anticipation is worth gold. Some weddings need to be scheduled up to two years in advance.

How much does a wedding party cost?

The wedding party is the most expensive item of the entire celebration. Here, a number of items and small expenses must be included which, added together, can cost a small fortune.

So let's talk about each cost separately:

Advisory / ceremonial

Wedding counseling is not mandatory, but it can make a big difference to the mental health of the bride and groom. This is because this service has as main objective, as its name suggests, to assist the bride and groom throughout the organization and planning of the party, from beginning to end.

However, this convenience comes at a price. The average value of a wedding consultancy is around R $ 3 to R $ 30 thousand, depending on the size of the event.

Bride dress

The bride's dress is one of the highlights of the wedding, being much awaited by the bride and groom and the guests. And so it cannot disappoint, even if it is simple.

A wedding dress can cost up to R $ 40 thousand. But there are models ready to rent at prices starting at R $ 600.

Tip: wedding dresses for rent are infinitely cheaper than tailor made models, also called first rent. So, if you want to save a little money, choose the ready-made models.

Groom's clothes

To accompany the bride, the groom needs to be up to the task. But in this item, it can calm the heart because the values ​​are not as exorbitant as a wedding dress, for example.

The average price for the groom's clothes is R $ 300 to R $ 4 thousand. Here, the same tip given to brides is worth it: prefer ready-to-rent models over tailor-made ones.

Bride's bouquet


There is no bride without a bouquet. This is another attraction in the marriage (single girls who say so!).

A bridal bouquet can cost between R $ 90 to R $ 500, depending on the flowers chosen and the size of the arrangement.

The bouquet of natural flowers is also usually more expensive, but, let's face it, it is much more beautiful too.

Flowers for decoration

In addition to the bouquet, the flowers will also be present in the decoration of the religious ceremony and at the wedding party.

And believe me, this item can cost a lot more than it looks. A complete decoration with flowers varies between R $ 4 thousand and R $ 50 thousand, depending on the flowers chosen and the size of the place to be decorated.

Vases and supports for arrangements should also be taken into consideration. If the company hired for the decoration already offers these items, the better. But if it does not offer, it will be necessary to hire the part and then the cost increases.

To save a little, the tip is to choose seasonal flowers. In addition to costing less, they will be more beautiful.

Band or DJ

Every party has music. In the case of a wedding party, the music may be the responsibility of the DJ or a band.

The choice for the DJ is usually more affordable, with values ​​between R $ 800 to R $ 5,000. But of course, the cost can be much higher if the bride and groom want to hire a famous DJ.

The bands tend to increase the total cost of the wedding considerably. This is because to hire one, the couple will spend at least R $ 5,000, not counting the costs of renting equipment, if applicable.

The value can also go up if the bride and groom choose to hire a famous band.

Party space rental

Have you thought about where the wedding reception will be held? This is another item that makes all the difference in the total cost of the wedding.

The rent for a space for parties starts at around R $ 3 thousand, and can reach up to R $ 50 thousand.

Here, the advance also counts points in favor of the economy. The sooner you rent the space, the more chances you have of getting a good price.

Another tip: check if the place offers buffet service included. In that case, it can mean significant savings.

Cake and sweets

The wedding party cake is another item that cannot be missing. Larger ones with more than three floors can cost more than R $ 3 thousand, depending on the ingredients used in the filling and in the dough.

The simplest cakes cost a maximum of R $ 1,000. These values ​​vary mainly according to the size and weight of the cake.


The buffet service must be hired very carefully and, if possible, always after seeking recommendations. There are many companies offering a terrible service at a gold price. So stay tuned.

The average price of a full wedding buffet is around R $ 8,000 to R $ 40,000, depending on what is offered between drinks and food.

The American buffet service is usually cheaper.

Photo and filming

For sure you will want to record the entire wedding in beautiful and exciting photos and videos. Well then, start to separate a part of the budget for that item as well.

The price of the photo and filming service costs between R $ 4,500 to R $ 10,000.

Hair and makeup

The bride's hair and makeup should also come into the tip of the pencil when planning the wedding budget. This item alone can consume about R $ 800 to R $ 4 thousand of the total value that the bride and groom have available.

Other items

Other items that must be included in the budget are the cost of renting a car, if the bride wishes to arrive with a limo, for example. Also include souvenirs, honeymoon, invitations and whatever else you need to have a dream wedding.

And then, ready to start the wedding preparations?

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