How Much Does Installing Piped Gas Cost: Value, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Do you know how much it costs to install piped gas? This has been one of the best options today, especially for the security that piped gas offers especially when compared to traditional hose gas.

But what do you need to install piped gas?

Before you even discover the cost of installing piped gas it is important that you know if your region has a piped gas network.

For this you must contact the distribution company. In São Paulo, for example, this service is provided by Comgás.

Once you have confirmation, it is necessary to understand your needs and from there make the choice for the most suitable gas equipment.

This is because there are different ways to install piped gas and each one will suit a type of need.

For example, you can choose to install the gas only for your home’s stove and oven. Other people, however, can choose to completely distribute the gas throughout the house, so that it reaches the shower, the washer and dryer, the bathtub or the pool.

Check out the types of piped gas installation below and see which one best fits your reality:

Gas installation with pipe system

The gas pipeline system is usually branched to the entire residence at points where fuel is needed, such as the bathroom, kitchen and service area.

This type of installation is more comprehensive and therefore tends to be more expensive.

The installation of the pipe system must be done outside the house, on the ground floor and in a ventilated place.

The types of pipe system most used are galvanized steel, copper and aluminum. Depending on the material chosen, the final installation price may vary more or less.

For this type of installation, it is essential to rely on the work of qualified companies to follow all safety standards.

How much does it cost to install the piped gas pipe system?

The estimated manpower for this type of service varies between R $ 1 thousand and R $ 2.8 thousand. Material and equipment costs are not included.

Remembering that these values ​​may vary according to the region in which you live.

Installation of gas heaters

Gas heaters are usually installed next to showers, taps and equipment such as washing and drying machines and dishwashers.

This type of piped gas usually has a cheaper installation price than the complete piping system.

In this type of gas system it is also essential to have the work of qualified and experienced professionals.

The value for installing a gas heater varies according to the type of gas used, since it is possible to use both natural gas (from pipelines) and LPG gas, the famous cooking gas.

On average, companies charge between R $ 150 and R $ 350 to perform this type of service.

Advantages and disadvantages of piped gas

Is piped gas really your best option? Below is a list of the pros and cons of this type of gas.


Continuous supply

The piped gas provides a continuous flame and this guarantees even greater durability for your stove, since the nozzles and grills do not suffer from the instability of the flame.


Piped gas is lighter and therefore dissipates more quickly in the air, offering less risk of fire, explosion and intoxication. In addition, the piping system is always made from the outside, eliminating all types of contact with the residents of the house.


Piped gas is supplied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is, the supply is guaranteed and uninterrupted. The great advantage of this is that you don’t have to run out to refill the canister and risk losing what you were cooking.

Does not take up space

At some point in your life you may have wondered where to put the gas cylinder.

The installation of piped gas eliminates that white elephant in front of you and opens up more space so that you can use the kitchen in a more functional and intelligent way.



Piped gas is more expensive than gas sold in cylinders. In São Paulo, for example, the average value of a 13 kg canister is R $ 75. This same canister lasts up to 45 days in a family of five people who cook daily.

Piped gas, on the other hand, will cost around R $ 15.02 in monthly fee, plus R $ 71.95 in consumption per month, regardless of the amount of gas used, according to Comgás table 2021.

That is, it doesn’t matter if you and your family spent the month away traveling, the gas bill will always be the same. What does not happen with the canister, since it is possible to regulate and save with monthly consumption.

Therefore, it is not enough to just consider the cost of installing piped gas. It is important to calculate how much it will cost you every month.

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