How to Decorate the House with Little Money

Decorating the house is anyone's dream. Leaving your corner cozy, beautiful and with personality is a great desire but often inaccessible. Decoration items, paintings and finishes can be very expensive. But, with a little creativity it is possible to decorate for very little while still reusing old pieces and furniture that went to waste!

Thinking about it, we have listed in this article 6 incredible tips for those who want to decorate the house while spending little money! Continue with us and check out the tips 🙂

Tip 1 – Reuse

Enjoy every object that can be reused. Old furniture and decorative objects can take on new life with a little paint and a lot of creativity.

Currently, pallet decor is on the rise. They can be found near warehouses and warehouses, and are often thrown away. Just paint or varnish and you will have a versatile piece that can be used to make the most diverse pieces: Vertical Gardens, shelves, benches and even beds, sofas and shelves. See in the images below several examples of pallet decoration:

decorating with pallets

See this entire room made with pallets, both the bed and the headboard:

room made with pallets

And here, an example of a room: TV panel and coffee table made with recycled material:

decoration with palets

Tip 2 – Make Small DIY Projects

Small handmade ornaments can give a special charm to any corner of the house. We can reuse bottles, jars and pots to place flowers, colored balls, pompoms, candies, candles or any other object that your creativity allows.

Make small DIY projects (Do It Yourself – or do it yourself) and reuse pieces that you already had at home transforming them into beautiful and unique decorative objects. See some inspirations below:

Decoration with pots:

decoration with pots

Decoration with recycling (PVC tubes):

decoration with recycling

Bottle decoration (also used for party decoration):decoration with bottles

Tip 3 – Use and Abuse of Mirrors

Mirrors are a super known trick in the world of architecture. In addition to giving a touch of modernity, they also help to give more depth and increase the size of an environment. They give a feeling of more space because they spread the light in the environment, making it bigger in the eyes of the beholder.

Mirrors can be used in a variety of ways, from small compositions to entire mirrored walls. Go as far as your imagination allows!

See below some inspirations of decorations with mirrors made with recycled material:

diy mirror decoration

See the video below for a complete step-by-step guide to renovate a simple mirror and turn it into a decorative piece:

(embed) (/ embed)

Tip 4 – Give your furniture and decorative objects a new function

The rule is to have no rules. Old and forgotten objects can take on new functions simply by using a little paint and changing them to a new environment. Drawers can become shelves, furniture can become gardeners and just about anything can become a table or chair.

See in the image below a crib that became a bookcase:

cradle bookcase

Tip 5 – Move furniture around

Get out of the box and forget the rules. The sofa does not need to be leaning against the wall, the bed does not need to be stuck to the window. Move your furniture around and create multiple environments within the same space. You will not need to spend money buying new furniture or partitions, just rethink the spaces and take advantage of the geometry of the rooms to your advantage.

renovation living room

Step 6 – Books are also decoration

Use and abuse your books to decorate the environments. A beautiful bookcase filled with colorful spines of books brings a touch of joy to any environment. With little investment and a little creativity, you can create beautiful compositions on that dull wall in your living room, just using your books and other decorative objects.

decoration tips books
So, what did you think of our tips? Leave your comment 🙂

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