How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew: See 6 Efficient Tricks

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Every wine-loving person has been in the situation of wanting to open a bottle to taste and then realize that he has run out of corkscrews. Whether it’s because you’re not at home, because the corkscrew has broken or is missing, no one deserves to be without wine just because they don’t know how to open the bottle without an opener, right? Therefore, we have separated some practical and simple tips on how to open a bottle of wine. Follow the reading and stay inside!

There are several different ways to open a bottle of wine without using the good old corkscrew. We’ve brought here some amazing and very effective tricks to make sure you can enjoy your wine anywhere! Want to learn how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew? Don’t miss the tips below!

1. How to open a wine bottle by pushing the cork

The simplest way to open a wine without an opener is, without a doubt, to push the cork into the bottle instead of trying to get it out. This technique does not compromise the drink in any way and does not damage the wine’s flavor, however, it may be that during the process of pushing the cork inside, some small fragments of it fall into the liquid. To solve this, just pass the wine through a sieve or decanter before serving and it will be perfect again.

The step by step is very simple, follow:

  • First, remove the seal from the wine using a knife to expose the cork;
  • Then, use a sharp, pointed object to make a hole in the cork, it could be a knife or a nail. The idea here is to make a deep hole in the stopper, so that the air inside the bottle comes out and, thus, release the internal pressure to facilitate when pushing the stopper inside;
  • Then, take a cylindrical object that is smaller than the neck of the bottle and has a flat base to use to push the cork down. A pen or cutlery handle is ideal for this step!
  • Now just push the stopper down! Be careful not to break the bottle and spill the wine during the process.

Simple, isn’t it? With this tip, you won’t be without enjoying your wine!

2. How to open a wine bottle with a lighter

Another very useful and practical way to open wine without a corkscrew is using a lighter or blowtorch. The heat from the flame causes the air inside the wine bottle to expand and thus increase the pressure inside the bottle. As a result, the cork is pushed up and can be easily removed!

Follow the tutorial below to open your wine bottle with a lighter:

  • Start by removing the seal from the wine with the help of a knife. For this trick, you will need to remove the seal completely, not just the top of it!
  • After getting rid of the seal, use the lighter or blowtorch to heat the neck of the wine bottle. Keep the flame on and rotate the bottle carefully to heat all sides, the process takes about 1 minute.
  • Over time, you will find that increasing pressure inside the bottle will cause the cork to start to rise. Keep the flame going and keep heating the bottle until the stopper comes out completely!

It looks like magic, but it’s just physics! With this trick, you still prevent cork fragments from falling into the wine, cool, isn’t it? In the following video tutorial, you can check this and some other tips on how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew!

3. How to open screw wine bottle

In this trick, the screw will serve as a corkscrew and, in addition to it, you’ll need a screwdriver and a hammer, pliers, or fork to remove the cork. If you have a toolbox at home, this technique is very simple and it works! See how to open a wine bottle with a screw:

  • First, use a knife to unseal the wine and expose the cork;
  • Then take a long screw and use the screwdriver to thread the screw into the center of the stopper. Use enough force to ensure that the screw is firmly attached to the stopper and does not break it when removing it;
  • Then use the appropriate part of the hammer, pliers or a fork, to engage the screw and pull it up. Be calm and pull gently to avoid breaking the cork;
  • If small pieces of cork fall into the interior of the bottle, use a sieve or decanter to serve the drink.

Simple, isn’t it?

4. How to open a wine bottle with nails

If you don’t have a screw at home to open your wine using the previous technique, another option is to use nails! The walkthrough is similar, but you will need 4 nails, a hammer and a lot of care. Check it out below:

  • Remove the seal from the bottle with the help of a knife;
  • Hammer 4 nails in a row in the cork, but be very careful not to break the bottle! Don’t forget to leave the ends of the nails with enough room to fit the hammer next;
  • Then, hammer the hammer into all the nails at once to ensure the stopper will come out completely and push upward until the stopper comes out.

This technique requires a little more caution, but it’s also very practical!

5. How to open a wine bottle with a key

Another way to open your wine with a utensil you undoubtedly have at your fingertips is to use a key! This technique is practical and ideal for those who do not have much equipment at their disposal. Got a romantic picnic and forgot the corkscrew? Simple! Use your house keys to open the wine as follows:

  • With the corner of the key, remove the seal from the wine and expose the cork;
  • Then insert the wrench into the stopper at a 45-degree angle. Press down so that the key fits into the stopper, but be careful not to break!
  • Then, take the key and turn the bottle in the direction you prefer while pulling the key upwards. In time, you will see that the cork will come out!

In this video, you can check this amazing trick in detail, enjoy!

6. How to open a wine bottle with scissors

Another way to open your wine bottle without the help of a corkscrew is with scissors! The technique is very simple:

  • Remove the seal from the bottle to expose the stopper;
  • Fit one of the scissors blades into the stopper, pressing down so that the blade goes deep into the stopper. The deeper, the easier it is to remove!
  • If your scissors are too small, use another one to improve leverage;
  • Then pull the scissors up while turning the stopper.

In the video below you can see the step by step of this and many other techniques on how to open a bottle of wine with utensils that everyone has at home!

Did you like the tricks we’ve separated for you? Now, you will never again be without enjoying your wine because you don’t have a corkscrew at your disposal. Test each of the tricks and write in the comments which one was your favorite!

Do you know more techniques on how to open a wine bottle? Share with us!

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