How to Save Energy with Air Conditioning: 10 Essential Tips

The air conditioning unit is a hand in the wheel when the thermometers go over 30ºC.

There is only one problem: the electricity bill.

Well, the air conditioner can make your electric bill rise more than the temperature outside.

But be calm because you can cool and save at the same time.

Continue here in this post with us and we’ll give you 10 tips on how to save energy with air conditioning.

How much does an air conditioner use electricity?

An air conditioner consumes electricity equivalent to a shower. Only with an aggravating factor: it stays on for much longer.

That is, your electricity bill can be up to 50% more expensive!

Just to give you an idea, an air conditioner can consume about 25 kwh / month if it stays on for an hour a day.

This consumption can rise to up to 100 kwh / month if the device remains on for four hours a day.

That is, an air conditioner running four hours a day for a whole month can cost the equivalent of R $ 85 more on your electricity bill, if you live in the state of São Paulo (the value of kwh is different in each Brazilian state).

However, with some tips it is possible to reduce this consumption by about 10% to 20%. And, let’s face it, nobody needs to go into the red because of an air conditioner.

Check out what you can do to save energy with air conditioning below.

10 tips on how to save energy with air conditioning

1. Choose the right device

The first thing you can do to save energy with air conditioning is knowing how to choose the right appliance for your home and your needs.

Check the Procel seal for the air conditioner you want to buy. The better the rating, that is, the closer to “A”, the lower the power consumption of the device.

Also look for appliances with the necessary power to air condition the entire environment. You can check this in the specifications of the device, usually the manufacturer informs the cooling capacity per square meter.

The models with Sleep and Smart function also help you save a little more, so prefer these versions.

One more tip: inverter devices are the most economical. They can represent savings of up to 40% on the electricity bill, although they are more expensive than the most common models.

The inverter air conditioner has the ability to adjust the compressor speed according to the need for cooling the environment.

Therefore, when it comes to cost benefit, inverter air conditioning ends up taking advantage.

2. Install correctly

Correct installation also ensures savings at the end of the month. That’s because when installed poorly, air conditioners can use up to 20% more energy.

Therefore, always install the air conditioner at the highest point in the room. The higher it is, the less energy it will consume to cool the space.

The external air conditioning unit must be installed in a location with good air circulation and must be kept protected from the sun and heat.

Also remember to keep the sides and bottom of the air conditioner unblocked, that is, they need to be free and without touching furniture, walls or other objects.

3. Set the temperature

The ideal temperature for domestic air conditioning, according to Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), is 23ºC.

This temperature is capable of maintaining the environment with good thermal comfort and does not consume as much energy as it would consume if it were regulated at lower temperatures, such as 16º or 18ºC.

4. Sealing the environments

4. Sealing the environments

Another fundamental aspect for those who want to know how to save energy with air conditioning concerns the sealing of doors, windows and any other gap or opening that allows the exchange of air between the environments.

Therefore, the tip here is always to observe if there is no “escape” from the cold air. First check that all doors and windows are closed properly. Then, examine the cracks and see if the air is passing from one environment to another.

If the environment has openings or other openings, make sure that all of them are well closed.

This is important in order not to overload the air conditioner, increasing the consumption of electricity.

5. Use curtains

The sun is wonderful! But did you know that it can increase the energy consumption of your air conditioner?

That’s right! The sun’s rays warm the environment and this forces the device to work harder, forcing cooling.

The solution to this is to use curtains. Install curtains in the room where the air conditioner is and prefer those with thicker fabrics, such as blackout ones, which block sunlight more efficiently.

6. Use the Smart function

10. Turn off the air conditioner

You already know that the longer the air conditioner stays on, the more it will consume electricity. And it was with this in mind that the manufacturers improved the air conditioning models with the Smart function.

This function serves to keep the environment cool after the programmed temperature has already been reached. That is, the air conditioner maintains the ideal temperature without having to stay on all the time.

The Smart function allows blasts of cold air to be blown into the environment from time to time, keeping the environment cool without weighing your electricity bill.

7. Don’t sleep with the air conditioning on

You also do not need to spend the whole night with the air conditioning on, in addition to being unnecessary, since the environment is already cooled, you also end up having a greater expenditure on energy.

Therefore, set your air conditioner to sleep, so the device will automatically turn off after the programmed time.

But if the heat is too much you can use a fan. The appliance will maintain the work done by the air conditioner with the advantage of consuming much less energy.

8. Fan and air conditioning

Following the previous tip, you can use the air conditioner in conjunction with the fan to reduce electricity consumption.

To do this, keep the air conditioning at the highest temperature, between 23º to 26ºC, and next to it, place the fan to assist in cooling.

Once the ideal temperature is reached, turn off the air conditioner (or keep it in the Smart function) and stay with the fan only.

9. Clean the air filters

Cleaning air conditioning filters

Did you know that dirty air conditioning can make you spend more? Yes it’s true. Air conditioning filters must be kept clean, both for your health and your pocket.

This is because when the air conditioner is dirty it ends up consuming more energy to work properly, forcing the device.

So try to keep your device clean. You can do this on your own or hire a company that specializes in air conditioning cleaning.

The recommendation is to clean the appliance at least once a year.

10. Turn off the air conditioner

Finally, but extremely important (although obvious) comes the tenth tip: turn off the air conditioning.

Every time you leave the house or when you no longer use the room where the device is, do this simple procedure.

This avoids unnecessary consumption and will save you a lot of money at the end of the month.

Now that you know how to save energy with air conditioning, just enjoy the summer and all the good that comes with it!

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