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Dirty ground is a problem! A problem for the owner and the neighbors.

And the only solution is to clean the land.

But in what way? How much will it cost? If you also have these doubts then come follow the post with us and find out how to clean your land in the best possible way.

Why do the land cleaning

Public health

Public health is one of the first and most important reasons for cleaning the land.

The accumulation of brush and debris is the perfect hiding place for venomous and dangerous animals, such as snakes, spiders and scorpions.

Not to mention that the dirt on the ground is also inviting for rats. And we cannot stop talking about the danger of standing water, the ideal breeding ground for the dengue mosquito.


Dirty ground is also a sign of danger with regard to safety. Tall grass and debris can hide criminals and become a point of drug use.

Property valuation

Dirty land doesn’t appeal to anyone, especially potential buyers. So, if you want to sell your land, try cleaning it first.

Well with the city hall

Want another good reason to clear your land? Keep up with your city hall. That’s because dirty terrain often ends up resulting in fines and taxes, as it puts people’s health at risk.

And, let’s face it, no one wants to have an extra expense of that type, right?

Ground cleaning methods

There are several different ways to clear a land, but not all apply to your land specifically.

First you must analyze the situation of the place and the type of dirt that is there.

Is the land large or small? Is it just bush? Is there rubble? Did people get used to throwing rubbish on the ground?

For each of these options there will be a different way of cleaning. So, observe the situation that the terrain is in and only then choose the most suitable method.

1. Brush cutter and lawn mowers

A lot of undergrowth can be cleaned more quickly with the help of an electric brush cutter or a lawn mower.

However, the mower and the mower are more suitable when the terrain is flat, without slopes. It is also not recommended to clean a land with rubble using the brushcutter, as the stones can compromise the machine’s operation and still cause accidents.

There is yet another issue that can hinder the plans of those who want to use cutters: the power source, since some of these devices need to be plugged into the outlet.

On the other hand, there are models that work with a gasoline engine and facilitate the cleaning of land in more remote locations.

2. Hoe

The good old hoe is always welcome when cleaning land. On the other hand, the work can be quite heavy, as this method requires a good deal of physical effort.

A tip is to do the gross and gross cleaning of the land with a brush cutter and finish with the hoe.

And one more detail: avoid using a hoe in terrain with debris, you can get hurt and still damage the tool. Use the hoe only for brush removal.

3. Chemical cleaning

Another method that promises to clean the land easily is chemical cleaning. In that case, just apply a herbicide, remove the dead bush and that’s it.

However, chemical cleaning only solves the bush problem. If the land has rubble you will have to do the manual removal in the same way.

Another problem with chemical cleaning is that it contaminates the soil and water veins that pass through the site. Therefore, use caution when using this method and preferably use it only when there is no other alternative.

4. Tractor with brush cutter

For large terrain, it is worth counting on the help of a tractor with a brushcutter.

The machine cleans up quickly and you don’t have to make any effort. However, for this case, be prepared to pay a good amount of money, since hiring this service is not the cheapest, especially when compared to other types of land cleaning.

5. Earthwork

The earthmoving service is indicated for when there is an intention to clean and, at the same time, level the terrain. Generally the service is contracted when the land owner wants to start a work on the site.

This is the most expensive land cleaning service of all, costing around R $ 5,000 for an area of ​​1,000 square meters.

Step by step for land cleaning

Regardless of the method chosen for cleaning the land, one thing is certain: you will need to follow a step by step to facilitate the process. So, get ahead and see how to organize yourself before getting your hands dirty:

1. Communicate to the city hall

In some cases it is mandatory to inform the city about the cleanliness of a land, especially if it is in areas of environmental protection.

In these cases, the city will assess the location and inform the area that can be cleaned and the most appropriate method. If the land is close to water sources, for example, the use of chemical cleaning is not allowed.

Take this care and inform the city to avoid inconvenience ahead.

2. Protect yourself

Whenever cleaning a land, use appropriate clothing for your protection and safety. This includes rubber boots, pants and a long-sleeved shirt, gloves and goggles.

All this paraphernalia prevents you from getting hurt with pieces of stone and rubble, in addition to getting rid of insect bites.

3. Eliminate tall grass first

For safety, always start cleaning the land by eliminating tall grass. That way you will have a better view of the terrain conditions and the risks it offers.

4. Remove the debris

The next step is to remove all the rubble. Depending on the size of the land and the amount of debris, it may be necessary to hire the machine service to carry out the work.

And remember that rubble removed from the ground cannot be thrown anywhere. Hire buckets to place the rubble and make sure the company disposes of it in the correct places.

5. Cut the undergrowth

When you reach this stage, you will probably have a good view of the terrain and what else needs to be done, including cutting the undergrowth and grass.

Here it is worth the use of hoes and hand tools, but also be free to use brush cutters and lawn mowers.

6. Can trees and shrubs

If your land has trees and shrubs, pruning is necessary. But first, remember to inform the city about cutting the trees.

7. How much does land cleaning cost

You can venture into cleaning the land on your own or if you prefer to hire outsourced labor.

But how much can it cost? On average, a simple mowing service for land cleaning costs around R $ 2.60 per square meter. That is, the cleaning of a land with 100 m² is equivalent to R $ 260, at least.

For a heavier service, such as removal of debris, this amount can cost between R $ 350 to R $ 450 in an area of ​​100 m².

Tree pruning can cost around R $ 25 per medium-sized tree.

Cleaning with a tractor is the most expensive and can reach up to R $ 1800 for a land of 1,000 square meters.

Do a good price search before closing the service and see the company that offers the best cost benefit.

Maintenance of land cleanliness

After everything is clean you must take care that the place remains as long as possible.

So it is worth installing a fence or erecting a wall around the land to prevent people from throwing rubbish and rubble.

Periodically visit the site or hire a professional to remove the bush.

With periodic maintenance it is much easier to keep the land clean and up to date and avoid a series of problems with the neighbors and the municipal inspection.

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