How to Take Off Nail Polish: Homemade Recipes and Tips

Soiled the clothes with nail polish? So be calm and resist the temptation to use removers, especially those based on acetone. Although this seems like the most obvious solution for removing nail polish from clothes, believe me, it is not the best.

This is because enamel removers can stain and damage the fibers of the fabric, in addition to making the stain worse. And what to use then? We will tell you in this post. Come and see.

First of all it is important that you remove the excess enamel from the fabric. To do this, use an absorbent paper and apply light pressure on the stain, but without rubbing it so as not to increase the soiled area.

If the enamel stain is already dry then skip this step and see which of the following tips best fits your problem.

Ah, it is worth remembering that for each type of fabric there is a more effective and safer way to remove stains, when in doubt always consult the label of the piece.

Hair spray

Hair spray

You can bet: using hair spray is one of the most practical and easy ways to remove nail polish from your clothes.

Start by removing the excess enamel with an absorbent paper and then let the stain dry. It is easier to remove the dry enamel.

Then apply a small amount of hairspray to the stained area. Then you have two options: remove the stain immediately after applying the spray or wait for the product to dry.

In the first case, remove the enamel stain with the help of a cotton swab or toothbrush, gently rubbing the affected area.

If you prefer the second option, wait for the spray to dry until you notice that the enamel paint has started to crack, in other words, it gets cracked.

When you notice this appearance of the enamel, scrape the stain with the help of a spoon handle or a toothpick. Avoid using knives or scissors to avoid damaging the fabric.

After removing the enamel, wash your clothes as usual. If you still see any remaining enamel on your clothing, repeat the process.



The ice technique is well known for removing gum from clothes, but it also serves to remove enamel, did you know?

The idea is the same: place an ice stone on the enamel stain and wait a few minutes. The paint should crack and then you just need to pull the enamel with the help of a spatula or even tweezers.

This tip is super valid for removing enamel stain from fine and delicate clothes, since it does not harm the fibers of the fabric.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can also help in removing nail polish stains, especially in the case of delicate clothing.

Drop a few drops of oil on the stain and wait for it to dry. Then gently rub the area with the help of a brush.

Then just wash as usual.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover

In the latter case you can use the nail polish remover to screen the stain. But, be careful: prefer those without acetone that are less aggressive to the fibers of the fabric.

Another important recommendation: always test in a hidden area of ​​clothing, so you can be sure that the product will not stain your garment.

It is also important to note that colored or dark clothes can fade easily with the use of removers, so the tip is to always opt for the previous methods that are not aggressive.

The nail polish remover should only be used when all other attempts have failed.

To remove the stain with remover, dilute a small amount of the liquid on a piece of cotton and press on the stain on the wrong side of the clothes.

Make gentle movements and light rubbing to help remove the stain. Wash clothing as soon as the stain is removed.

Care when removing enamel from clothes

We already talked, but it doesn't hurt to repeat: before trying to remove any stain, including the nail polish, consult the clothing label. The manufacturer always makes available the products that can and cannot be used in that part.

Here are some more important precautions you should take when taking off your nail polish:

  • The use of nail polish remover is more suitable for pieces made of jeans, cotton, nylon and polyester.
  • If the enamel stain is on garments made of delicate fabrics, such as sedan, wool, linen and lace, for example, prefer to use other methods to remove the paint.
  • For enamel stains on bath towels the tip is to use banana oil, the same one used to soften the enamel, you know?
  • If you have noticed an enamel stain on the carpet or carpet, use nail polish remover only on light colored fabrics. If your carpet is dark, choose the hair spray technique.
  • What if the nail polish stain is on the couch? The procedure must be the same as for clothing. First it is important to know the type of fabric used in your upholstery. Then apply the most appropriate technique.
  • Leather fabrics and derivatives, such as suede and velvet, for example, should not be cleaned with removers. The product causes stains. Use another technique.

Finally, remember: prevention is always the best medicine. When painting your nails, be careful not to leave the enamel bottle on slippery or uneven surfaces. And after you finish painting your nails, keep your hands still for a few minutes. In addition to ensuring that your nails will look beautiful, you also avoid the fearsome nail polish stains on clothes and the home.

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