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You can't deny it: in addition to the decor, the best part of the June party is the typical foods. Corn cake, rice pudding, pine nuts, mulled wine, hominy and so on. The list is gigantic and for each region of Brazil there is a special recipe, different and full of flavor.

So, if you want to have a traditional June party and full of typical elements, settle down and follow this post with us. Let's show you how to make a real June party:

June party foods: ingredients you can't miss

The June party is a typical Brazilian celebration, isn't it? No!

As much as it looks like Brazil, this party actually originates in European pagan culture (and you there thinking it was a Christian celebration, right?).

Pagans celebrated the summer solstice on June 21, thanking them for the wheat harvest. However, the Catholic Church did not like these rituals very much and immediately managed to get the date to itself, taking advantage of the fact that St. John's Day was close to the solstice.

The bonfires, the food and the dances are typical elements of this ancient pagan celebration, it has only gained Christian outlines over time.

Here in Brazil, however, there was no wheat harvest. What to do then to celebrate the party? Corn, of course! It was from there that one of the greatest representatives of the Festa Junina emerged, an abundant, versatile ingredient that is found in the vast majority of dishes at this time of year.

In addition to corn, we have other typical Brazilian ingredients that serve as a basis for preparing numerous dishes. Find out what they are below:



We already talked about him, but it costs nothing to talk a little bit, after all he is the big star of the June party.

With corn, an immense amount of dishes are prepared, ranging from sweet to salty, and even drinks.

You can make roasted corn, boiled corn, corn cake, cornmeal cake, polenta, hominy, mush, popcorn, curry, couscous, pudding, juice and etc., etc., etc.

And, depending on the region, corn will be incorporated into other typical dishes. Currently, it is also common to re-read recipes and add corn in place of another ingredient, making the dish look like a June party. A good example is the corn brigadeiro, where traditional chocolate gives way to cereal.



Hmm, the coconut! This ingredient is another delight of the June festivities, especially in sweet dishes. With it, you can make cocadas, queijadinhas, chin break and mouth watering cakes. Not to mention that the coconut still fits very well to other dishes, offering even more flavor.

This is the case of rice pudding, pumpkin jam, canjica, tapioca and corn cake, which can be even more delicious when they take coconut in preparation.

Coconut still has the advantage of being able to be incorporated into recipes in many ways: grated, in flakes, flakes, burned or as milk.



He thought of the June party, he thought of a pumpkin. This Brazilian delicacy is present in all regions of the country and can be used as june party food in sweet and savory dishes.

To start, we can mention the always wonderful pumpkin jam. It can be made in the form of paste or cubes.

The pumpkin also goes very well with savory dishes, especially those of northeastern origin. You can put dried meat with pumpkin on the table, for example. Or, how about still, a pumpkin broth to warm up the cold nights of June?



Another indispensable ingredient has arrived in june party foods, after all, there is no ray without peanuts.

This legume can be served toasted with salt, besides, of course, giving life to one of the most traditional sweets of the June party: the paçoca.

Peanuts are also the basis for other typical recipes such as peanuts and peas. The difference between the two is that the kid's foot is harder and takes larger pieces of peanut, whereas the girl's foot is softer and has a delicate texture.

Want to know where else to use peanuts? Try making a cake, a pudding or simply incorporating it in other recipes, such as rice pudding and hominy.

Peanuts are also the basis of a very traditional drink at the June festivities: the priest's tea. This simple drink is made with milk, roasted peanuts and cinnamon.



Cassava, or manioc, is another great representative of Brazilian popular culture and, of course, the June party.

This unmistakable flavor root is widely used for cake preparation. But it stands out even with its by-products, that is, the starch, cassava and tapioca.

These ingredients are used in the preparation of cookies, puddings, cakes and tapioca itself.



The pine nut is that ingredient that super represents the June party, especially for those who live in the South and Southeast, regions where the seed is more easily found.

Most of the time, the pine nut is consumed cooked. But it can be inserted in differentiated preparations, accompanying sweet and savory dishes.

Festa junina food from north to south of Brazil

Brazil is a continental, gigantic country. And, therefore, nothing more natural that each region has its own customs, culture and, of course, typical foods.

And do you think that these delicious cultural differences would not be in evidence at the June party? Of course they are! For this reason, we have selected below the typical June party foods from each region of Brazil, from north to south, check out:

North region

The Northern region of Brazil celebrates the June party together with the Boi Bumbá party, which takes place in the last week of June.

Very influenced by indigenous culture, the northern region highlights cassava in its dishes.

There, preparations such as tacacá, an indigenous dish made from tucupi (cassava broth), shrimp, jambu (herb that gives a slight numbness to the lips) and tapioca gum are very common.

Para maniçoba or feijoada is another typical June party food from the northern region. Prepared with cassava leaves, beans and meats such as bacon, sirloin and paio, this version of the feijoada begins to be prepared seven days in advance. That's because cassava leaves are toxic and need to go through a cooking process to completely eliminate these substances.

The northern region also celebrates the June party with manioc cake, couscous, tapioca and hominy.

Northeast Region

It is in the Northeast that is the biggest party of São João do Mundo. Every year, Campina Grande, in Paraíba, receives thousands of visitors ready to dance a lot of forró and, of course, try the typical foods of the region.

In northeastern lands, the great star is corn. With him, these poor people prepare the famous mungunzá (or hominy in other regions) with lots of coconut milk, cinnamon and cloves.

There is also couscous, but the Northeast is different from São Paulo. The typical version of the Northeast takes only corn flakes, water and salt served with butter or sun meat.

Another typical dish from the Northeast is hominy. But be warned: hominy is the same as curu in the South and Southeast.

In the northeastern arraiá there is also a lot of cornmeal cake, corn cake, mush, peanut stalk, boiled corn and baião de dois, because, after all, a little more sustenance does not hurt anyone.

Midwest region

We have now arrived in the Midwest region. Large in territory and full of influences from the border countries, such as Argentina and Paraguay, the Midwest region has a very diverse June festival, especially when it comes to food.

In the region, the most traditional dish at this time of year is Paraguayan soup. Only soup has nothing. This dish is actually a type of savory cake made with corn flakes and cheese.

Maria izabel rice is another tradition in the Brazilian Midwest. Despite being a typical dish from Piauí, people from Mato Grosso do Sul love and consume a lot. Rice is the main ingredient, but along with it comes also dried meat, tomatoes, peppers and banana flour.

Want another dish typically from the Midwest region? So here it goes: pixé. This is a sweet dish, similar to farofa, made with roasted corn, sugar and cinnamon.

Nor can we fail to mention the rice carreteiro, another typical food of the central west region and which is always present in the June festivals.

In the region, there are also plenty of dishes more popular and common to other states in the country, such as cornmeal bread, paçoca and peanut cake.

Southeast region

The June party of the Southeast region has a corn flavor, a lot of corn. With it, the people of the Southeast prepare pamonha, curau, corn cake, popcorn, cornmeal cake, corn juice, roasted corn, boiled corn and whatever else you can imagine!

It is still common in these parts to eat pine nuts, pastries, hot dogs, meat skewers, as well as sweets such as maça do amor, hominy and paçoca.

To drink, you can not miss the traditional mulled wine and mulled wine.

South region

As in the Midwest region, the South region also absorbed much of the border customs, so it is common to celebrate the June party with chimarrão and barbecue. But there are other traditional elements in the region, such as quentão (only unlike the Southeast, southern quentão is made with wine).

Caramelized peanuts, also known as cri cri or praline peanuts, are also popular at the June festivals in the region.

Baked sweet potatoes, corn cake, cornmeal cake, apple of love, paçoca, popcorn and hominy are other foods that are not lacking there.

And what do you think of learning now how to make the main recipes of festa junina? Those that are successful in any corner of the country? So just check the selection below:

Sweet recipes of festa junina

Peanut candy

1. Pumpkin jam

How about learning how to make a typical heart-shaped pumpkin jam? The following video teaches you the step by step, check it out:

2. Peanut candy

Made with peanuts, manioc flour, salt and sugar, paçoca is one of the most traditional sweets of the June party and you cannot miss the opportunity to learn how to make this delight. To do so, just follow the video below:

3. Moleque Foot

Very traditional in the Northeast, but loved in the four corners of the country, the peanut is a rustic sweet, made with peanuts in large pieces and lots of sugar to sweeten life. See the recipe for this traditional June party recipe below:

4. Girl foot

The girl's foot is a candy very similar to the kid's foot, different only in texture and presentation. Want to know how it's done? Then follow the video below:

5. Curau

Curau in the South and Southeast, hominy in the Northeast. Whatever the name, the important thing is to put this creamy and delicious candy on the June party table. Check out the recipe in the video below:

6. Pamonha

There are people who find it difficult, but with the right tips and the right recipe, making mush at home can be much easier than you think. Just take a look at the following recipe:

7. Corn cake

Festa Junina without corn cake is not enough, right? So be sure to check out the recipe below and learn how to make a fluffy and fragrant corn cake:

8. Cornmeal cake

The cornmeal cake is another typical dish of the June party and one that cannot be missed in its arraiá. See the recipe below:

9. Cocada

Now it's the cocada's turn. This outrageously delicious candy is easy to make and you only need a few ingredients. Let's check the recipe?

10. hominy

A warm hominy is good to warm up the nights of June, isn't it? Then watch the following video to learn how to make this dish:

11. Rice pudding

And along with the hominy there is also rice pudding, another traditional recipe for the June party. Want to know how it's done? So just watch the video below:

12. Chin Break

The combination of coconut, sugar and lemon is the same as a chin break, a super tasty candy, easy to make and that is the face of the June party.

13. Apple of love

Beautiful and tasty. Love apples are like that! And don't even think that it's super complicated to make this recipe. Just follow the guidelines and you're done. The video below contains the complete recipe:

Savory june party recipes

Northeastern Couscous

14. Northeastern couscous

Northeastern couscous is one of the simplest, cheapest and easiest options for salty food for June festivities. The following video brings three different ways to make this recipe, check it out:

15. Paulista Couscous

Those who want to increase the traditional couscous recipe can opt for the São Paulo version. See the recipe below:

16. Canjiquinha

Another typical salty recipe from the June party is canjiquinha or, as it is known in some places, quirerinha. Watch the video below to learn how to do it:

June party drinks

17. Quentão

Want to learn how to make hot for June party? So you came to the right place. The following video brings the recipe and the tips you need to know, follow:

18. Mulled wine

And how to resist a mulled wine? This delicious drink is one of the great stars of the June party. A curiosity: in the south, mulled wine is known as mulled wine. See the recipe in the video below:

19. Padre's Tea

The priest's tea, also known as creamy peanut drink, is a tasty option for the June party. Come see how it is done:

20. Corn juice

And to end the menu, how about some corn juice? The recipe you see below:

After seeing so many options, now just plan the menu for your June party and call everyone to the arraiá.

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