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Learning some techniques like unclogging the toilet is essential to solve small problems in your home. In some cases, clogging is very simple, just use some materials that you have at home. However, if the problem persists, the ideal is to hire a professional. See the best tricks to unclog a vase.

How to unclog toilet: main ways

There are different ways to unclog the toilet. In some cases you will be able to use simple products like water and detergent, at other times, you will need to use aggressive chemicals. Know some techniques that you can use to unclog the vase.

Use only bleach


Undoubtedly, the first technique you should use is to pour bleach into the vessel to unblock the passage in case of waste. If the clogging problem is caused by other objects inside the pot or plumbing such as wood, plastic or cloth, you should use another technique.

  1. Take bleach and pour a good amount into the pot;
  2. Now wait + or – three hours;
  3. Then flush to see if the vessel is going to unclog;
  4. Finally, wash the toilet thoroughly to eliminate all residues.

Use vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda

If you want to use a homemade solution with products already known by the housewife, just mix vinegar with baking soda. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to use another, more effective technique.

  1. Take ½ cup of baking soda;
  2. Now get ½ glass of vinegar;
  3. Make a mixture and throw everything directly into the toilet.
  4. Expect to take effect;
  5. Then pour water to check if the pot has unclogged;
  6. Finally, do a general cleaning.

Use water and detergent

Mixing water with detergent is a good opportunity to use products that are not too aggressive. However, if the clogging problem is caused by materials such as cloth, wood and plastic, this technique will not be effective.

  1. Take a pot of boiling water;
  2. Put some detergent into this pot of water to dilute;
  3. Throw the whole mixture into the toilet;
  4. Then flush to see if the clogging has resolved;
  5. If it is still clogged, you can repeat the process three more times;
  6. If you find that it will not resolve, you should look for another technique.

Use a plunger


The plunger is widely used because it is a very effective technique, as the process creates a vacuum. This vacuum allows the object that was preventing water from flowing down the pipe, to be eliminated, leaving the passage free.

  1. Take a plunger and make several movements in the toilet to apply pressure and create a vacuum;
  2. In this way, the object that was preventing the passage of water will be released and the vase will be unclogged;
  3. Use a good amount of water inside the pot.

Use lye

Caustic soda

Lye is a very aggressive product, so only use it if the other techniques have not worked. Before applying, you need to be equipped with all safety equipment such as gloves, glasses and boots. This process must be done to avoid direct contact with the product.

  1. Take a bucket and fill it with water;
  2. Now take a spoon, and put two tablespoons of lye into the bucket of water;
  3. Then put two tablespoons of salt in the bucket with water;
  4. Then take the mixture and place the entire contents straight into the toilet;
  5. Wait a moment to see if the process will take effect;
  6. To finish, pull the flush and wash the toilet to eliminate all residues;
  7. Be careful not to use this method often, as lye can corrode the pipe of the vessel.

Seal the air intake and flush

Flushing toilet

Another good option for cases of simple clogging is to seal the air intake and discharge. The procedure creates a vacuum and presses, forcing downwards which helps to unclog the vessel.

  1. Before doing the procedure, get a garbage bag or film paper and cover the toilet;
  2. There must be no open space for air to pass through. So, watch every detail;
  3. Then close the cover;
  4. Now you need to sit on the toilet lid;
  5. Then pull the flush for 30 seconds, without stopping;
  6. The precise discharge is supplied with water;
  7. Check if the clog has resolved;
  8. If not, you can repeat the process two more times.

Use a pet bottle to unclog

Pet bottles to unclog toilet

Another homemade technique is to use a pet bottle to unblock the passage of water. The process creates a vacuum, eliminating the object and clearing it. It is a good technique and very simple to do.

  1. First take a pet bottle and cut it in half;
  2. Then use a broomstick and place it in its beak;
  3. The bottom of the bottle that has been cut should be placed in the toilet hole;
  4. Now make several up and down movements;
  5. The process is very similar to using a rubber plunger;
  6. See if the clogging is resolved and if necessary, do the movement again.

Use a floor cloth

Floor cloth to unclog vase

Using a floor cloth is only recommended when you have no other option, as the risk of aggravating the clog is enormous.

  1. Take a floor cloth;
  2. Put on a glove;
  3. Now push the cloth in the toilet bowl very hard;
  4. The greatest care you should take at that moment is to prevent the cloth from going down the vase and further worsening the clogging situation;
  5. Then pull the flush and pull the cloth at the same time;
  6. Check if the problem is resolved. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Use a plastic ball

This procedure should be used only when you are already practicing, as there are great risks of causing an accident.

  1. Take one of those plastic balls. Give preference to large balls;
  2. Place the ball on the toilet seat;
  3. At this point, you must push the ball until a small part of it enters to completely seal the vessel;
  4. Then pull the flush;
  5. You have to be very careful that the ball doesn’t pop;
  6. The goal is that the pressure of the ball can send away the object that is blocking the passage of water.

Use Coca Cola

Coca-Cola to unclog toilet

Coca-cola is well known as a homemade plunger because of the phosphoric acid that has the power to dissolve the material that is blocking the passage.

  1. Use a 2 L bottle of Coca-Cola soda;
  2. Place all the contents inside the toilet;
  3. Wait for the coke to act, dissolving the wastes that are preventing the passage of water;
  4. Finally, pull the flush to check that everything is ok.

Use a hanger

Hanger to unclog toilet

The hanger is a simple, practical and easy to do technique, since you will not need to use anything more than an old hanger.

  1. Take a hanger that is no longer being used in your closet;
  2. Take cutting pliers and cut the hanger;
  3. Try to keep it as straight as possible;
  4. Use a hanger that is completely covered with plastic;
  5. Avoid using the wire hanger to avoid damaging the porcelain;
  6. Take the hanger already cut and insert it into the vase;
  7. Do this until you reach the bottom;
  8. Now move in several directions;
  9. The goal is to break down waste;
  10. Finally, pull the flush;
  11. If needed, you can repeat the process.

If you can’t solve it, call a professional

After all the tips, if you are unable to solve the problem, it is best to call a professional in the field. Avoid insisting because you can make the situation worse. The professional will have the ability to assess whether the problem is in the passage of the vessel or in the pipe.

Therefore, immediately seek a company or a specialized professional to unclog the toilet.

Ways to prevent toilet clogging

Clean toilet bowl

  • Absorbents can clog the vessel. Therefore, never throw tampons in the toilet;
  • When using condoms, throw them in the trash. Never throw condoms into the pot;
  • After using wet wipes, dispose of them in the trash. Never throw baby wipes into the toilet;
  • Discarding toilet paper inside the toilet is to help clog the toilet. So throw the toilet paper in the trash;
  • To maintain a more hygienic environment, always have a trash can in the bathroom;
  • Properly dispose of all material in the trash;
  • Place the trash bin right next to the toilet;
  • When you receive a visit at home, place a small sign in the bathroom to remind your guests that toilet paper should be disposed of in the trash;
  • Clean the toilet at least once a week.

The techniques of how to unclog the toilet that we present in our article are ideal to help you solve the problem. If you use one of the tricks and find that it is not working, do another procedure.

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