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If there was a popularity contest to choose the preferred household chores, ironing clothes would certainly not be among the most voted.

It turns out that this is one of those necessary bad guys, since you can’t walk around all overcrowded, as if you were out of a bottle.

And let’s agree that sometimes it’s neither evil nor laziness. It can happen that the clothes are wrinkled because it was in the suitcase or because it is inside the car, waiting for the right moment to be used, or else simply because the iron left you in the hand and you need to wear impeccable clothes.

Luckily, believe it or not, there are ways to leave your clothes flat without necessarily using the iron.

It’s magic? No, it’s not! In the case of household chores, the name given is organization, planning and extra care that you must take from the moment you put the laundry on. At the moment of predicament, we can say that they are just “precious tricks”.

And in today’s post we will tell you exactly that: how you can iron clothes without iron, plus some more tips, of course.

We will see?

7 ways to iron without ironing

Before proceeding to the tips below, here’s a message: the less wrinkled the clothes, the more the techniques presented below have a chance to work. The type of fabric also interferes with the result, since some of them, such as linen, for example, are extremely difficult to wrinkle, unlike, for example, cotton.

So it is worth testing a little bit of everything until you get the desired effect.

1. Hair dryer

Hair dryer

The technique of ironing clothes with a hairdryer is one of the best there is. The tip is to hang the piece on a hanger and with a spray bottle slightly moisten the fabric.

Then direct the hot air from the dryer in the vertical direction of the piece, from top to bottom, calmly.

Just be careful not to bring the dryer too close to the clothes, leave it at a distance of about 30 cm, in the case of delicate items, such as silk, use a warmer temperature and do not spray water to avoid staining the clothes.

2. Flat iron

Curling iron

Don’t have a hairdryer? Then iron clothes with flat iron! The idea here is very similar to the previous one: use heat to remove dents. To do this, just place the fabric between the parts of the appliance, in the same way you use it on your hair.

But with the flat iron the process is a little limited. This is because the device is small and it is only possible to unwrap small parts of clothing, such as the collar and sleeves, for example. Larger pieces, such as pants, for example, end up being on hand with this technique.

One more tip: before ironing the iron on your clothes, make sure it is free of residues of hair products, such as creams, oils and ointments, these substances can stain your clothes.

3. Steam from the shower

Shower steam

The tip now is to take advantage of the steam created by the shower to unmask the clothes. The first step is to hang the piece on a hanger and position it as close to the shower as possible without getting it wet.

The hot steam loosens the fibers of the fabric and removes it. But this technique tends to work better with pieces that have only a few creases and that have soft fabrics, like cotton, for example.

Ah, do this only when you take a shower, okay? So you don’t waste water.

4. Kettle


It may seem strange, but believe me: the kettle you use to make tea can also be used for ironing.

The idea is the same as the shower steam, only with the advantage that this technique allows directing the hot steam directly on the most wrinkled parts of the clothes.

To iron the kettle, first hang the garment on a hanger. Then boil water and when the steam starts to flow, direct it to the piece.

5. Hot pot

Hot pot

Another unusual method of ironing without iron is with a hot pan. The goal here is to turn it into an iron. To do this, put water to a boil, when the boil starts discard the water and immediately place the hot pot on the clothes making the same movements that you would do with the iron.

The disadvantage of this technique is that the pan cools quickly and the generally rounded shape of the pan is not the most ideal for this task.

An important detail: make sure the bottom of the pan is clean. Imagine wanting to iron clothes with a dirty pot underneath? It will stain your clothes.

6. Water and softener

This tip is cool to help you in times of trouble, especially in the case of a trip. Here, the idea is to mix two parts of water for one part of fabric softener and pour this solution into a spray bottle.

Then, with the clothes hanging or well stretched you sprinkle this mixture through all the dents. Wait to dry and you’re done. The piece will be dented.

It is even worth taking a spray like that in your suitcase when you travel or else always have one in your car when you need to unwrap a suit, a blazer or any other piece.

7. Damp towel

Clean white towel on a hanger

Last but not least, comes the wet towel tip. For this technique you will only need to stretch your clothes on the bed or other flat surface and spread a damp towel over them. Then, make vertical movements, pressing lightly while stretching the piece.

Tips to avoid wrinkles on clothes

Better than cure is always prevention, isn’t it? So, write down some tips to prevent your clothes from wrinkling and so use the iron (or other ironing technique) as little as possible.

  • Do not put too many clothes to wash at once, the tendency is that the more clothes you have in the machine, the more crowded they become. Therefore, respect the maximum number of parts per wash.
  • Clothes that wrinkle and are difficult to iron, such as shirts and dress pants, you should choose to dry directly on the hanger. Thus, in addition to facilitating the ironing process, they are less crumpled.
  • Shake the clothes before hanging them on the clothesline, removing the dents created by the washing machine.
  • Make it a habit to fold your clothes as soon as you take them off the clothesline or dryer. The sooner you do this job, the less your clothes are wrinkled. And in the end, you’ll find that many of them don’t even have to be passed if they are folded immediately.
  • Now, if you have a day of the week just for ironing, then do the following: collect the pieces while they are still wet. But beware: it is not wet, it is almost dry. This helps (and a lot) when it comes to ironing.
  • Make a habit of unpacking as soon as you arrive at the destination of your trip and hang up the pieces that knead the most.

And when there is no way and the only solution is to use the iron, then the tip is to put your favorite playlist to play and try to get the most out of this inevitable domestic task. Much better than complaining, isn’t it?

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