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Have you ever stopped to think about how many times you wash your hands during the day? Certainly, there are many times and this number increases even more when we think of all the people who live and visit a home.

Hand hygiene is an essential measure to keep us free from infectious diseases and, thus, guarantee the health and safety of our family. Especially in today’s pandemic times, regular hand washing is our greatest disease prevention tool. We have prepared this post for you who want to know how to make liquid soap and, thus, start saving at home.

In addition to bringing more savings by avoiding spending on industrialized products and reusing materials that would be thrown away, homemade liquid soaps are an excellent option for those who want to supplement their income and make soap to sell.

In addition to all this, some of the handmade soap recipes we brought here are potent moisturizers! They clean and protect the skin much more efficiently than the industrialized soaps we find in markets and pharmacies.

Follow the reading to discover 8 must-see recipes that are very practical. how to make liquid soap at home!

How to make liquid soap with rest of soap

The best way to save and, furthermore, to help the environment by reducing the waste you produce in your home is, without a doubt, to reuse products. This recipe for homemade liquid soap will use as a base the remnants of bar soap left over at home, those that are already too small to use in the bath or to wash your hands.

With this recipe, you will enjoy all the leftovers and still make a high quality liquid soap!

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 200 to 300 grams of remnants of soap and / or bar soap;
  • 4 liters of water;
  • 2 tablespoons of glycerin;
  • Essence of your choice.

To prepare this liquid soap, the step by step is very simple! First, grate the pieces of soap or soap that you separated and set aside.

Then boil the water and wait for it to cool slightly before mixing the grated soap. Stir the mixture well so that the soap completely dissolves in the hot water.

Then, add the glycerin and mix. After this step, remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture rest for 12 to 24 hours, stirring it a few times during the day.

When you notice that the soap has thickened, tap or stir the contents until it loosens and takes shape. At this time, add a few drops of essence of your choice to further perfume your liquid soap.

If you want the soap to become more liquid, add water gradually until it acquires the texture you want.

Finally, just distribute the soap in small bottles and use! Put a bottle in each bathroom in the house and enjoy!

How to Make Dove Homemade Liquid Soap

Dove bar soap is often a favorite of many people. Whether it is a pleasant perfume or a feeling of hydration after use, it is undoubtedly a favorite among Brazilian families.

With this recipe, you will transform Dove bar soap into a perfect liquid soap for hand washing!

We will use the following ingredients:

  • 1 Dove bar soap;
  • 700mL of water;
  • 1 spoon of glycerin.

The walkthrough is quick, but requires some special care! First, grate the soap and place it in a pan with 200mL of water.

Bring the pan to medium heat and stir the contents until the soap starts to dissolve. When this happens, turn the heat down and continue stirring until the dissolution is complete. Take care not to boil the mixture!

When the soap is dissolved, turn off the heat and wait for the mixture to cool. Then, put the contents into the blender, add 500mL of water and glycerin and beat at high speed.

After beating for a few minutes, wait for the foam to subside and, finally, distribute the soap in smaller containers with the aid of a funnel. Now just enjoy your homemade liquid soap with the scent of Dove soap!

How to make natural homemade liquid soap

For those who want to make a natural homemade soap, ecological and perfect for the skin and the environment, this is the ideal recipe! With the liquid soap that you will make following this simple step by step, you can be sure that it will not eliminate any harmful residue for nature and, much less, it will attack your skin with industrialized products.

The ingredients of this recipe for how to make liquid soap are the following:

  • ¼ vegetable glycerin soap;
  • 300mL of water;
  • 2 tablespoons of chamomile (or 2 tea bags of chamomile);
  • Half a spoon of coconut oil.

The first step in preparing your natural liquid soap is to grate or cut the glycerin soap into small pieces. Then boil the water to make a well-concentrated chamomile tea.

When the tea is ready, pour it over the grated soap and mix to dissolve. Then, add the coconut oil and mix everything until the soap is homogeneous and completely liquid.

Wait for it to cool and then store the soap in a package to be used. The texture will be creamy and perfect for use!

This natural soap is neutral, does not harm the skin and still yields a lot!

How to make passion fruit liquid soap

This passion fruit liquid soap recipe is ideal for you to use on your face and skin that needs exfoliation. It is an economical, natural and effective way to keep your skin clean and well hydrated, all with simple ingredients that you already have at home!

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 glycerin bar soap or Dove;
  • 200mL of water;
  • 2 passion fruit.

First, grate the bar of soap or cut it into small pieces. So, soak this soap in 200mL of water for 24 hours.

To take advantage of this time, make a juice with 2 passion fruit, beating them in a blender for a few minutes. Then, sift the seeds as they will exfoliate your soap. Wash the seeds well and leave them in the sun to dry.

After 24 hours of the soap sauce and after the seeds are dry, put them in the soap and water mixture and mix well.

With the help of a funnel, pour the liquid soap into a jar for use and you’re good to go! With this exfoliating soap your skin will look beautiful!

How to Make Protex Liquid Soap

Protex brand soap is nothing more than a very effective antibacterial soap for deep skin cleansing. With this homemade recipe, your family will be protected and free from harmful micro-organisms.

The mixture of oils and ingredients in this recipe results in a moisturizing soap, ideal for deep hand cleaning.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • ¼ of olive oil soap bar;
  • 2 tablespoons of almond oil;
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin;
  • 15 drops of lavender essential oil;
  • 10 drops of cedar oil;
  • 10 drops of maleleuca oil;
  • Distilled or boiled water.

Grate the bar of soap and place it in a 240mL bottle. Then add the almond oil and the glycerin and mix. Then add the essential oil, cedar oil and honeysuckle oil and, finally, add distilled or boiled water to complete the bottle.

Close the container and shake the ingredients until they mix and dissolve the soap. You can increase this recipe by adapting the original proportions to how much soap you want to make!

How to make lavender liquid soap

The essence of lavender is an excellent option for those who want to perfume the hands of the people of the house and, also, provide a relaxing sensation in everyone. This is because the scent of lavender has natural calming properties!

This recipe for homemade liquid soap is very simple and you can adapt it and use any essence of your choice. You can even test several before choosing your favorite.

The ingredients for this homemade liquid soap are:

  • 1 liter of pearly base for liquid soap;
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil (or one of your choice);
  • Dye.

The steps are very simple! In a container, place the soap base and add the essential oil mixing the ingredients until the mixture acquires an egg white texture.

Then, add the dye slowly and stir until the color reaches the tone you want. Finally, distribute your liquid soap in smaller bottles for easier use.

How to make soap for the face

How to make liquid face soap

The skin on the face is much more sensitive than the skin on the hands or the rest of the body and, therefore, requires specific care that begins with the soap used for cleaning it. It is important that you have a special soap for washing your face that is suitable for your skin type.

Finding out if your skin is drier or oily and which soap is ideal for it may seem complex, but the face soap recipe we brought here is suitable for any skin type!

This is because it takes natural ingredients that have antioxidant and bactericidal properties, promoting cleansing and hydration for all skin types.

The ingredients are:

  • 150g of glycerin base (white or transparent);
  • 2mL of carrot glycolic extract;
  • 1 spoon of honey;
  • 5 drops of honey essence.

To prepare your homemade soap for the face, grate the glycerin or cut it into cubes to make it easier to melt. Then, place it in a pan and cook over low heat, stirring until it melts completely. Take care not to let the glycerin boil, as the boil makes the soap not reach the proper texture and become brittle.

When the glycerin is liquid, remove the pan from the oven, cover with a clean cloth and let the glycerin rest and cool for 5 minutes. Then add the honey and stir it carefully. Then add the carrot extract, the essence and, if desired, add red or yellow food coloring to give your soap a color.

Finally, pour the soap into a silicone form and wait for it to dry. When it is hard, remove the soaps from the pan and store them in a dry and cool place for up to 6 months!

How to make liquid coconut soap

The coconut soap is a perfect option for those looking for a moisturizing and neutral soap, which does not cause allergies or skin irritations. This recipe that we have separated is simple and very practical for washing hands and face.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 bar of coconut soap (150 grams);
  • 300mL of water;
  • 3 tablespoons of fennel;
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin.

Start making your soap by grating the coconut soap bar, or cutting it into very small pieces. Then, prepare a fennel tea to give your liquid soap a special scent. Place the fennel in 300mL of boiling water and wait for the tea to be well concentrated. Then, strain the fennel and pour the bar of chopped or grated soap into the tea.

Mix the soap in the water and wait 5 minutes for it to dissolve. Then, let the mixture stand for 4 hours.

After that time, add the glycerin to the mixture and blend everything in a blender to add more creaminess to your soap.

If desired, add a food coloring to color the soap. After hitting everything in the blender, wait for the foam to lower and distribute your liquid coconut soap in small bottles to make it easier to use. Now just distribute in the bathrooms of the house and enjoy!

Did you like our homemade soap recipes? Test your favorites and be sure to leave a comment on which one you liked the most.

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