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Slime is the new play fever for kids. It is difficult for you to find a little one who does not know the new craze. But do you know how to make slime? Check out the best recipes of this amazing pasta.

What is slime?

Slime is an English word that means something sticky or sticky. However, in Brazil slime gained fame as a modern amoeba, slime or unicorn poop. Despite the strange names, slime is just a homemade modeling clay.

Unlike other modeling clay, slime has different colors, textures and shine. This is because the main ingredients of the homemade recipe are shaving cream, borax, glue and boric acid water.

The fact of getting your hands dirty to see the business results is the real success of the slime. In addition, the game became a phenomenon on YouTube channels, with several children and adults teaching how to make different types of clay recipes.

More than just play, slime has become a therapy for parents and children. In addition, the activity encourages children to recognize different shapes, colors and textures, contributing to motor coordination and sensory experience.

How to make slime

As slime is a homemade pasta, there are several recipes that can be prepared by children. We separated several of them for you to know and do together with the children. The important thing is to get your hands dirty.

1. Fluffy Slime

What will you need

  • 1 tablespoon of fabric softener;
  • Food dyes;
  • 1 tablespoon of boric acid water;
  • 1 cup (tea) of white glue;
  • Shaving foam (triple the amount of glue);
  • ½ tablespoon of baking soda.

How to make

  1. Take a glass dish and put a cup of white glue inside;
  2. Then add the conditioner and a good amount of shaving cream;
  3. Then add boric acid water, dye and baking soda;
  4. Do this until you reach your preferred color;
  5. The dye can be exchanged for gentian violet;
  6. Then take a spoon and mix all the ingredients;
  7. Continue mixing until it forms a mass that releases from the bottom of the refractory;
  8. Now just put the kids to play.

Basic slime with white glue

What will you need

  • 150 ml boric acid water;
  • White glue;
  • 1 spoon of baking soda;
  • Food coloring.

How to make

  1. Put boric acid in a glass;
  2. Then, gradually add the baking soda;
  3. Stir well while adding the baking soda;
  4. Add the bicarbonate until the balls are completely broken in the water;
  5. Then take a bowl and add the glue;
  6. Then add a few drops of dye gradually;
  7. Then take the mixture of glue and dye and slowly pour into the solution of boric water with bicarbonate;
  8. Stir very well;
  9. The more you stir, the more the slime can become elastic;
  10. Make sure the dough is no longer sticking to your hands;
  11. If this happens, you are already at the correct point of the slime.

2. How to make slime with borax

What will you need

  • White glue;
  • Maize starch;
  • Johnson’s preferred neutral shampoo;
  • Body moisturizer;
  • Shaving cream;
  • Johnson’s preferred baby oil;
  • Food coloring of the color of your choice;
  • Borax.

How to make

  1. Take a bowl and put the glue, shaving foam and moisturizer inside;
  2. Then add the shampoo;
  3. Then add cornstarch, baby oil and dye;
  4. Then use a spoon to mix all the ingredients;
  5. Then dissolve the borax in hot water and add to the mixture;
  6. Then mix everything without stopping;
  7. Do this as if it were a cake dough;
  8. Over time, slime will gain consistency;
  9. When this happens, just store the slime in a small jar with a lid to prevent it from hardening.

3. How to make cosmic / galactic slime

How to Make Galactic Slime

What will you need

  • 1 tube of liquid school glue which gives approximately 147 ml;
  • 1/2 or 3/4 cup of liquid starch;
  • Water-based paint or food coloring in black, turquoise, violet and white or silver;
  • Glitter of various colors.

How to make

  1. Take a bowl and put the dye or paint and glitter;
  2. Shake well;
  3. Do this with each color of paint;
  4. Then add the corn starch very slowly;
  5. Observe the change in product consistency;
  6. Then mix everything with your hands;
  7. Do this as if it were a dough;
  8. Do not add too much corn starch to avoid losing elasticity;
  9. Do this with all the colors of the slime;
  10. Then just add the slimes of each color to form a spiral.

4. Slime with detergent

How to make slime with detergent

What will you need

  • 45g of EVA glue;
  • 3 tablespoons of neutral detergent;
  • Dye;
  • 3 tablespoons of normal water.

How to make

  1. Put all the ingredients in a small pot;
  2. Then mix well until a dough is left;
  3. If you notice that the dough has become soft, add more water;
  4. Observe if the dough is taking shape;
  5. Keep wetting as if washing the slime.

5. Glitter Slime

How to make slime with glitter

What will you need

  • 1 basin;
  • 3 glues with glitter;
  • Warm water;
  • Sodium bicarbonate;
  • Shaving cream;
  • Boric acid;

How to make

  1. Take the bowl and place the 3 glitter glues inside;
  2. Then use warm water to dilute the baking soda;
  3. Then add a tablespoon of the bicarbonate mixture with the water inside the bowl;
  4. Then add the shaving foam;
  5. Mix all ingredients well;
  6. Then add the boric water and continue stirring;
  7. Finally, add glitter.

6. Slime Gold

What will you need

  • Styrofoam glue;
  • Hot water;
  • Sodium bicarbonate;
  • Gold dust.

How to make

  1. Take a glass container and add the desired amount of glue;
  2. Then use ½ cup of hot water and add three dessert spoons of baking soda;
  3. Shake well;
  4. Then, put the mixture into the glass container with the glue;
  5. Stir until the dough is very consistent;
  6. If you notice it has gone limp, add more baking soda, always stirring;
  7. Then take the dough out of the pot and squeeze well;
  8. Do this until all the water comes out;
  9. Finally, add the gold powder.

7. Nutella slime

Nutella Slime

What will you need

  • Shampoo;
  • Water;
  • Fabric paint;
  • Styrofoam glue.

How to make

  1. First place the Styrofoam glue inside a glass container;
  2. Then add the paint;
  3. Mix very well;
  4. Then add the shampoo gradually and continue stirring well;
  5. Observe if the mass comes off the glass;
  6. When this happens, you should stop adding shampoo;
  7. Then pass the dough to another bowl;
  8. Put water to cover the dough;
  9. Then take the dough out of the water and squeeze the slime until the water comes out completely.

8. Slime butter

What will you need

  • 1 basin;
  • White glue;
  • Warm water;
  • Sodium bicarbonate;
  • Blue food coloring;
  • Boric acid.

How to make

  1. In a bowl put the amount of glue you want;
  2. Then pour warm water into a bowl and dilute the baking soda;
  3. Then add the mixture into the bowl with the glue;
  4. Always stir;
  5. Then add the shaving foam;
  6. Keep mixing well;
  7. Then add the blue food coloring;
  8. Finally, add boric acid and continue to stir until the desired mass is formed.

9. Slime Butter

What will you need

  • White glue;
  • Dye;
  • Boric acid;
  • Sodium bicarbonate;
  • Shaving cream;
  • Glitter;
  • Mass of EVA.

How to make

  1. Separate a container and put 200 ml of white glue;
  2. Then add the dye, glitter and shaving foam;
  3. Reserve;
  4. Take another bowl and add 1 spoon of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of boric water;
  5. Then stir the mixture very well;
  6. Do this until the dough is transparent;
  7. Then gradually add this mixture to the other glue mixture;
  8. Shake well;
  9. When you find that you have the desired consistency, reserve;
  10. Then, cut the EVA mass and place the slime on top;
  11. Tighten well.

Now that you know how to make slime, how about rushing to the market to buy the ingredients? Then call the kids and have everyone get their hands dirty with slime in different ways.

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