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How about a room makeover at a low cost? Liked the idea, right? Well know that this is possible and the result can surprise you much more than you think.

After all, having a nice room doesn’t have to be expensive or laborious. Check out the tips we’ve separated and start rolling up your sleeves.

11 tips for spending little room makeover

1. Planning and budgeting

Every reform, big or small, needs a financial starting point. In other words, you need to know how much you can and want to spend.

This makes all the difference in the choice of materials and in the reform profile (complete or partial). The budget will also help you find out if it is possible to outsource the workforce or if you will be the head of the work yourself.

So create a spreadsheet with the detailed renovation costs including everything you want to change, from floor to ceiling.

2. Room Style

The second important tip is the definition of the decorative style. It will guide your choices and prevent you from getting lost among so many options on the market.

There are several decorative styles that can please you. One of the most popular is the modern one, characterized by the use of neutral colors, functional furniture and a clean design. Even within the modern line, you can opt for the minimalist style marked by the concept of “less is more”.

The modern style also includes Scandinavian, where natural lighting, light wood and the use of white color predominate. Another darling of the moment is worth mentioning, the industrial style. In this decorative style, rustic materials such as bricks, demolition wood and exposed cement are the flagship.

In an opposite line to the modern style is the classic style. Here, elegance and sophistication are fundamental pieces, but with a more elaborate and ornate design. The furniture can bring details such as a tufted upholstery, for example.

Another decorative style option for the bedroom is rustic or country style. In this style, raw wood, the use of earthy tones and floral prints predominate.

3. Sketch on paper

After defining the style and how much you will spend, start sketching the project on paper. Define where each thing will go.

This step is important so that you can view the project more accurately and, if necessary, even change some details.

4. Choose a color palette

Regardless of the style you’ve chosen or the type of makeover you plan on doing, it’s very important to define a color palette to guide your decisions.

Choose a base color, prefer neutrals and clear ones that help to enlarge and brighten the room, and on that main color choose two or three more to complement or create contrast.

5. Move everything around

A simple and effective way to renovate and change the look of your room is to simply move everything.

It may seem insignificant, but a simple change makes a difference, especially if you didn’t plan in the first room setup.

Try, for example, moving the bed and if your room is large you can bring it to the center, using the back of the headboard as a home office.

Make sure the furniture isn’t going in front of one another, causing it to feel cramped and cluttered.

6. Transform furniture

Tired of your bedroom furniture? Know that you don’t have to buy everything new.

You can renew furniture you already have in simple ways. One of them is doing the painting. Choose a color that matches the style of the room and make the change. But remember to sand and clean the furniture well before painting.

Another way to renew your furniture is using the enveloping technique. Here, the tip is to use vinyl stickers to change both the color and texture of the furniture.

There are also other popular techniques such as patina and decoupage that go especially well with country styles.

When renovating your furniture, it’s also worth changing the cabinet door handles for more modern models or ones that fit better in your decorative proposal.

7. Change the bedding

Bed linen is a fundamental part of the room’s decoration. It brings comfort and beauty to decor.

For modern and minimalist rooms, the tip is to invest in bed linen in neutral colors, such as white, black and gray.

The most youthful can risk a touch of color in the bed linen and even bring geometric prints, for example.

The classic-style rooms are beautiful with bedding in noble fabric such as silk, satin or velvet.

To complete the arrangement of the bed, use footboards, pillows and pillows.

8. Invest in small objects

Sometimes the addition of small objects can change the look of the room. It can be a picture on the wall, a new rug, pillows, ottomans, a plant or a bedside table.

All of this has the potential to transform your room into a warmer and more welcoming environment.

9. Change lighting

Every good project always takes lighting into account. She is the icing on the cake in any environment, especially in the rooms, where light contributes to a greater sense of comfort and warmth. For this, the tip is to invest in yellowish and warm lights.

In addition to the central lighting, you can add other light points in the room, such as pendant lamps beside the bed, lamps (simplified installation) and directable spotlights on the ceiling.

Another good option is LED strips. Cheap and easy to install, LED lights do not require breakage or specialized labor, which makes everything much easier.

10. Paint the walls

How about renovating your room by painting only the walls? Well that’s the tip here.

There are several ways to repaint the room. The most popular is painting the headboard wall, as this is the most prominent wall.

But you can still bring fresh paint to other areas of the room, such as the dresser or dresser wall.

And instead of a traditional floor-to-ceiling painting, try something different. You can, for example, make a half wall or bring geometric figures in the composition of the painting. Organic forms are also on the rise, but they require a little more mastery of the brush and paints.

11. Change the coating

Want something more than a painting? Alright too! There is another way to renovate the walls of the room, you know what? With coatings.

In addition to traditional ones, such as ceramics, for example, there are other more modern and practical ones, such as 3D plaster, wallpaper and fabric.

These coatings are easy to find, inexpensive, and can be applied by yourself.

Another great advantage of these coatings is the possibility of changing them whenever you want, without causing damage to the wall. This is extremely valid in the case of those who live on rent and cannot carry out major interventions in the structure of the house.

12. New floor

Is your room’s problem on the floor? At first glance this may seem like a complicated solution, as it almost always involves construction work, masonry and mess.

But nowadays there are alternatives that simplify the process of changing the floor, you know? So it is. One of these options is laminate flooring and vinyl flooring, both of which can be installed over the existing floor as long as it is level and free from moisture.

These floors are very quick to be applied and do not generate any kind of dirt or debris. A room of up to 10 m² is ready in less than two hours.

Another advantage of these floors is cleanliness. A soft broom and a slightly damp cloth are enough. These floors also bring the benefit of thermal comfort, keeping the floor always at a pleasant temperature.

How much does a room makeover cost?

As you can see, a room renovation can cost very little or it can cost a lot. It all depends on what you want to do.

To renovate only the room’s decor, you’ll have to spend something around R$ 1000, including the bed linen.

But if the intention is to change the furniture, for example, the renovation is more expensive. The estimate for a room renovation with planned joinery is around R$ 3 to R$ 7 thousand, at the very least.

A complete renovation can cost the equivalent of nearly R$30,000. This amount includes material and labor for changing all the flooring and coverings, electrical wiring, lighting project, furniture, painting.

So, let’s start the renovation of the room?

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