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Having a four-legged friend is wonderful! But will we agree something? That’s not why you need to leave the house with clothes full of cat or dog hair, is it?

If you also love your pet, but also love your clothes, continue on this post with us.

We will teach you several tricks to get rid of clothes quickly and very simply.

Come and see!

7 tips for removing dark, white or colored clothing

Take off hair: see how!

In general, the clothes that suffer the most from hair are those of dark colors, especially black.

This does not mean that the hair stops sticking to white or lighter colored clothes, the problem is that the dark colors give more visibility to the hair, contrasting it.

In other words, the care and procedures are the same for any type of clothing, the difference is that with black clothes you will probably take more time to finish the task of removing the hair and, precisely for this reason, you should pay extra attention to that type of clothing.

Another detail that makes a difference when removing hair from clothes is the fabric. There are some fabrics that make it difficult to remove hair, such as linen, suede and slippers.

Some types of synthetic fabrics are also problematic when it comes to hair, especially polyester, nylon and viscose. These fabrics do not usually attract hair so much, but once they are in place, it can be a real challenge to remove them, thanks to the adhesion power of these fabrics.

This means that it is worth rethinking the fabrics of your clothes if you have very close and constant contact with your pussies.

Check out the tips and see how easy it is to end the problem of hair on clothes:

1. Dish washing sponge

Take off hair

This tip is perfect for those who need to get rid of hair on clothes quickly and easily.

You should first lightly moisten the sponge and then rub it with gentle movements on the piece.

But be careful: do not use the rough side of the sponge, just the softer side. It is also important to use a new sponge and keep it separate just for that purpose, okay?

2. Adhesive tape

Scotch tape

I bet you know the duct tape trick, don’t you? This is a well-known way to remove hair and has proven effectiveness.

But for everything to work out it is important to use the right ribbon, that is, the thick ribbon used to pack boxes.

The procedure is simple: stick the tape to the place you want to clean, press down a little for the glue to adhere and pull quickly afterwards.

Change the piece of tape when it is full of hair.

3. Hair dryer

Hair dryer

Did you know that your hair dryer can remove hair from your clothes? That’s right! To do this, direct the jet of cold air vertically and from top to bottom until all hair has been removed.

But a tip: this technique tends to work better with fabrics that have little adherence to the hair.

4. Shaver

Do you know when your clothes are so full of fur it looks like she has turned into a new pet?

In such cases, the razor can be a real lifesaver. The blades completely remove the hair and, in short, those little balls that turn and move always appear on the clothes.

Just be careful not to cut or fray your clothes with the razor. Prefer to use this technique on thicker fabrics, avoiding the finer and more delicate ones.

5. Roll strip

This tip is for those who want practicality anywhere, even to take inside the car or in the bag, since the hair roller is small and practically does not take up space.

This roll can be purchased at any home appliance store and the idea is that it will work in the same way as duct tape. That is, as you slide the roller over the piece, the hairs stick to the adhesive part of the device and your clothes are clean again.

6. Rubber gloves

This tip may seem a little unusual, but believe me it works. And we are not saying what is science. It works like this: the static energy produced by the friction between the plastic and the fibers of the fabric causes the hair to come off and be attracted by the glove, freeing your clothes from the hair.

For this magic to happen you just need to put on the glove (the same one used for cleaning, but in this case keep a pair just to remove the hair) and pass it over the clothes with light pressure.

7. Nail file

Nail file

The nail file can also become a great ally when it comes to removing hair from your clothes, especially the smaller and finer ones. But care must be taken not to damage the fibers of the fabric, especially those that are more delicate.

To use the nail file, just pass it gently over the place you want to clean, that’s all!

How to avoid hair on clothes

Better than removing hair from your clothes is to prevent them from appearing there. So, check out the following simple tips that will help you get rid of this task.

1. Vacuum the house

Make it a habit to vacuum the house every day or at least every other day. This simple attitude already helps a lot to leave the environment with less hair and, consequently, your clothes too.

Remember to vacuum the sofa and even on the bed, in case your pussy usually sleeps there.

2. Store clothes inside out

When storing clothes in the closet, prefer to keep them on the wrong side, especially black and dark colors.

This helps a lot to keep the clothes free of hair. When you use it, just untap the piece and voilà … everything clean!

3. Clean the washing machine

It may be that the problem of accumulation of hair on your clothes is in the washing machine, did you know that?

From time to time it is important to remove the filter from the appliance and do the cleaning. If you do not know how to do this, consult the manual or enlist the help of a service professional.

4. Do not mix clothes

Do not mix clothes when washing. Separate the clothes by color (white, black and colored) and to avoid hair make a division also by type of fabric.

For example, do not wash woolen clothes (which shed) with cotton clothes. It does not work!

5. Remove hair before washing

Before placing the washing clothes in the machine, manually remove excess hair. This prevents the hair from sticking even more to the garment, as well as being passed on to other clothes.

6. Don’t leave clothes thrown around the house

There’s no point in wanting to keep your clothes free of hair if you keep leaving them lying around anywhere in the house (or in the car!).

Make it a habit to keep clean clothes in the closet as soon as you collect them from the clothesline or when they are ironed.

Dirty clothes must go to the basket. Have those parts that can still be used, keep in a rack.

But never leave it lying on the floor or on the sofa, especially if your pet is on the furniture. Most likely your beautiful shirt will end up becoming a great place for your pet to take a nap.

7. Brush your pets

This tip is worth gold, so try to write it down and put it into practice. The idea here is to take a day or two out of the week to brush your four-legged friend.

In addition to making a cuddle on the pussy, you remove any excess hair that is already loose and ready to land on the floor and, of course, on your clothes.

In the autumn and spring months, this brushing should be done even more constantly, as it is at this time that pets change their coat.

8. Keep your clothes away from pets in the house

We have already talked about not leaving clothes scattered around the house, but here the idea is a little different.

Try to analyze the place where your clothes are stored and if your pet has access to this space.

For example, does the pussy go into the closet? Go up in the wardrobe? This is especially true for those who have cats, as felines love to snuggle up in warm, quiet places.

If the answer is yes, then provide doors and locks for the cabinets and keep them closed. And do you know that open closet idea that has been so high lately? Perhaps this is not the best idea for those who have pets at home.

9. Check your pet’s food

It is very common for food to interfere with the animal’s coat, making it more beautiful or more ugly and brittle.

So it is very important to assess whether the feed you offer is in accordance with the animal’s nutritional needs.

When in doubt, take him to a vet for a consultation.

Ready! With these tips you can now enjoy your furry friend as well as keep your clothes clean and free of hair.

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