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Cleaning laminate flooring is not the most difficult thing in the world, but it is also not so simple that you can use any product on it.

There are some basic precautions that are important to avoid stains and keep the floor for longer.

And to make your life easier, we gathered in this post everything you need to know about cleaning laminate floors. Let's check it out?

What is laminate flooring made of?

Before starting to clean the laminate floor, it is interesting to better understand what this type of coating is and what it is made of.

The laminate floor consists of a base known as HDF, that is, micro particles of wood pressed in high density. The woody effect of this floor is given at the end of the manufacturing process, where the HDF sheets receive a layer of decorative paper with a photographic print.

Nowadays, just to give you an idea, laminate floors are found in an immense variety of textures and patterns, simulating from the appearance of noble woods, such as Jatobá and Peroba, to more modern prints, such as burnt cement.

Therefore, laminate flooring is not a wooden floor and this directly impacts the cleaning and maintenance process, which, by the way, is much easier, more practical and cheaper.

How to clean laminate flooring

Discover how to clean laminate flooring step by step

The laminate floor must not be exposed to moisture or excess water. Therefore, the general recommendation is to use as little water as possible to clean this type of floor, so that the material does not create bubbles, peel or lose color.

See the complete walkthrough below.

Broom or vacuum cleaner

The first step in cleaning the laminate floor is to remove excess dust, in addition to crumbs, hair and other dirt that may be on the floor.

Do this using a soft-bristled broom or, if you prefer, bet on using the vacuum cleaner. In this case, use the adapter for cleaning carpets and rugs that do not scratch the floor.

This simple process can also be used on a daily basis, where the idea is just to perform a superficial cleaning.

Floor cloth

For cleaning days, you can complement the cleaning of the laminate floor by passing a slightly damp cloth over the entire floor.

And which product to use to clean laminate floors? Currently, there are product options on the market for exclusive use in this type of floor.

In general, they have quick drying, avoiding the contact of the floor with water for a long time, in addition to leaving the surface clean, these products have degreasing action, without staining the floor. Oh, of course, the smell of cleaning that is also very good.

These products can be easily found in supermarkets for prices that do not exceed R $ 10.

To use them, just moisten the cloth with the product and wipe the floor. Do not pour the liquid from the package directly on the floor so that it does not stain.

After wiping, wait for the floor to dry naturally and that's it!

Now if you do not have a laminate floor cleaner at home or simply do not want to buy such a product, know that there are alternatives for cleaning the flooring. Check out some options below.

How to clean laminate flooring with detergent

How to clean laminate flooring 2

A very practical way to clean the laminate floor is using water and neutral detergent, it can be washing powder as well. The detergent is very suitable for cleaning laminate floors in areas that may eventually suffer from grease stains, such as the dining room, for example.

For cleaning, fill a bucket and pour a little detergent or soap inside, enough to make a little foam, do not overdo it.

Then, immerse the cloth or the MOP device and wring well to remove any excess water. Remembering that the more twisted the cloth is, the better, so the floor does not get too wet, not to mention that it dries faster, causing the durability of the floor to increase.

After wiping all over the floor, allow it to dry naturally. You don't have to worry about removing the detergent, it won't get sticky, unless you got it wrong and used it too much.

How to Clean Laminate Flooring with Alcohol

Can alcohol? Yes you can! You can clean the laminate floor with a super simple mixture of water and alcohol.

In fact, alcohol is a good choice to clean and disinfect the floor, especially if you have pussies at home.

The process is simple: dilute about ½ glass of alcohol to one liter of water. Mix everything in a bucket and wipe the floor with the cloth.

Wait for the drying and that's it!

How to clean laminate flooring with vinegar

Vinegar is a great ally of that killer cleaning, that is, it helps to eliminate germs and bacteria from the floor.

To clean the laminate floor with vinegar, dilute it previously in a bucket of water. About ½ glass of vinegar to two liters of water.

Go all over the floor.

Extra care and tips

Write down some more tips to take better care of your laminate floor and keep it always beautiful and fresh:

  • Always try to clean, either with a broom, squeegee or vacuum cleaner, in order to install the blades. This way you guarantee that all the cracks will be cleaned.
  • Use pieces of felt under the feet of furniture, such as chairs, tables and armchairs, so that they do not scratch the floor as they are dragged and moved.
  • For furniture with casters, always prefer those made of silicone that do not scratch the floor.
  • A simple tap at the entrance to the house to clean the feet helps prevent small grains of sand from invading the environment and scratching the floor.
  • Do not use wax on the laminate floor, or even polish furniture, these substances leave a layer of grease on the floor that ends up staining it over time, not to mention that these products leave the floor extremely slippery, which can cause falls and accidents .
  • It is also not recommended to use products to clean wooden floors, since the laminate floor is not made of the same material.
  • Do not use steel sponges to clean the laminate floor, even those dishwashing sponges. Both can scratch the floor.
  • Coffee, grape juice, wine and other substances that cause stains should be cleaned with water, neutral detergent and a soft cloth. The sooner you remove the stain, the more likely it is to come out with minimal effort.
  • Stains and pen marks can be removed from the laminate floor with alcohol applied directly to the affected area.

Did you write down all the tips? Now just go there and ensure that your laminate floor is clean.

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