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Who likes that buzz buzz buzz fly? But worse than the annoying noise is the unhygienic side of these insects.

Just to give you an idea, a study published by the London newspaper Scientific Reports, demonstrated that a single fly can carry up to 351 different types of bacteria.

According to the study, these bacteria can cause many health problems to humans, including everything from gastrointestinal and urinary tract diseases, even respiratory diseases and skin infections.

All this because flies love to land on everything they find ahead of them, especially what they understand as food.

That is, they land in food scraps, in feces, sewage, carrion of other animals and so on.

And after doing this tour for the dirtiest things possible, do you know where the fly will end up? In your kitchen.

But there is still the worst part. It is enough for the fly to touch its food for just one second for it to transmit all the bacteria and microorganisms present in its wings and paws. Not to mention that they lay eggs in the food.

Too disgusting! And it is for these and others that you cannot neglect and the best remedy is prevention.

So we brought in today’s post many tips for you to learn how to scare flies out of your home, check it out.

What do the flies want?

Flies want only two things: food and water. And if they find these two things in your house, you can be sure they will end up staying.

The situation is even more attractive for them if the environment is hot and humid. Then they love it!

Most of the time the flies end up going straight to the kitchen, but other environments in the house are also subject to invasion by these insects, especially if there is an easy food supply.

Understand as a food offering any crumb that has fallen on the floor or a simple remnant of food on the sofa or armchair.

Do you know that little piece of chocolate that fell on the sofa or that drop of yogurt that splashed on the chair? They are enough to catch the flies’ attention.

How to scare flies from the kitchen

How to scare flies from the kitchen

Since the kitchen is the preferred environment for flies, then it is more than fair to learn how to scare them away from that place in the house.

And of course, if you don’t have flies in the kitchen, you probably won’t have them elsewhere in the house.


Nothing is more effective at keeping flies away than a good cleaning. And in this case, the tip is to start by cleaning the kitchen counter where you prepare meals.

Avoid keeping the countertop surface dirty with food scraps and spilled liquid, especially leftover meat, bones and animal fat.

Sweet foods also draw a lot of attention from flies, so immediately wipe off any juice you drop in the sink, among other traces of food.

The floor also deserves special attention. A single drop of juice or cream may be enough to attract flies.

Therefore, get used to keeping a cloth close at hand to eliminate food scraps that fall on the countertop or the floor.

Trash outside

Also avoid keeping trash cans inside the kitchen. They are a very interesting attraction for flies.

Prefer a trash can outside the house, but remember to keep it always closed.

Don’t leave the sink dirty

Don't leave the sink dirty

Any accumulation of dishes in the sink attracts flies. This is quite obvious, since plates, glasses and cutlery always end up with a little bit of food.

So always do the dishes after meals, okay? Oh, and use the cloth to wipe the stove too.

Vinegar and alcohol

Vinegar and alcohol are the best allies you can have to keep flies away from home.

In addition to disinfecting surfaces, alcohol and especially vinegar have an unpleasant smell for flies, causing them to leave the environments quickly.

Cover the food and cover the pots

Never leave uncovered foods in the kitchen, raw or cooked, whatever, the flies have a very versatile taste.

If necessary, buy those protective grids to cover breads and cakes. Pans must also always remain well covered.

Collect the dishes from the house

There is no point in washing the dishes in the sink and forgetting to collect the glasses in the living room or the dessert plate on the balcony.

If you can’t find your dishes, you can be sure that the flies will find them.

Beware of fruits


The more ripe fruits usually attract a lot of attention from the flies. Not only because of the offer of food, but because they like to lay eggs in these places.

So don’t let the fruits ripen too much in the fruit bowl. Buy only what is necessary for your family, so you also avoid waste.

Attention with pets

If you have pets at home you need to be careful with the food jars and where they need them.

Are the flies going to land on the rest of the food left in the feeder and guess what? They will also not miss the opportunity to take that quick pass by the poop of your pussy.

Therefore, pay attention to the cleanliness of these places.

Homemade tricks to scare off flies



The acid and strong smell of the lemon is wonderful to scare flies away. A good way to do this is to cut a lemon in half and place it inside the oven or microwave.

When you feel that the lemon has started to exhale its aroma, turn off the appliance and keep the oven door open so that the smell spreads through the environment.

You can also choose to use lemon essential oil in a diffuser. Drop a few drops on the device and let the aroma invade the house.


Cloves also have the potential to chase flies away. You can use the spice in bags of voil or TNT and spread them around the house, especially in the places where the flies accumulate the most.

Another way is to join the cloves with the lemon. In this case, just stick the cloves in a whole lemon and leave the fruit on the sink counter while cooking.



Citronella is well known for scaring away insects. And the plant actually works. But to obtain the maximum effectiveness of the plant it is not enough to just put some leaves scattered around the house.

What makes citronella a natural insecticide are its oils (citronelal, geraniol and limonene). It turns out that these oils are only released when the plant is heated. Therefore, the tip is to vaporize citronella in the environment, putting water to boil along with the leaves of the plant.

Another effective way is to use citronella essential oil in a diffuser. The house is fragrant and free of flies, not only flies, but mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches and ants.

Slit of light

Another homemade trick that works to scare off flies is to close the windows and curtains of the room, keeping just a little light.

The idea is that the flies are attracted to that small spot of light and end up leaving.

And does the bag with water work?

Yes! Really works! The old popular habit of throwing flies away with plastic bags filled with water on the door and window frames has been tested and approved.

Researchers from USP (University of São Paulo) took the test and proved what popular belief already knew.

According to the researchers involved in the research, the flies see the bag with water as a mirror.

The reflection of the fly ends up provoking an instinctive defense reaction causing the insect to change the flight path and go elsewhere.

To use this trick in your home, just fill a transparent plastic bag with water up to half. Tie a knot and hang it on the door frame.

This tip is very useful especially on barbecue days when the flies are attracted by the smell of the meat. Hang the bag over the grill and near the tables.



Finally, there is the option of using industrialized insecticides to scare off flies. However, it is worth remembering that these products are chemical and toxic to us, humans, animals and plants.

In other words, it is worth considering other ways of scaring off flies and using chemical repellents only when nothing else works.

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