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Look at the scene: you want to look beautiful, then you decide to dye your hair, only then you discover a beautiful spot of paint on your forehead.

Nothing pleasant, is it? But thankfully, there is a solution for everything in life. And this post here will give you not only one, but 9 ways to remove hair dye from your skin.

We will see?

How to avoid hair stains on the skin

Everyone knows that prevention is always much better than cure, so let's start by talking about the tricks you can use to prevent ink stains on your skin. Write it all down!

Clothes that cover the body

The first and main care you should take when coloring your locks is to wear clothing that covers your body. That is, preferably a long-sleeved T-shirt and pants.

Just doing this is already halfway to avoiding ink stains on the skin, protecting areas such as arms, shoulders and legs.

Just a detail: prefer to use old clothes, those very well tapped, so you don't run the risk of staining a piece that you like very much.

Towel on the back

Can you be even more protected from the paint? Yes, it does! And you can do this by using a towel around your shoulders and back. That way you prevent even more the dye splashes from falling on you, staining your skin.

Enjoy and lift the towel up to the neck, protecting that part of the body that usually gets in direct contact with the dye.

A tip: leave a towel reserved only when you dye your hair, that way you avoid staining several towels in the house.


It is always very important to wear plastic or rubber gloves when dyeing your hair. That's because in addition to avoiding skin contact directly with dye toxins, you also protect skin and nails from blemishes.

Most dye kits are already equipped with gloves, but if yours doesn't, run to the nearest supermarket or building supply store and buy yours.

Moisturizing cream (or similar)

This tip is well known, but it costs nothing to reinforce: use moisturizer on your skin before dyeing your hair.

But why? Simple: the hydrant forms a protective layer preventing the ink pigments from penetrating the skin. After you finish painting, just remove the surface paint with a cotton swab.

The ideal is to spend the hydrant about ten to fifteen minutes before starting to dye.

Spread the cream over the forehead, ears, neck, side of the face and hands. In the absence of moisturizing cream it is also possible to use vegetable oils, such as almond or coconut oil and even petroleum jelly.

How to get hair dye out of your skin: homemade tricks

Even taking all care, it may happen that a spot or another appears on your skin. But don't despair! You can take it out. Here are 10 tips for getting hair dye out of your skin without suffering.

1. Toothpaste

Believe it or not, but you can dye hair from your skin using toothpaste. The product has a slightly abrasive action, which contributes to the removal of dye on the skin.

Just take a small amount of toothpaste and rub it gently over the region of the body that is stained with paint. Then rinse and make sure that no toothpaste remains on your skin.

If you have sensitive skin it is recommended to test another type of solution to remove hair dye from the skin.

2. Vaseline

Vaseline can also be used to remove hair dye from the skin. The process is very simple and consists of just passing a small amount of the product over the area with the stain.

Make circular movements by rubbing gently. You will notice that the petroleum jelly will have the same color as the paint, this is a sign that it has already absorbed the stain.

In this case, remove the excess product with the help of a cotton wool and rinse well afterwards.

3. Oils

Vegetable oils or even those used for babies can be useful when removing hair dye from the skin.

The idea here is the same as for petroleum jelly. Just apply a little oil to the stain on the skin and rub gently until the stain is removed.

Prefer to use 100% vegetable oils, such as coconut, almond or grape, as they are less aggressive and still help to hydrate your skin. In the absence of these oils at home, you can even use olive oil.

4. Detergent with bicarbonate

This is a recipe for when you have tried everything and have not been successful. The mixture of neutral detergent with bicarbonate is very efficient for removing hair dye from the skin. There is only one problem: this method is very aggressive for skin, especially the most sensitive.

So it is only suitable for when all other tips have failed.

To use this mixture do the following: mix two parts of detergent to one of baking soda, stir well and rub gently over the paint stain.

Rinse afterwards and remember to moisturize your skin well afterwards.

5. Make-up remover

Makeup removers used to remove makeup can also be used to remove hair dye from the skin.

Use as if you were removing the makeup, with the help of a cotton ball. Pass the makeup remover with firm, circular movements until the stain comes off.

6. Hair spray

Another unusual tip, only this time with hair spray. That's right! Spray a little spray on a piece of cotton and wipe over the area where the stain is.

Then rinse thoroughly until the product is removed.

7. Coffee powder

The coffee powder works as a gentle and delicate natural exfoliant and, precisely for that reason, it can be used to remove hair dye from the skin.

For this you must mix a little coffee powder in a bowl with shampoo or liquid soap. Then, pass this mixture over the stain. Then just rinse.

8. Vinegar

And as it could not be otherwise, the eighth tip of this post is vinegar. Yes, the king of homemade tricks. Who knew, but you can even get hair dye off your skin.

Simply mix a little warm water with vinegar and then moisten a cotton with the mixture. Pass over the spot of the stain gently. Rinse well to remove all vinegar.

Attention: vinegar can be aggressive to sensitive skin, so use it only if other products have no effect.

9. Hair gel

Have you ever thought about using hair gel to remove hair dye from your skin? No? But you should! Hair gel is another feature that can save you from leaving the house with a smudge of paint on your forehead.

For this tip you will only need to apply a little gel over the stain with smooth, circular movements. When the stain comes out, rinse and go!

Extra tips for removing hair dye from your skin

  • When removing the dye from your hair, use the shampoo to clean the areas that are usually affected by the dye, such as the ears and neck. Just rub gently with your fingertips.
  • Do not use abrasive chemicals on your skin, such as acetone, for example. Also avoid mixtures with citric acids, such as orange and lemon, since the juice of these fruits are photosensitive, that is, they can cause sunburn on your skin.
  • Be careful not to remove the dye that is acting on your hair when cleaning your skin, especially near your forehead and ears.

And the clothes?

If your clothes were also stained with hair dye, don't worry because you can take them off. But here's a reminder (again): wear old clothes to color your hair, so you don't have to go through this step.

But now that it's dirty, the way is to remove it. For this, the best tip is to use white vinegar on clothes with hair dye. Apply a small amount and soak the piece for a few minutes. Then scrub with the help of a washing brush and rinse.

Another option that works is hydrogen peroxide. But be careful: be careful when using the product on dark and colored clothes, it can stain, the ideal is to do a test on a small part of the piece.

You can still try to remove the stain using hair spray. Just spray the product over the stain, wait a few minutes and rub gently.

Amid so many tips, one of them will definitely work for you. So you can enjoy your new hair without having to worry about removing hair dye from your skin.

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