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Is there the right shower height? Yes, there is, sir! And do you know what happens when the shower is in the wrong position? In addition to an uncomfortable shower, you will most likely also be bumping your hand in the shower every time you raise your arm to wash your hair, for example.

Or you'll still need to keep your head to the side because the two of you just can't fit in the same space.

Another drawback of the wrong shower height is that you have to use a broom handle to keep changing the water temperature because you can't reach the blessed one up there.

Very boring, isn't it?

And so you never have to go through the pain of showering again, we made this post. Find out below what is the ideal shower height and some more tips when installing the equipment. Follow:

What is the right height for installing the shower?

We don't want to disappoint, but the truth is that there is no correct standard height. But, calm down, don't go away.

This just means that the right height will depend on the height of the house's residents. What's the point of putting a shower two and a half meters high if everyone who lives in your house is no more than six feet? Strange to say the least.

So, the first tip here is: know the height of all residents of the house and install the shower taking into account the tallest resident.

In this case, the shower must be about 30 centimeters above the resident's height. In other words, it looks like this: if the tallest resident has 1.70m, then the shower must be installed at a height of 2 meters.

But if you prefer something less personalized, you can choose to use the height most used by contractors and builders.

Therefore, the height that the shower is usually installed is 2.10m for houses with ceiling height up to 2.40m.

More than that, the shower is uncomfortable and not at all practical and functional for everyday life.

And the shower opening register? The height for installing the log should be approximately 1.30 m, a little lower for homes with children and small people. Just as it can be a little taller in houses of tall people.

For homes that have residents with mobility problems, such as wheelchair users and people who need to bathe sitting, the height of the shower should be a maximum of 1.10 m from the floor.

You realize that everything varies according to the profile of the residents, right?

One more important thing: the type of shower also interferes with the ideal height. Showers with strong water pressure can become uncomfortable if they are installed too low. In this case, the ideal is that they are higher.

How far should the shower be from the wall?

The correct distance from the shower in relation to the wall is also important to ensure the correct fall of the water and, of course, the comfort at the time of the bath.

In Brazil, the vast majority of showers sold are wall mounted and, therefore, come with connection pipes. The larger this tube, the greater the distance from the wall and the use of the shower will also be better, since it is possible to enter the whole body under water.

Small-tube showers tend to be closer to the wall and, as a result, the fall of water is not used as well at bath time.

So the farther the shower is from the wall, the better. A good measure for you to take as a reference is the distance of 45 centimeters between the wall and the shower.

However, this rule does not apply to showers, since they do not have a tube and are installed flush with the wall.

The drop and water pressure of this type of shower is regulated directly on the device, which can even be moved from side to side.

Box size

And to close the bath time with a golden key it is also important to talk about the minimum recommended measures for the shower area or wet bathroom area.

In general, it is recommended that square boxes are at least 90 centimeters wide. For rectangular box models, this measurement must be at least 80 centimeters.

If you respect all these measures in the area of ​​planning the bathroom area of ​​your bathroom, you will surely have much more comfort, practicality and functionality in your day to day.

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