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They appear in the kitchens, over the tub, on the dining table and in the microwave. Any hint of sweet food outside the refrigerator causes dozens of ants to pass through your kitchen daily. This is because the ants that live in cities are omnivorous, so they feed on proteins and sugars.

Ants in urban centers do not only enter houses, but also apartments. They are quite uncomfortable because they are always reappearing in the most diverse corners of the kitchens. So we’ve selected some tips on how you can get rid of them by making an ant killer with just the stuff you have at home.

Using a natural ant killer is one of the most efficient ways to end these insect visits. In addition, this method does not harm your health or the environment, as with pesticides. However, if the situation is really a big problem, there are some ant killers that can help you with this task.

If you want to learn how to make a homemade and affordable ant killer, write down the tips that we will give you next!

How to kill ants without using ant killers

Making your own ants kills is very simple and will not require many products. There are several very efficient options that will help you. You can use salt, lemon, vinegar, detergent or water, for example.

The application is also usually easy. You only need to put the mixtures or products in the ants’ passages, such as cracks or holes.

In addition to the products already mentioned, you can also apply diatomaceous earth (an insecticide composed of ground fossilized diatoms) around the windows, baseboards and other places in your home that you deem necessary.

Another option is the use of boric acid, a product that kills ants that can be purchased in markets in the form of white or blue powder. Just spread it around windows and baseboards, as well as in ant passages.

What products can be used to make an ant killer?

Now that you know that it is possible to kill ants using only homemade products, we will present a series of these solutions. They will not require you to spend a lot of money or products. In addition, they will not harm your home or your health.

There are many types of natural repellents, which work like killing ants, for you to use at home. Among them: Pepper, coffee powder, cinnamon, ground orange and lemon peels.

As we have already said, the main places to apply these materials are baseboards, windows, cracks and holes. However, they can also be applied in and around cabinets.

Check out how to produce the most diverse types of homemade ants forest below!

How to use cloves or cinnamon to make an ant killer

How to use cloves or cinnamon to make an ant killer

The first tip on how to make an ant killer is using one of these two very popular ingredients: cloves and cinnamon.

For this, it is necessary to fill a pot with carnations and leave it in one of the corners of the room. The pot should be uncapped.

Because of the oils found in cloves, this food is able to scare ants away without the need to kill them.

The procedure is the same if you choose to use cinnamon. However, in this case, it needs to be changed every two weeks, because both the smell and the efficiency will remain.

Use orange peels to keep ants away from your sugar bowl

If you don’t want to kill ants and intend to just keep them away, just like the previous option, this technique is also easy to do.

The tip is that you put only a small piece of orange peel, or lemon, inside the sugar bowl in the kitchen cupboard. Since ants don’t like the strong smell of citrus food, they will keep their distance.

Detergent works as it kills ants

Detergent works as it kills ants

If your intention is to really get rid of these invaders, then this suggestion of killing ants will please you a lot.

Efficient and inexpensive, detergent mixed with water is the simplest way to have an ant killer at home. After mixing these two products, it is recommended that it be placed in a sprayer, as this will help with application in corners or crevices where ant nests may exist.

White vinegar can also be used to kill ants

Another option for killing homemade ants, white vinegar is as efficient as detergent.

To do this, you need to add equal amounts of white vinegar and water in a sprayer. So just spray the mixture directly on the ants.

You can also spray this mixture on wooden windows, doors or other places that serve as an entrance for these insects. This will scare them away.

A tip to be followed after applying this product, is that all dead ants must be collected, use a damp towel for this. This way you can prevent them from being exposed for a long time, causing a smell that attracts other insects.

In addition to being a wonderful ant killer, white vinegar can also be used to clean windows, counters and laminate floors.

Using pepper or coffee grounds as it kills ants

After the application of the water and detergent mixture, in the cracks, cracks and corners, is completed, it is ideal that you cover the holes with pepper.

However, if you have children or pets at home, there is a better option: coffee grounds. It is great because, in addition to working as ants kills, they also keep them away.

Kills ants with mint oil

Mint oil

Sinks and vats are some of the most common places where ants are found inside the house. However, the solution is as simple as the others and you will not need many things.

You just need to put mint oil in a spray bottle and apply it over the sink. It is also recommended to apply in the internal contours of windows and doors

In addition to acting like it kills ants, mint oil still leaves a very tasty smell in your home.

How to permanently eliminate ants

How to permanently eliminate ants

Now you know several ways to make an ant killer, which are accessible and easy to create. However, they cannot guarantee that they will not return. If this is really a nuisance that you want to get rid of once and for all, read on!

The problem is that a single queen ant can generate thousands of eggs daily. This is a guarantee that you will have to deal with your puppies for a long time. Therefore, the only way to put an end to these insects, is to destroy their colony.

This will probably make you wonder: how do you know where the colony is? The answer to this is that, commonly, they are well hidden, whether between cracks in the walls, gardens or places with difficult access.

However, you don’t have to worry about locating the colony, because there is a solution that may not be that cheap, but it is simple.

Use baits for ants

Even if you don’t find the colony or the queen, you can get rid of them easily, just use bait.

The baits are able to attract ants because of some substances that they contain, which are sugary, mixed with poison. When they find this element that passes for food, they will carry it back to the colony. Thus, within the site, they will be sharing the product with others.

Since the bait acts slowly, this will give you enough time to transport it. In this way, the poisonous substances will bring the colony to an end.

The estimated time for this type of ant killer to complete its work from 2 days (if the nests are smaller) to 3 weeks (if there are multiple colonies). This process will even cause the queen to die.

Did you like the tips?

In addition, it is important to note that the best way to avoid the invasion of ants is to leave your house always clean. So, never leave food scraps, kitchen utensils, cutlery and other dirty dishes in the sink.

If the problem with the ants is not solved, it is recommended to call a pest control service. If you live in an apartment or condo, talk to a union member.

Did you like the tips on how to make kill ants at home? Do you have any other suggestions or criticisms? Write in the comments!

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