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What to do when that boredom hits and stays? Watching TV and watching social media are the most common and also the most frustrating options.

But did you know that it is possible to end boredom in several other ways? Yea! We will tell you here in this post. Come and see!

Why do we feel bored?

According to the dictionary, boredom means a feeling of boredom, usually produced by something that is too slow or too prolonged. It can also be a feeling of tiredness or boredom, disgust or inner emptiness.

And why do we feel that? Most of the time it is because we are in a place that we would not like to be in or doing some activity that we did not want to do.

In times of pandemic, this feeling was even more evident, since suddenly we were forced to stay at home, isolated from everything and everyone.

Based on this, researchers have found that there are five main causes that lead to boredom. Are they:

  1. lack of motivation,
  2. procrastination,
  3. lack of energy,
  4. environment,
  5. time windows.

Lack of motivation happens when you are not in the mood for anything, even if you have something to do. And that can even be a warning factor for syndromes like depression, for example.

This type of boredom is one that prevents you from getting off the couch and leads you to the second most common reason for boredom: procrastination.

Procrastination is the tendency that many people have to “push with the belly”.

If you are the type to “put it off”, then you most likely also feel bored and what is worse: with that feeling of heaviness in your conscience because you are not doing the tasks.

This type of boredom is dangerous and can become harmful at work and in studies.

The third type of boredom is lack of energy. This boredom usually appears when you are forced to do repetitive and tiring things. In this case, the best thing to do is to look for creative and alternative ways to carry out the tasks.

There is also boredom caused by external factors, also known as environmental boredom. It usually happens in line at the bank, in congestion or at the doctor’s office. Dealing with this type of boredom can be challenging, but at the same time rewarding.

Finally, and one of the most common, is the boredom caused by time windows, that is, vacant spaces in the agenda. It may be because a meeting has been canceled or because it is raining outside and you simply cannot attend the scheduled appointment. In any case, boredom over time is the most enriching of all. You can even call it creative leisure.

This term was proposed by the Italian sociologist Domenico De Masi back in the 90s. According to him, creative leisure is the ability of the human being to balance work, study and leisure in a functional, fun way that generates results ahead.

Or, in a simpler way, it is the ability to transform a task into something pleasurable and at the same time educational and productive, like watching a series that helps you at work or in studies, for example.

Do you know that idea of ​​combining the useful with the pleasant? That’s exactly what you should do!

How to beat boredom: simple tips that work

1. Find out your type of boredom

First of all it is important that you find out what type of boredom is bothering you, since for each of them it is possible to find different ways out.

2. Face it positively

After analyzing your type of boredom you must change the way you look at it. Start to see it as an opportunity to improve habits, attitudes and behavior patterns instead of simply complaining that you have nothing to do.

3. Focus and concentration

Much more than just looking for ideas of what to do in boredom, you need to focus and focus on what makes sense in your life.

What would you really like to do? The daily routine ends up being so stressful that we often don’t even have time to reflect on what makes us happy.

Tips on what to do in boredom

Here are some ideas of what you can do when boredom knocks on your door. Remembering that they are only suggestions and you should use the list based on what impacts your life.

At home


It may not seem like a good idea at first, but believe me, a nice cleaning at home will make you excited and proud. Put your playlist to play and get cleaned up.

Organizing cabinets

Is your wardrobe asking for help? So this moment of boredom is perfect to put it in order and, furthermore, to still play as a stylist, forming new compositions and discovering fashions possibilities with what you already have.

Customize clothes

What do you think about customizing an old T-shirt or giving your jeans a new look? Take advantage of boredom to create new clothes

Redecorating environments

But if you are already tired of looking at your home the same way, then this tip is perfect. Take advantage of the boredom to redecorate the environments. Change the furniture, paint the walls and make new decorative compositions.

Marathon a series

Want a couch to enjoy your boredom? Alright too! Do a series marathon taking advantage of that concept of creative leisure. Select a title that can go a little beyond entertainment.

Read a book

Reading a book is relaxing and educational. If you don’t have a physical book at home, look for digital books. It’s just not worth giving an excuse!


Let’s take a little care of the look? This tip is to relax and be more beautiful. Scald your feet, moisturize your hair, do your nails, clean your skin, among other activities.

To cook

Cooking at home can be much more enjoyable than you might think. Take advantage of the moment of boredom to try new recipes, discover flavors and maybe even awaken a hidden talent.

Caring for plants

Gardening is great for killing time and making your home more beautiful. Make a vegetable garden, a mini garden and whatever else you can invent to tinker with the plants.


Do you like painting and other handicrafts? So boredom can be your ally to develop artistic skills. It can be painting a canvas, knitting, sewing, among other countless possibilities. YouTube is packed with tutorials to help you.

Stroll through the neighborhood

Put on your sneakers, grab the dog’s collar and go for a walk through the streets of your neighborhood. But, this time try something different: walk the streets you hardly go and walk a little more slowly. Observe the houses, stop a little on the square and breathe. You will feel great!

In the street

There are moments that are impossible to escape, such as a doctor’s appointment, congestion or the bank line. But it is possible to get around this situation with simple and pleasurable activities, check out some tips:

Cleaning the cell phone

Take the cell phone and do a clean one. Remove unused applications, delete images and videos that are taking up memory space, and delete contacts you don’t need.

General on social networks

Take advantage of boredom to clean up social networks. Do you need all of them? And do the people and profiles you follow positively impact your life?

Remove profiles and people who undermine your energy and self-esteem and stay with only those who bring you peace, joy and motivation.

Learn something new

Yes, you can take advantage of the boredom in the doctor’s office room to learn something new. Much better than just playing games, isn’t it? There are hundreds of apps that can help you learn what you want, from languages ​​to healthy eating. Choose the one that cheers you up the most and goes.

Making lists

Take your cell phone’s notepad and start making lists. Lists are great for organizing thoughts and helping you accomplish important things.

You can make lists of everything you can imagine: movies and series you want to watch, songs for your playlist, dreams to make, things to learn, places to meet, among others.

With the children

And when boredom does not strike alone, but accompanied by children? Calm! You don’t have to despair, nor sit and cry. You can be creative and make this moment super fun, check it out:

  1. Playing and teaching the dog tricks
  2. Making toys out of recyclables
  3. Set up a tent in the yard or indoors
  4. Making cookies (or something else in the kitchen)
  5. Dancing in the room
  6. Watch music clips
  7. Treasure hunt
  8. Look for insects in the garden
  9. Looking at the clouds
  10. Search for stars in the sky
  11. Playing with earth (even if it is in a small vase)
  12. Playing mime
  13. Create a fantasy
  14. Play hairdresser with mom and dad
  15. Write a letter to a relative
  16. Calling grandparents and uncles
  17. Make a time capsule
  18. Customize clothes
  19. Playing old games
  20. Make the family tree of the family
  21. Feed the street dogs
  22. Learning a hobby (sewing, painting, photographing)

So, do you already know what to do in boredom?

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