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It is still a time of pandemic and chaos reigns in the corners of homes: so, how to clean the house in quarantine? This is a question that causes that laugh of despair in some and a contagious fear in others, but it is also a very important question for everyone. So, stick around and check out these super, hyper, mega-blaster helpful tips on how to clean the house in quarantine.

How to clean the house in quarantine thinking about COVID-19?

It is necessary to understand that even when there is the possibility of being totally isolated, some objects enter the house like market purchases. And even if you don’t bring anything with you, even when you get off the street soon you have to think about the contagion that can come with you from the outside, and also how to clean the house in quarantine and keep it protected?

Understand: alcohol is extremely important to help us fight the coronavirus, but it is not the only product that can help. Below you will find some useful everyday product tips that you can find at home.

Essential products for hygiene

  1. Soap and water – Yes! Everyday soap is very effective and cleaning the house in quarantine should be a daily activity, nothing like good old soap.
  2. Detergent – ​​Detergent has been proven to also help fight viruses on ambient surfaces. Tip: Don’t drink!
  3. Alcohol – Alcohol diluted in water will also do the trick, but you don’t have to be the crazy woman in the market who bought all the store’s stock. If not, relax, breathe and use soap.
  4. Bleach – My mom loves it, but I have allergies! It’s effective too, but make sure no one in the house has an allergic reaction. But bleach diluted with water in an adequate portion does not stain floors and helps fight the covid-19 virus.

1. Starting from the very beginning!

To start, dampen a cloth in one of the solutions given above and wipe the door handles, keys and soles of shoes whenever you enter the house. In the case of shoes, pour a solution of bleach and water on the entrance mat to sanitize them before entering. But at home, prefer the use of other shoes and put the clothes you wore when going out to wash immediately, leaving your shoes at the door.

If you bring something with you like groceries, or even purses and backpacks, clean them with a cloth dampened with one of the solutions given and, preferably, when you do, take a shower right away. If you can’t take it right away, wash your hands and arms up to the elbows. These are some ways on how to clean the house in quarantine thinking about cleaning from the first moment someone enters your home.

2. Taking a look!

Now, choose a song that is “up”! It’s not because it’s necessary work that it can’t be fun. So cleaning the house in quarantine doesn’t have to be a punishment, cheer up and enjoy some cherry lipstick.

Start from the top down when you start the project by « taking a look! » to prevent dust, as well as the virus, from spreading through the air. Start from the highest point in the house and then move to the lowest furniture and objects. Vacuum the rugs and sofas and finish on the floor.

3. Down to the ground, ground, ground…

After cleaning all the upper areas of the house, thinking about the shelves, sinks, on top of the closet, dressers, on top of the refrigerator, or even on the ceiling fan flaps, if you have one, return your energy to the floor. Just think that all you’ve done so far is dusting off excess dust from the upper level and throwing some of that dirt down to the lower level. Greater proof that gravity exists. So now, clean the floor thoroughly.

Moisten the cloths you are going to use with one of the solutions given above and put it on the scrubbing scrub. Turn up the music volume and don’t forget about corners, behind furniture and under the bed, sofa, table and rugs.

If you have children, have them dance with you while they wipe the toys: whoever finishes first gets an ice cream! Make it a daily activity and maybe you won’t even need a gym anymore. But as cleaning the house in quarantine is extremely important, be sure to do it daily.

And now everything clean? Certainty? Cleaning the house in the quarantine and forgetting the objects that you use the most on a daily basis? Did you ever think about the television remote? And on the computer keyboard? What about the mouse? Okay, but did you remember to clean your cell phone, at least? Of course not? Let’s go then!

4. Connects in detail!

This time, isopropyl alcohol is the best option to clean your virtual pet. Take the cover off your cell phone, take a microfiber cloth and dampen it with a little alcohol. Using circular motions, clean the entire surface of your phone carefully. After that, also clean his cape. It’s no use having a clean cell phone and a dirty case.

To clean the cell phone protection cover you can use detergent, soap and even soak in a stronger concentration to try to clean the yellow gradient that you say is a super trend of a case that was once transparent.

Repeat the process each time. Really. Frequently clean your cell phone, keys and home remote controls, as well as wallet and cards. These objects are always forgotten, but they are the ones that accumulate the most dirt. Often dirtier and more contaminated than the toilet, for example.

The attention to detail makes all the difference. And as cleaning the house in quarantine also involves objects that are inside the house, it is extremely important not to forget everything that is handled daily. This will not only ensure your family’s protection from the coronavirus, it will also protect everyone from any microscopic threat that may come from the street to the home.

5. I have a dog, now what?

If you have a four-legged family member at home that you take on a daily walk, but you are unsure how to clean the house in quarantine and keep it clean and free from the coronavirus, here are some tips that can make you more relieved for any questions that may arise:

  • First: When going for a walk with your pet, don’t forget to wear masks. Yes, you. According to experts, the animals neither contract nor transmit the new coronavirus. But you, yes. So take care of yourself.
  • Second: When returning home with your pet, clean its paws with a wet handkerchief, or a damp towel with water and shampoo, or soap that is used in your companion’s bath. Although they don’t transmit the coronavirus, they bring a lot of dirt from the streets.
  • Finally, don’t forget to always take them to the vet. Like humans, four-legged animals also need attention and medical supervision to stay healthy.

So, got it?

After these amazing tips on how to clean the house in quarantine and how to keep it clean despite the children, pets, and so many comings and goings that there can be in the house, we can dirty it with so much that we can bring from the street despite of all the care we have taken, and without forgetting the details, I believe you will no longer have any doubts about the cleaning of your home.

So no excuses! Hands-on, cloth on the floor and alcohol in hand, because as well as cleaning the house in quarantine is important, you also need to do your part staying at home, when possible, protected, clean, wearing masks and always with great care and attention.

Now that you are well oriented and understood about the subject, already choosing the best playlist to enjoy your daily cleaning moment, if you do something different, leave a comment. A good tip is always welcome.

If you missed something, or have any questions, leave it in the comments for everyone to see too. Sometimes your question is the same as that of others and many may already have the answer at their fingertips.

You can also comment on your favorite songs for cleaning time, those that cheer you up when you need to think about how to clean the house in quarantine without losing heart.

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