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Does a windowless bathroom have a solution? Yes, there is a solution! And in today’s post we will give you several tips on how to solve all the imbroglios that a bathroom without a window can cause. Let’s check?

What are the problems, after all, of a bathroom without a window?

Before trying to resolve any situation within your home it is important to first stop to think about how this problem affects your home, your life and your family. In the case of a bathroom without a window, it is possible to list at least four main disorders. See what they are:

1. Humidity


With the exception of washbasins that do not have a bath area, all other types of bathroom (with shower, curtain shower or bathtub) suffer from steam and excess moisture.

This humidity is a very big problem especially in cities that already have a naturally humid climate.

The accumulation of water vapor can damage the structure of the bathroom, such as peeling walls and ceilings, mold and mildew stains on all sides, and a bad smell.

The bathroom’s functionality is also impaired because of the humidity, since the floor can become more slippery due to the presence of water, not to mention that the foggy mirrors make it difficult to see.

The furniture in a bathroom without a window also suffers. Over time, moisture and hot steam tend to wear down the furniture structure and force you to buy a new one.

The same goes for products used on a daily basis. Don’t even think about keeping makeup and medicine, for example, in a bathroom without a window.

2. Lack of natural light

The lack of natural light is another major problem for windowless bathrooms. The absence of light contributes to the proliferation of mold and mildew, in addition to becoming a favorable environment for the development of other microorganisms, such as bacteria and mites.

The absence of light also compromises the aesthetics of the bathroom, making it look like a box, bringing an unpleasant claustrophobic feeling.

3. Smells

If the bathroom has no windows, please answer, how are the smells (not always very pleasant) that are going to come out there?

There is a scent to take care of, isn’t there?

Now that you know what damage a bathroom without a window can do, then you can start to outline an action plan to solve all of them, do you agree?

And that is what we are going to do next. See how to solve each of these problems.

Windowless bathroom: tips and solutions

Windowless bathroom: tips and solutions

4. Extractor fan

One of the most used features in windowless bathrooms is the exhaust fan. With the device you eliminate moisture and are also free of unpleasant odors from the environment.

However, don’t get too excited about the idea. Even though it is a good option, the use of the hood still does not replace the window with the same quality and efficiency, but it already guarantees a much more friendly bathroom.

And if you have problems with the noise, sometimes exaggerated, that the hood ends up making, the tip is to use a separate switch just for it. So it is only turned on when necessary and not every time you need to turn on the light.

5. Electric towel rail

Whoever has a bathroom without a window knows that towels never dry. And as it is not always very feasible to keep going and returning from the clothesline, the solution, in this case, is to install an electric towel rail.

In addition to drying the towels, he still leaves them warm for his next bath. A super comfortable and cozy experience.

But for that, it is good to start preparing your pocket, since an electric towel rack costs no less than R $ 350. Not to mention the possible structural changes in the bathroom to adapt the piece.

6. Cobogós or glass blocks

Cobogós, also known as hollow elements, are perfect for windowless bathrooms, this, of course, if you can make structural changes in space.

They allow the exchange of air between the environments, in addition to bringing a little natural light into the bathroom without losing privacy.

The glass blocks serve the same function. You can choose the entire models or models with openings that illuminate and provide ventilation at the same time.

7. Mirror defroster

Do you know the defroster you use in the car? Well, know that there are similar models to use in the bathroom, only to defog the mirror.

The piece is a hand on the wheel and helps a lot when getting ready. This solution will cost you, on average, R $ 150.

Moisture resistant furniture

Moisture resistant furniture

A windowless bathroom needs moisture-resistant furniture, even if you have an exhaust fan installed.

Therefore, prefer furniture made of naval MDF that is much more resistant.

Will it cost more? Go, but at least you won’t need to change offices every year.

8. Skylight

If the structure of your home allows it, consider installing a skylight on your bathroom ceiling. It does not necessarily have to be a skylight, it can be a translucent roof or a retractable ceiling.

This is a great idea to solve all the problems of a windowless bathroom (humidity, lighting and odors) in one stroke.

9. Internal openings

Is your bathroom located in the central part of the house? Then you can think about making an opening for one of the internal rooms.

It can be a small window or a wall of glass blocks, for example.

10. Plants

Plants are great allies in humid environments, since they capture all the water vapor for you.

However, you need to use the right plants for this type of environment. Prefer plants that like low light and humid environments, such as ferns, bromeliads and boa constrictors.

11. White and light colors

To eliminate the feeling of tightness and suffocation that a bathroom without a window can cause, the most effective solution is to bet on the use of light colors or white.

These colors help to visually enlarge the environment. Use them on the floor, wall covering and furniture.

But be careful with the overuse of bright and metallic tones, as they can cause a rebound effect and leave your bathroom looking like a box again.

12. Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting

If the bathroom does not have natural lighting, then artificial lighting turns out to be even more important. Invest in points of light and spots directed on the bathroom countertop, favor a good central lighting and complement, if necessary, with LED strips.

13. Eliminate excesses

Exaggerated decor in the bathroom without a window will only make the room look smaller and even tighter.

Therefore, the tip is to invest in the essentials. Avoid using overhead cabinets and, if possible, replace the cabinet with shelves. Organizer boxes help you keep everything in place.

14. Glass box

The best box for a bathroom without a window is that of transparent glass. Avoid sandblasted, fluted or any other details. Remember « less is more ».

The transparent glass ensures a greater sense of spaciousness and also helps to better illuminate the bathroom.

Did you write down all the tips? Now just turn your bathroom without a window into a much more pleasant and welcoming environment.

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