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One of the rooms rarely remembered in the decoration articles is the bathroom. They are usually fixed parts that can be changed only during renovations. Even so, there is currently a great tendency to modify this room, so important in any home.

Having a modern bathroom with contemporary touches gives an air of sophistication to any home, be it a toilet or the family bathroom. In this article, we have put together several modern bathroom suggestions for you to get inspired:

White and black bathroom with wallpaper

modern black and white bathroom

Light marble bathroom with modern touches

decorating modern bathrooms

Bathroom with modern finishes

modern bathroom ideas

contemporary bathroom sink

Futuristic sinks:

futuristic sink for bathroom

Dark decor with niches and different lighting:

modern dark bathroom

Different colors can also give a touch of joy, spontaneity and modernity to any environment, but in the bathroom they are even more special. Use strong color combinations with neutral colors, as well as colors that don't fight each other.

modern decor for bathrooms

See how funny this yellow bathroom is: a simple wallpaper and a lamp give an air of modernity and sophistication. Also invest in wallpapers. This can be a great idea for washrooms.colorful bathroom

In this example we can see that the colors of the towels and flowers contrast with the traditional coverings.contemporary colorful bathroom

Color combination: blue and white bring sophistication and tranquility, in addition to the feeling of freshness and cleanliness. blue modern bathroom

Blue decor with the rustic touch of wood on the countertop and the modern one comes with the metal counter:blue bathroom

In this bathroom, the sink, tablets and orange touches give the air of grace:contemporary orange bathroom

The use of towels, decorative items, rugs and colorful accessories can also give a modern and sophisticated touch even if your bathroom is small or has ceramic pieces in the traditional style. Invest in beautiful accessories that can be combined with each other to create a modern and creative environment

bathroom picture ideas

Another beautiful idea of ​​composition of pictures and colorful towels to highlight the black wall in the background. The bathroom does not have to be dark, as it is possible to brighten up any room knowing how to make the right choices.decoration for bathroom colorful towels

This detail in the decoration has a rural feel, with pastel tones in the flowers and decoration. The tray gives a luxurious and sophisticated in the bathroom toilet

This one, on the other hand, is an apparently simple bathroom, but the accessories on the countertop combined with the red inserts bring elegance to the environment:red modern decorated bathroom

See now more inspirations of modern bathrooms in varied styles. See that, although some photos show luxurious bathrooms, these should serve as inspiration, as it is possible to reproduce the concepts of modernity and sophistication just using our creativity and adapting the types of tiles and sanitary ware to our tastes, always remembering that a simple combination of colors is already able to transform the environment.

modern bathroom inspirations

modern bathroom tips

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