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Rugs are important elements for the decoration and comfort of the home, the use of rugs makes the environments more cozy and beautiful and, therefore, it is essential that you know how to wash the rug in the correct way. Thus, it keeps your home clean and pleasant, without compromising the beauty of the rug’s fabric.

Rugs, although very useful and versatile in the most diverse environments, accumulate a large amount of dust over time. All this dust, in addition to making the house dirty, can cause problems for people who have respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and allergies. This is why knowing how to wash carpet and keep all carpets in the house dust-free is very important!

The biggest challenge in keeping carpets sanitized is to do frequent cleaning without damaging the material. Larger rugs and carpets are an even more complicated problem since they cannot be washed in the washing machine. If you have questions about how to wash carpet, don’t miss the tips we’ve brought you in this article!

Follow the reading and check out everything you need to know about carpet washing!

How to wash carpet: different techniques for cleaning carpets at home

There are many ways to wash carpets in your home. It all depends on your preference and the material of the rug. An important tip is to always avoid using chemicals as they can stain the fabric and damage the carpet.

Below, we separate 3 techniques on how to wash carpet at home. Check out!

How to dry carpet wash

How to Wash Carpet: Different Techniques for Cleaning Carpets at Home

If you want to dry clean your carpet without having to pay an outsourced laundry service, know that it’s possible! Using common products like baking soda and cornstarch, you can dry-clean any carpet without leaving your home.

Many rugs should not be washed in the washing machine and thus their frequent washing becomes a little more complicated. If you want to keep your rugs always clean without having to wash everything with water, dry cleaning is an excellent option.

The step by step is very simple:

  • Mix one measure of baking soda with the same measure of cornstarch. It is necessary that you use equal parts of these two products and mix well;
  • Then sprinkle the mixture over the entire surface of the rug, spreading with your hands or a soft brush if necessary;
  • Leave it for about 12 hours to allow the baking soda and starch to absorb dirt from the fabric fibers;
  • After 12 hours, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the rug.

Next, you can check out a video that explains in detail how to dry-clean carpet!

How to wash synthetic rug or furry

How to wash synthetic or furry rug

To deep wash synthetic rugs or those shag rugs normally used in living rooms or bedrooms, just use water, vinegar, neutral detergent and a little fabric softener! With these products, you can avoid staining and damaging the fabric of the rugs, but still make a deep and quality cleaning.

Vinegar is essential to disinfect, soften and help remove soap from the carpet. The neutral detergent will sanitize the fabric without causing stains or damage and the fabric softener will leave the carpet fragrant, soft and untangle the fibers.

See step by step how to wash carpet below!

  • Place the mat in ample space that can get wet;
  • Wet the entire surface of the mat well with the help of a hose or bucket;
  • Then place a generous amount of neutral detergent into a bucket and add water until foam forms;
  • Spread the mixture over the surface of the rug and use a broom or clothes brush to scrub all the soap over the rug, paying special attention to the most grimy areas;
  • After scrubbing everything, rinse with water and use a squeegee to help remove the soap;
  • After removing the excess soap, add vinegar and water into the bucket and pour the mixture onto the rug, spreading it well with the help of a squeegee;
  • Rinse again with water, removing only the excess vinegar and soap that were left on the rug;
  • Then add 2 scoops of fabric softener to the bucket and again mix with water;
  • Pour the mixture onto the rug and use the squeegee to spread it out;
  • Leave the fabric softener to soak for a few minutes and finally rinse one last time.
  • Use the squeegee to remove excess water and place the mat to drain and dry in the shade!

Never let your rug dry in the sun as sunlight can stain the fabric.

In the video below, you can see more details of this step by step!

How to wash carpet and leave it smelling

How to wash carpet and leave it smelling

Another way to sanitize your carpet at home and ensure that it always smells good and free of dust is to use a homemade alcohol mixture; vinegar; baking soda and fabric softener. The best part of this mix is ​​that it can be used all week on rugs, curtains and sofas without damaging the fabric!

By spraying the mixture on your carpet, you’ll fight dust mites and dust and keep your carpet cleaner longer. Of course, this cleaning does not replace the washing of carpets eventually, but it helps a lot in the daily cleaning, as it is a quick and economical tip.

The step by step is as follows:

  • In a spray bottle, add 1 tablespoon baking soda and half a glass of water and mix;
  • Then add half a cup of alcohol and half a cup of white alcohol vinegar to the mixture. Add the vinegar slowly and carefully to prevent the liquid from bubbling and leaking out;
  • Then add 2 tablespoons of concentrated fabric softener to the mixture and mix well.
  • To clean your rug, first vacuum the dust and then spray the mixture over the entire surface of the rug. Spray enough to moisten and neutralize odors, there is no need to wet the rug!

In the following video, you can check out a more detailed tutorial of this amazing mix!

After these tips on how to wash carpet, the carpets in your house will always be clean and very fragrant! Did you like the article? Leave a comment with your questions and suggestions!

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