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Nothing like wearing a fragrant and soft outfit! It is like a warm and comforting hug! And did you know that having fragrant clothes in the closet goes far beyond the right choice of fabric softener?

Well, there are several factors that affect the smell (good or bad) of your clothes. Want to find out what they are? So just stay here and follow this post with us.

How to always have fragrant clothes

1. Clean the washing machine

Clean the washing machine

The washing machine is your main ally when it comes to washing clothes, but also when keeping them fragrant.

A dirty washing machine will impregnate your clothes with a bad smell and, of course, with dirt stains.

Therefore, periodically ensure that the basket, filter and dispenser of the washing machine are always clean.

A good way to do this is to fill the machine (but without clothes) and carry out the entire washing cycle. Add bleach or vinegar to aid in cleaning.

When in doubt, consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual and see the procedure for cleaning. If necessary, call an authorized service professional.

2. Choose the right soap and fabric softener

Fabric softeners

A lot of people think that just using a scented fabric softener to guarantee scented clothes. It makes sense and it is important, but it is not enough.

Laundry detergent is also important. So, choose a good quality soap that in addition to taking care of your clothes will help in fixing the aroma of the fabric softener.

And one more tip: do not overdo the amount of soap. If the soap is not completely removed when rinsing, your clothes may end up with marks, a hardened texture and a bad smell.

3. Be careful when using fabric softener

It is not because the fabric softener is fragrant and promises to make your clothes soft that you will overdo it.

Excess of fabric softener can cause the opposite effect to what you want: leaving your clothes with a bad smell, especially if it accumulates in the fabric fibers and is not removed properly when rinsing.

Therefore, always follow the instructions on the packaging, especially for concentrated softeners.

4. Attention with the laundry basket

It may not seem like it, but the laundry basket plays an important role in maintaining your clothes as a whole, not just in their smell.

This is because when mixing dirty clothes without any criteria you can end up passing the odor from one to another.

Therefore, the tip here is to separate the clothes from day to day, those you wear for work (which are usually not so dirty), those used in the gym or that you used to clean.

Also beware of clothes that are dirty with animal hair, because in addition to the bad smell, they can end up passing through to other clothes.

5. Moisture is the enemy of fragrant clothes

Moisture in clothes

And we couldn’t help talking about the moisture in the clothes. This is the great enemy that needs to be eliminated at all costs by those who want to always have fragrant clothes.

Therefore, be careful not to put damp, wet or sweaty clothes in the laundry basket.

The tip in these cases is to wash the wet parts as quickly as you can. But if that is not possible, spread them out to dry and only then put these clothes in the basket.

Remember that in addition to causing a bad smell, moisture can also cause mold and mildew stains on your clothes, which is really a big problem, since these stains are very difficult to remove.

6. Clean and dry clothes

After cleaning the machine, choosing and using the correct soap and fabric softener and keeping the laundry basket up to date, you are about to have the most fragrant clothes in the world.

But before reaching that master level, you still need to discover a few more tricks, such as the dry suit.

This means that your clothes must always be dry before being stored in the closet. No more folded damp clothes in the drawers! The smell of wet dog will be inevitable.

Therefore, always make sure that all parts of your clothing are dry before storing. Check out the most difficult places to dry such as pockets, the waist area of ​​pants, skirts and shorts, as well as cuffs and folds of collars.

Another golden tip: try to extend the clothes as soon as they leave the process of spinning the machine. The longer they get wet and accumulate in the basket, the greater the chance that your clothes will smell bad.

And when it comes to hanging them on the clothesline, always keep the clothes well stretched so that they dry evenly. Avoid stacking the pieces on top of each other.

On colder and rainier days, when clothes take longer to dry, try washing the garments more often. So you don’t fill the clothesline and you can better air the pieces.

But if you have a dryer, that inconvenience goes a long way. However, remember to keep the clothes inside only as long as necessary, so the heat does not eliminate the smell of the fabric softener.

7. Iron your clothes


This may not be the coolest tip in this post, especially for those who don’t really like the idea of ​​ironing. But know that the steam and the heat of the electric iron help to fix the smell of the fabric softener.

So, if you want fragrant clothes it is worth ironing them. To make them even more fragrant, spray a mixture of water and fabric softener as it passes.

Wait for the laundry to cool before storing it in the closet.

8. Clean the cabinets

Clean cabinets

Make it a habit to clean the cabinets frequently, after all, there is no point in going through all these steps to find a dirty wardrobe at the end.

Clean doors, shelves and drawers with a cloth moistened with water and vinegar, leave it open for a few hours to ventilate and use some kind of anti-mold to prevent … mold!

You can even spread scented sachets to keep your clothes smelling good.

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