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The renovation of a bathroom does not have to be traumatic, nor does it leave you with your hair standing on end or, even worse, with your bank account in red.

You can do the bathroom remodeling by spending little and leaving this fundamental environment of the house the way you always wanted.

Want to know how? So come and take a look at the tips we have separated:

Bathroom remodeling: step by step

Bathroom remodeling: step by step


Begin the renovation of your bathroom by setting the budget available for the work.

To do this, think hard about your situation at the moment and see if the reform fits the current budget.

Otherwise, wait a little longer. It is worth it to hold on to anxiety and do the makeover when you have all the value you need in hand, so you guarantee that the bathroom will stay the way you always dreamed.


After setting your budget, start planning and scheduling your bathroom renovation.

You can count on the help of an architect or interior designer for this.

But if you want to carry out very large interventions, such as breaking down walls or installing a bathtub, then you will most likely need the help of an engineer capable of ensuring that the renovation is safe, especially for those living in apartments and townhouses, whether new or old. .

The project must include the specification of all materials that will be used during the work, in addition to the cost of labor.

The bathroom floor plan is also important to give a good sense of how things will look after they are done.

For this, it is essential to have all the bathroom measurements in hand to carry out the planning.

This is also the time to save many inspirations in your Pinterest folders.

Search for references, see what you like best and then analyze all the images and see what they have in common. The colors? The type of coating? The ilumination? This is a great starting point to help you define the bathroom of your dreams.

Hiring labor

With the project in hand, it was time to search for trained professionals and start the bathroom renovation.

In general, you will need a bricklayer, an electrician, a plumber and a good tile.

Then analyze planned furniture companies to see which one can serve your project with the best cost benefit.

And always, always, look for references from these professionals. After all, no one deserves to be stopped because the mason did not come to do the job.

Electrical and hydraulic installations

Bathroom remodeling should start with electrical and plumbing installations, especially in the case of old bathrooms that have not been renovated in a long time.

This is important to be free of infiltration, humidity, overload in the shower, among other problems.

Floor and cladding

After the wire and pipe step, you can now choose the new floor and covering.

Nowadays it is not very common to cover the bathroom as it used to be. Only wet areas, such as the sink wall and the stall area, receive coatings.

For the floor, prefer those with a matte finish that are less slippery. One of the best options today is porcelain, since the material is very resistant, durable and has a huge variety of models, making it a great cost-effective option.

But there are also other options like natural stones (granite, marble and slate). In this case, the stones need to undergo a special treatment so that they are not slippery.

Avoid using wooden floors that deteriorate more easily and need constant maintenance. And don’t even think about using laminate or vinyl flooring, these materials are averse to moisture.

For wall covering, porcelain and natural stones are still good options. A tip is to bet on the coating only in the inner region of the box, ensuring a differential in the project.

Wooden panels (provided they are treated and protected from moisture) can also be used in the coating of bathroom walls.

Avoid using wallpaper, fabric and stickers on the bathroom walls, as they can be damaged in contact with water.


The next step is to think about bathroom lighting. Since the idea is to make a renovation, consider the possibility of extending natural lighting, either with the installation of a larger window or with the use of skylights in the ceiling.

Another good option is to use glass blocks that guarantee the entry of light without losing privacy.

In addition to natural lighting, it is also important to plan for artificial lighting. The ideal is to have a central light that illuminates the entire environment, but be sure to have indirect lights, such as those used behind the mirror or under the cabinets.

The pendant lamps are also very suitable to be next to the cabinet and the sink.

Tableware and metals

Don’t underestimate the power of bathroom fixtures and metals. For a complete renovation of this space, these items are indispensable.

Nowadays on the market there is a wide variety of crockery to choose from, ranging from classic ceramic for the toilet to sinks carved in marble. It will all depend on how much you plan to spend.

Remembering that many of these modern accessories bring greater comfort, functionality and generate savings as well, as they reduce water and energy consumption.


Bathroom furniture is important because it guarantees the organization and beauty of the environment.

Here, you have two options: order a custom-made cabinet or buy a ready-made one, those that sell in construction material stores.

The problem with the first option is usually the price, much higher than those sold ready-made. The problem with the second option is that the cabinet you like in the store will not always fit with your space or the style of the bathroom you are designing.

So, again, go back to your budget and review your spending. Sometimes it pays to save on something else and leave a larger reserve for the joinery.


Last and extremely important comes the decoration. With everything finished (finally) you are free to think about the bathroom decor. It is she who gives the final touch and ties the whole project.

Place a beautiful and cozy rug on the floor, have potted plants (natural or artificial) on the countertop, hang a picture, invest in a handsome mirror, buy a very fragrant scent, use organizing boxes or baskets to decorate and help to leave everything in place, among other things.

In the end, you will notice the huge difference that all these details make in the final look of your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling while spending little

Bathroom remodeling while spending little

Budget focus

When the money is short and you see no other option than to renovate the bathroom, then one of the first solutions is not to lose sight of your budget and write down everything you are spending to keep track. So you can determine where it’s worth spending a little more and where it’s possible to save.

Make substitutions

Instead of wanting to buy everything new, use your creativity and give some thought to alternatives.

For example, paint the old tile instead of replacing everything with a new one or make a wall of burnt cement that is much cheaper.

Another good idea is to use a sideboard instead of a new piece of furniture. It is original and full of personality.

Search and Compare

Have at least three quotes available. This is true for both materials and labor.

Use the internet to help you with price research and ask your friends and family for directions. It is even worth using social networks for this. Believe me, with the right recommendations it is possible to hire a good quality service at a fair price.

Common bathroom remodeling mistakes

Bathroom makeover

Save on labor

When it comes to renovating the bathroom, it’s natural to want to save money. But there are certain things that are often not worth it, such as labor.

You have heard of the saying « cheap is expensive ». Yeah! In an attempt to save money, you can spend even more if, by chance, you need to redo all the work that the previous professional was unable to do.

Save with material

The idea here is similar to the previous one. Don’t skimp on certain types of materials, especially on floors and coverings. Remember that the renovation of the bathroom will last for several years and that the materials need to accompany this passage of time.

Not to mention that you can give up making the bathroom you always wanted because of this false sense of economy.

Again: review your budget. If so, wait a little longer, but don’t take any chances.

Forget about comfort and functionality

Often the bathroom is planned only from an aesthetic point of view, leaving aside important concepts such as comfort and functionality. Don’t make that mistake.

Remember to keep free spaces for circulation and movement, especially inside the box. Also make sure that the door opening does not hit anything. The same goes for cupboard doors. They need to open and close without hindrance.

Did you write everything down? So just start renovating your bathroom!

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