What is it and how much does it cost to get your property certificate

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The dwelling is one of the most important documents that a property needs to have, did you know that?

Every house or apartment, whether residential or commercial, must have this document to prove the regularity of the construction.

Keep following the post with us to better understand this important subject.

What is inhabit?

What is inhabit?

The habite-se is a kind of certificate issued by city halls. This document serves to certify that the property is fit and able to be safely inhabited by residents.

The habite-se also proves that the property followed all the legal requirements to be built and that it is in accordance with the initial project of the work.

How to get rid of it

The dwelling must be requested by the owner of the property or by the construction company responsible for the work.

This request must be made with the city hall. In some cities, however, housing must be requested with the sub-prefecture, housing secretary, urban planning secretary, engineering department, among other names. Inquire beforehand to make sure the exact location where the document is issued in your city.

The dwelling can also vary by name depending on the municipality. It is common to find the document with variations such as Auto Completion, Construction Completion Certificate, Use Permit, Housing Letter, among others.

How much does it take to get up

The value of the habite-se depends a lot on the city where the document should be issued. The fees charged by each municipality even vary according to the management of the moment, since each mayor can change the rules for issuing housing.

The cost of housing is also influenced by the type of work and size, for example.

In most cities, the value of housing is determined per square meter, that is, the higher the construction, the higher the rate.

In the case of a private work, the owner of the property is responsible for the payment of all emission fees.

If the property was acquired on the floor plan or directly from a construction company, as is the case with apartments and condominium houses, the application for housing, in the vast majority of cases, is carried out by the construction company, the owner being responsible for registration and annotation at the real estate registry office.

But, in any case, it is always important to consult the clauses of the contract and analyze whether these costs are included in the negotiation value of the purchase of the property.

How long does it take to get used to be issued

As well as the value, the time of issuance of habite-se varies greatly from case to case, as well as from city hall to city hall.

Everything will depend on whether the submitted documentation is in order and how the responsible city or municipal body works.

To obtain more accurate answers, the ideal is to search for information directly with the city where the property will be registered.

Which documents are necessary for the issue of housing

Which documents are necessary for the issue of housing

Each prefecture requires a type of documentation necessary for issuing housing. But, in general, some papers are always requested and it is important to have them on hand when it comes time to get in. Check out what they are:

  • RG and CPF of the property owner or CNPJ and social contract in the case of a legal entity responsible for the construction of the property;
  • Standard request requested by the city hall and duly filled in with identification of the property and owner data;
  • Municipal certificate and registration of the professional responsible for the work (CREA)
  • Technical Responsibility Note (ART) of the technical professional responsible for the work;
  • Municipal property registration number;
  • Cover of the property’s IPTU;
  • Plan signed by the engineer or architect and approved by the city hall;
  • Building permit;
  • Proof of payment of the fee for issuing the document with the responsible municipal public agency;
  • Certificates that prove the correct functionality of all installations in the house. These certificates must be issued together with the water, sewage and electricity concession companies;
  • Declaration by the Fire Department certifying the facilities mentioned above;
  • Proof of payment of ISS for the work. These vouchers refer to the payment of employees and service providers who worked in the construction of the property, ensuring that they worked within the legality and current labor legislation;

After the delivery of all documentation, a prefect will go to the property to inspect whether the entire construction is within the project previously presented.

With the approval of the supervisor, the dwelling can finally be issued and delivered to the owner of the property.

What can happen to a property without dwelling

What can happen to a property without dwelling

Have you ever wondered what can happen if your property is not registered and does not have a home?

A property without dwelling is not recognized by the city hall, nor by the real estate registry office and this can generate a series of penalties, such as fines, for example.

See below what can happen if the property does not have one:

  • Without the habita, the registration of the property, that is, the registration of the property in the registry office cannot be issued and this directly impacts in the case of future purchase and sale transactions, since only the value of the land will be considered, excluding it whether construction;
  • Most banks do not accept financing for properties that do not have all the documentation up to date, this makes buying and selling difficult;
  • The absence of habite-se also contributes to the devaluation of the property, causing it to be sold below market value;
  • In the case of commercial real estate, dwelling is even more important since the city requires the presentation of the document for authorization purposes and business license. Therefore, whoever wants to rent a property for commercial purposes must make sure, before signing the contract, if the place has all the legal documentation required by the municipality;

How do you know if a property has a home?

Before buying or renting a property it is important to make sure that it has all the documentation required by law, including housing. But how to get this information?

The most practical, quick and safe way to check if a property has a home is by going to the city hall. There it is possible to consult the entire situation of the property, from debts with IPTU to fines, restrictions and all documentation.

You can also obtain this information from the city’s real estate registry office.

Bearing in mind that a house can be purchased even without the inhabitant, however, it is important that the future owner has in mind all the legal implications that the lack of this documentation can cause in the future.

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