What It Is, Advantages and Essential Tips

Who in their right mind does not want to have a sofa that is always clean, free of stains and with a new face?

It seems impossible, but it is not! This magic goes by the name of sofa waterproofing.

Surely you've heard of it, but do you know what it really means? How is done? How much?

It's okay, do not worry! We are here today to answer all of these (and a few more) questions.

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What is sofa waterproofing

Sofa waterproofing is nothing more than the application of a product that guarantees the closure of the fabric fibers and, with this, blocks the passage of liquids to the interior of the upholstery.

The application is made by professional companies using a sprayer that applies the product over the entire length of the sofa.

This application is fast, safe and done only once.

Advantages of sofa waterproofing


One of the main advantages of waterproofing the sofa is the durability it provides to the upholstery, considerably increasing the useful life of the furniture.

The product used in the application ensures that your sofa will be free of stains caused by the penetration of liquids.

Furthermore, the waterproofing of the sofa prevents the proliferation of fungi and mold, since moisture cannot penetrate the upholstery surface.

All of this ensures that your sofa will remain preserved for much longer.

Dogs and cats released

Who has pets at home knows how much a sofa can suffer. Hair, paw prints, as well as an occasional pee that may run off your partner.

Therefore, waterproofing ends up being a great resource to protect your sofa and ensure the presence of your dog or cat without worrying about the possibility of dirtying the sofa.

However, it is important to note that waterproofing does not guarantee 100% protection against pets' pee. This is because the urine is acidic and may end up breaking the barrier created by the waterproofing product.

Tranquility with children

The waterproofing of the sofa also ensures that children use the sofa smoothly, without you having to worry about the juice that is in their hand.

In other words, if your waterproofed sofa is hit by juice, baby food or anything else that only children have the ability to invent, just take a sheet of paper towel and rub it over the liquid until it is completely absorbed.

After that, the sofa is clean and ready for another.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining a waterproofed sofa is much easier. Dirt does not impregnate the fabric and a vacuum cleaner is enough to remove the dirt that remains on the surface of the furniture.

Common questions about sofa waterproofing

How much does sofa waterproofing cost?

The price of waterproofing the sofa depends on the size of the upholstery. For a two-seater sofa, the amount charged is around R $ 200.

Is all waterproofing the same?

No. Although the end result is the same, each company works with a type of product for waterproofing sofas. The technique used in applying the product may also vary.

So it is important to know what type of product the company you chose to do the service works with.

Always give preference to products released by Anvisa and that have quality seals. This will guarantee the quality of the waterproofing and safety for your family's health.

Does waterproofing change the color of the sofa?

Quality waterproofing products do not change the color of the upholstery. Every waterproofing procedure aims to create a protective layer over the sofa fabric, but in no way should this process cause changes in the color of the fabric, even in the most delicate ones.

Once again what counts here is the quality of the product used.

Does waterproofing make the sofa hard?

No. The texture of the sofa does not change with waterproofing. Except in cases where the product used to seal the fibers is of poor quality.

How long does it take to waterproof the sofa?

The application time of the product varies according to the size of the sofa. But, on average, companies spend a maximum of two hours to completely waterproof a sofa.

After how long can the sofa be waterproofed?

It is recommended to wait about two to three hours for the product to dry completely before using the sofa.

On cold and rainy days this time can take a little longer.

How often do you need to redo the waterproofing?

The ideal is to carry out the waterproofing once a year. That way you guarantee that your sofa will always be protected.

This is because with the passage of time and the frequency of use, the product used in waterproofing will wear out and, with that, a new application will be necessary.

Waterproof sofa catches fire?

Yes, it can happen. But, calm down, don't be scared! Some waterproofing products made with solvent are highly flammable and can catch fire and even explode if they come into contact with flames.

And, for that very reason, they end up not being the most recommended for waterproofing the sofa.

The ideal is to opt for water-based waterproofing materials that are not flammable.

To differentiate one from the other is simple. Solvent-based waterproofing products have a strong smell and transparent coloring.

Water-based ones are milky and practically odorless.

Always question the company responsible for waterproofing, in addition to looking for references with which you have already contracted the service.

But never, at any time, put your family's health and safety at risk.

Waterproofing can only be done on a new sofa?

No. This is a very common myth, but completely meaningless. Every sofa can receive waterproofing, the difference is that the result ends up being better on new sofas.

Therefore, it is always recommended that the waterproofing be done as soon as you buy the sofa, so that it stays clean for much longer.

But if you already have the sofa, no problem, you can also do the waterproofing, it will only be necessary to clean and sanitize it before the procedure.

Can any sofa fabric be waterproofed?

Yes. All fabrics used for upholstery of sofas can be waterproofed, including the most popular ones such as suede, chenille, jacquard, linen and velvet.

Do I need to wash or clean the sofa before waterproofing?

Yes, as stated in the previous topic, it is essential to do the dry cleaning and complete cleaning of the sofa before waterproofing.

However, this recommendation is only for sofas that are already in use. New sofas do not need to go through this stage.

Does cleaning the sofa remove the waterproofing?

Ordinary cleaning performed on a daily basis does not interfere with waterproofing the sofa. But in case you decide to do a complete cleaning of the sofa with a specialized company, in that case yes, the waterproofing will be removed and you will need to do the procedure again.

Are the products used for waterproofing safe?

Yes. All products certified by Anvisa are non-toxic and safe for human health, offering no risk.

But, again, it is worth remembering that only certified products have this guarantee. Be very careful with products without origin.

Does waterproofing prevent ink and pen scratches?

Waterproofing does not, unfortunately, free your sofa from ink and pen scratches.

If the sofa happens to receive some ink stain, the cleaning process can even be facilitated, but it does not prevent the paint from penetrating the deeper layers of the sofa and staining it completely.

So it is always important to handle pens and paints away from the sofa.

How is the daily cleaning of a waterproof sofa done?

Day-to-day care with a waterproof sofa includes vacuuming dust and wiping with a slightly damp cloth if any liquid or pasty food comes into contact with the sofa.

Remembering that it is not recommended to rub the stain on the sofa. This can end up taking the liquid into the upholstery. To remove, just rub the stain with a cloth or paper towel.

If there is no stain on the sofa, just remove the dust and hair (if you have pets at home).

You will notice that the waterproofed sofa releases dirt easily, making cleaning faster.

Is it possible to waterproof other furniture in the house?

Yes, in addition to the sofa you can waterproof chairs, armchairs, ottomans and mattresses.

All applications guarantee the same result against the absorption of liquids, facilitating (and greatly) cleaning and maintenance of the house, not to mention that the waterproofing process ensures that your upholstery will last for much longer.

Did you see just how many advantages that sofa waterproofing can bring? Now you just have to hire a trusted company and ensure that convenience for you and your home.

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