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If you dreamed of a house like the Jetsons, all futuristic and technological, then know that this is already possible. All thanks to home automation.

Want to understand more about this subject? Then come see this post with us.

What is home automation

What is home automation

Home automation is the possibility to automate, that is to make automatic, systems and domestic appliances in order to facilitate the routine of residents, bringing even more safety and comfort.

In home automation, devices and systems are connected to an intelligent central, being managed and monitored directly by smartphone, tablet or computer.

Depending on the type of automation, there is no need for a control panel, just a direct connection via wi-fi or bluetooth.

The home automation system can also be controlled by voice.

However, it is important to differentiate automation from integration.

In other words, imagine that you want to cool your house before you get home. To do this, you only need to activate the air conditioning system from wherever you are by clicking on your cell phone. This is integration.

Now imagine that you want the air conditioner to turn on at the same time every day at a pre-established temperature, without having to start it up. This is automation, that is, the ability to program and schedule actions for the different equipment and systems in your home.

It is important to understand this difference in order not to get confused when hiring a service or buying a product.

Advantages of home automation

Advantages of home automation

Comfort and practicality

One of the biggest advantages of home automation is, without a doubt, comfort and practicality to perform tasks.

With automation you can control all the lighting in your home in one click, open and close doors and windows without having to go to them, turn on the coffee maker and prepare the coffee before you even get home, water the garden, among numerous other tasks.

Remote Control

Home automation allows you to control your entire home from anywhere in the world.

Using your cell phone, tablet or computer you can monitor the security cameras, open and close the curtains and even vacuum the floor.


Nowadays one of the main concerns of those who live in large cities is security, or rather, the lack of it. That is why it is increasingly important to be able to count on equipment and systems that add security inside the home.

With home automation it is possible to install and remotely monitor security cameras and alarms.

It is also possible to install door opening systems by means of facial recognition or iris of the eyes.

The garage door can also be automated, opening and closing without the need to get out of the car.

Home automation also allows the home alarm to be integrated into the central security company and, if you wish, you can also choose to install a panic button that can be triggered in cases of assault, kidnapping and invasion.

Those with young children at home also benefit greatly from home automation. This is because it is possible to monitor what they are doing and how they are being cared for by others (the same goes for people with disabilities and the elderly who are in the care of other people).

Automation also allows children to control access to certain places in the house that offer security risks, such as the kitchen and the pool area. In these places the opening of doors is limited to authorized persons only.

It is also possible to control the use of electrical equipment.

Property valuation

Until recently, home automation was a thing for millionaires. Nowadays, however, this scenario has changed a lot.

With the popularization of technologies and easy access, a large part of the population can now count on automated systems inside the home.

A good example of this is the automatic garage gates.

The popularity of automation has made properties with this type of system included more valued and disputed in commercial transactions, both for sale and for lease.

And the trend in the future is that home automation will increase even more, becoming something indispensable in any home.

Economy and sustainability

Believe me: home automation can save you money and still contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

This is because the devices and equipment are programmed to work only at certain times of the day, avoiding waste.

An example is air conditioning. With automation, this device does not need to be on all the time, you just have to program the shutdown when the desired temperature is reached.

The same goes for lighting the house. There are systems with a presence sensor that detect the need to turn off or turn on the lights.

What can be automated in a home

What can be automated in a home

Basically everything that is electrical can be automated, even older devices. This is because they are adapted with smart devices that allow integration and automation controlled by wifi or bluetooth.

Here are the main devices and automated systems used today:


The lighting system is one of the most popular today. With automation it is possible to control and activate the switches, both to turn on and off the lamps even before you get home.

In addition to this basic operation, lighting automation also allows you to create special scenarios for every occasion.

For example, it is possible to create lighting for cinema, for a dinner or a party with just a click by cell phone or by a panel installed on the wall.

The automation of the lighting system also makes you appreciate the decoration of the house, directing the light to specific points.

Doors and windows

Home automation is also famous for the control of doors and windows, as well as curtains and blinds.

This type of automation allows the control of light and ventilation, in addition to providing greater security, comfort and privacy.

The control and activation of doors and windows can be done both remotely and at home without having to be in the same environment as the door or window you want to activate.

Water system

Your home’s water supply can be monitored and controlled through automation. This allows, for example, the automatic activation of garden sprinklers, taps, bathtubs and showers.

In addition to bringing comfort, this automation also ensures savings and avoids waste.

Power system

Did you know that you can monitor your home’s electricity consumption? With home automation it is possible to have complete control of the energy expenditure and how much each appliance is consuming.

That way you save on your energy bill and still make your home more sustainable.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning

Household appliances and electronics in general

Virtually all electronic devices in a home can receive automation. This means control, programming and automatic activation of TVs, home theater, air conditioning, vacuum cleaner, coffee shops, washing machine and dishwasher, among other electronics that you believe it is important to automate.

Security cameras and equipment

When it comes to security, home automation is a great ally. With it it is possible to integrate and automate the security systems, making them work together.

As is the case with security cameras that detect suspicious movements trigger the alarm system and lock doors and windows.

Home automation technologies and applications

Nowadays home automation is available in several applications offered by the automation companies themselves. These applications work on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows systems, covering an increasing audience.

In addition to the applications offered by automation companies, there are also those provided by technology companies, such as Apple with the Home application, which allows the control of different smart devices in a single app.

Amazon also recently launched a smart voice-activated switch known as Alexa. The device allows the integration and automation of different residential systems, from the light control to the possibility of listening to your favorite playlist in a single command.

How much home automation costs

Now comes the question that doesn’t stop: how much does home automation cost?

It is difficult to accurately mention the exact value of an automation, because everything will depend on the size of your home, the number of environments you will automate and, of course, the type of automation chosen.

Another factor that greatly influences the price of home automation is the time when the service is being installed, that is, whether it is during construction, renovation or when the house is ready.

The ideal time for the automation project is during construction, since in this case it is possible to choose a greater variety of automation systems. With the house ready or under renovation, it is more difficult to carry out certain interventions and, as a result, the cost may increase slightly.

But just for you to have an idea it is possible to automate the air conditioner for an average price of R $ 1,000.

For the automation of the lighting system of four environments, the initial value is around R $ 3 thousand.

The automation of the sound system costs from R $ 2 thousand. The price of automation of curtains and blinds starts at R $ 1500, on average.

To automate the security system, be prepared to shell out around R $ 1,000 (cameras only). Other equipment such as sensors, alarms and presence detectors can increase the cost by at least R $ 3,500.

In general, the complete automation of a house can cost between R $ 3.5 and R $ 11 thousand, considering only the labor. The cost of the devices and equipment needed for automation are not being considered.

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