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Spectacular renovations, creative projects and original solutions are, in themselves, the “Brothers to the Work”.

Known around the world, Canadian twins Drew and Jonathan Scott draw a crowd passionate about decor and design.

But do the concepts employed by the brothers work in real life? The answer is yes! Much of what you see in the program can be applied right there in your home.

How to do this? We’ll tell you in this post. We’ve gathered the best tips and lessons from the “Irmãos à Obra” program for you to be inspired, check out:

7 tips from the Brothers to the Work to facilitate its renovation or construction

1. Financial planning

One of the most important things for the brothers is the financial planning of the work. If you don’t know how much you can spend, you run the risk of going into debt. So put down everything you plan to do on paper and then coolly analyze your budget and try to accomplish as much as possible with the money you have available.

Face your reality and be creative. Look for alternative materials and original solutions to fit the project to the budget.

2. Depart from default

To be creative, you inevitably need to step outside the pattern and allow yourself to experiment with new materials. This is another tip from the brothers.

Don’t limit yourself to what everyone else does and has always done. Innovate and be amazed by the results.

3. Stay focused on the project

At the time of a work or renovation, it is very common to be carried away by excitement and enthusiasm. But, according to Drew and Jonathan, this adrenaline can be bad for your budget and for the work schedule.

Therefore, the brothers’ tip is to follow the initial project to the letter and avoid last-minute changes.

4. Listen to the whole family

A common and silly mistake is to set aside the opinions of other family members. For this reason, the siblings are always emphatic in saying that it is necessary to listen to everyone who lives in the house, including the children. After all, a real home is only made with the participation of the whole family.

See what they expect, want and would like to see in the house. In this way, it is possible to build much more interactive and pleasant spaces for family life.

5. Prioritize social environments

If the money is short, the brothers advise: prioritize social environments, such as the living room and kitchen.

The other environments must be renovated as the budget allows.

6. Hire a professional

You don’t want to be a Ursolino and renovate the whole house by yourself, without the help of specialized professionals.

What at first looks like a big economy may soon turn out to be a trap. This is because, according to Drew and Jonathan, renovations and interventions carried out without technical knowledge can cause waste of materials, errors that will require repairs and the purchase of new materials, in addition to hidden defects, that is, defects that will only be noticed in the future, requiring a new remodeling.

7. Don’t be fooled

The brothers always make it very clear that what you see on the show is not really what happens behind the camera.

When it airs, the program is edited and perfectly finished, but for all this to work out, hundreds of people work in production and post-production, in addition to the entire team of professionals involved in the renovations.

The work execution time is not that fast either. Unforeseen events even happen on television shows.

So, don’t be fooled into thinking that your reform will come out of nowhere. Be prepared for delays, extra expenses and other small issues that may arise.

8. Small changes

Another very important tip that the brothers give the audience is about small changes. For you to live in a cozy and comfortable house, you don’t always need to undergo major transformations.

Often, a small change in the layout of the furniture or a new painting of the walls is enough to change the face of an environment, especially when the budget is very limited.

10 decorating tips from the Brothers to the Work for your home

The brothers are also masters in decoration and are always giving tips to help those at home. Check out some of these super special tips below:

1. Equal floors

The use of equal floors in integrated environments is always the first option for the Brothers to the Work. This choice is based on visual harmony, the feeling of spaciousness and the modernity of the environment.

Therefore, avoid using different floors together.

2. Living room and kitchen integration

The integration between living room and kitchen is practically a rule of the Irmãos à Obra program. For the duo, this concept of integration, in addition to being more modern, is more functional and comfortable for residents. Not to mention the gain in lighting and space.

3. Demarcation of environments

However, it must be remembered that integration does not mean that environments should blend together without any kind of boundary. On the contrary, it is important to create a visual demarcation between spaces.

For this, use furniture, rugs and light effects.

4. Feature wall

Every environment always has a prominent wall and the brothers’ tip in this case is: value it.

Use a different coating, make a painting, put pictures, mirrors, but ensure this highlight.

5. Kitchen and bathroom countertop space

Nothing worse for the brothers than a kitchen or bathroom with no counter space. The solution for them is to create alternative support spaces, such as an island, in the case of the kitchen, or a side piece in the bathroom.

6. Bathroom decoration

Let's go to work bathroom

And speaking of the bathroom, the brothers place a lot of value on the decoration of this space, no matter how small it may be.

For Drew and Jonathan, bathrooms need to be comfortable, functional, and beautiful.

7. Lighting

With the Brothers to the Work, no room in the house is poorly lit. Drew and Jonathan always prioritize the lighting of environments and never have only one light source in the space. The ideal is to use a central light, but next to it, add directing spots, pendant lamps and whatever else is necessary to ensure comfort and warmth in the house.

8. Beautiful and functional outdoor areas

Backyards, gardens and other outdoor areas should receive special attention from residents. This is another important tip that the brothers pass on during episodes of the show.

Create useful, functional spaces for the whole family, as well as beautiful and comfortable. In other words, forget about the idea of ​​making your backyard a little messy corner.

9. Full use of spaces


Is there any underutilized space in your house? So, this tip from the brothers is for you.

Reframe warehouses, pantries, garages and other rooms that, by custom, are mess generators and accumulators.

Organize these environments, get rid of excess objects and create a special decoration for the place. It can be a panel or painting on the wall, installing shelves or whatever else you think is necessary, but don’t allow your house to have dirty, ugly and messy spaces.

10. High ceilings

Houses with high ceilings are preferred by the brothers. That’s because they bring a modern and sophisticated aesthetic to the environments. Therefore, always prioritize the height of the rooms.

But is when this is not possible? In this case, the solution is to look for decorative tricks that bring the feeling of a larger ceiling height, such as the use of light and neutral colors on the walls and ceiling and the use of wallpaper with vertical prints, for example.

These and many other renovation and decoration tips can be found directly on the Brothers to the Work program. Here in Brazil, the program is in its 14th season and is broadcast only by cable signal on the Discovery Home & Health channel.

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