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It may seem like a simple task, but many times people rush and end up having a more exhausting job than they should. So know how to mop the floor without error to avoid performing this task more than necessary. Follow this content!

Super useful tips on how to mop the floor

Mopping the floor is the final part of a good housecleaning, before you start thinking about picking up the squeegee, cloth, and floor cleaner; make sure no more dirt falls out during the process. To succeed in this mission, dust off anything on top.

Also sweeps the entire floor very well. Remove obstacles that could get in the way the cloth will make. Leave chairs on tables and sofas. Drag furniture in the corners so you don’t miss any part of your floor.

A very important tip about how to mop the floor is that you should never wipe the soaking cloth. Wet it and then wring it well. With the cloth very wet, you will have to wipe the cloth again, but with it drier it is easy to remove the excess water or cleaning product that you used the first time. Avoid doing this work longer than necessary.

And if you already have a specific product that you prefer to use, read the label on how to use it correctly. Some products can go straight to the floor, while others need to be diluted to avoid damaging your floor. Keep an eye. If you want to try something new or don’t know what to use, find out here how to mop the floor without error you will learn some new recipes.

A good mixture for mopping the floor

A good mixture for mopping the floor

In every house there are a good mix to pass on the floor which may or may not be a family recipe. This culture of inventing products with what is available to have a better performance at home is something common among housewives. And thanks to these people, here are some good ones. floor mopping mixes:

  1. Water, detergent, baking soda and vinegar: With this strong and totally homemade solution you can get almost any grime off the floor. This mixture is a very potent remover. To balance this solution, add two hundred milliliters of vinegar, one liter of water, one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of detergent. Mix well and send bullet through the cloth on the floor.
  2. Bleach and fabric softener: A good recipe that helps with the dirt and can still leave a nice smell in the house is this. The same fabric softener used in clothes leaves a pleasant smell in the air while bleach disinfects the floor. Everything is clean and fragrant. Mix the two in a bucket of water and mix well. Half a glass of each for a liter of water is enough for lasting action.
  3. Water, lemon, vinegar and detergent: make a lemon juice. In a bucket, put one hundred milliliters of lemon juice, two hundred and fifty milliliters of detergent, and one hundred and fifty milliliters of vinegar. Mix well and apply a thin layer to the floor. Let the product act on the floor for about five minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth with water to remove the excess. Your house will be clean and still have a nice lemony smell.

A good one mop mix it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to access. These were homemade recipe tips you can use to keep your floor clean and fragrant.

How to wipe the floor and not get sticky

Now, if your floor always gets sticky after wiping and you don’t want that to happen anymore, know how to mop the floor and not get sticky with a simple and uncomplicated trick.

After wiping, regardless of the product you have used, when the floor is almost dry, wipe the rag once more. But don’t do it with the same product used before.

This time use a mixture of water and detergent. For five liters of water, dilute a tablespoon of detergent. The detergent is supposed to be very weak. It will degrease the floor of product residues or dirt leaving the floor without sticking.

How to wipe the floor on wet days

Normally, good weather, sun and heat are used to make a lady clean at home and leave it cool for a sunny day. In addition to the house drying faster, the feeling of cleanliness leaves the environment cooler in the heat that can be in the summer, for example.

But in winter, how to mop the floor and leave it dry in cold, wet weather? Without the action of the sun to help when drying, it can be a challenge to leave the floor dry after cleaning the house. However it is simple.

After mopping the house, open as many windows and doors as possible and let the air fill the house for a few minutes. Even in the cold, the wind can dry the ground. But of course, remember to apply a thin layer of products and water on the floor. Thoroughly wring the cloth and wipe off as much excess as you can before wiping the cloth on the floor. If it’s still too damp, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth to help dry it.

How to wipe the floor and not get stained

As mopping the floor is something that calls for efficient chemicals to help clean the floor at home, so it’s important to know how to mop the floor and do not stain.

The first light that can be given here is that stains arise due to excess moisture that remains on the floor. Because it doesn’t dry very well, the excess of product that stays in a very prolonged action in contact with the floor can stain it.

The action of the sun on the trace of chemical that remained on the floor after wiping the cloth with a very concentrated solution, can also mark the floor. A product little diluted in water can wreak havoc on the floor. Pay attention to this.

To prevent this from happening, you can opt for two simple solutions.

  • First solution – after wiping the product, open as many windows and doors as possible. Activate the fans and, if you need backup, use the hair dryer to help dry some hidden corners. This will help prevent the floor from remaining damp, helping to prevent stains from appearing.
  • Second solution – If the floor feels a little sticky and smudged after wiping the floor, wipe it again with a damp cloth, but this time with a soapy water solution. Usually a measure of five liters of water is used for a spoon of detergent. Remember to twist the floor well so it doesn’t take too long to dry.

How to mop the floor and keep it glowing

Keeping it clean and shiny are some of the goals that are usually pursued when you want to learn more about how to mop the floor. However, the secret has already been given. Just remove excess grease and oil from the floor. A very clean floor tends to shine, even if it is without grease or excess products, the floor will shine naturally.

For this to happen, use the solution of water with detergent already mentioned in this article: five liters to a tablespoon of detergent or mild soap. This is a recipe that helps to remove any traces of dirt and grease from the floor, leaving it shiny.

Now you know how to mop the floor

And even realized that there is not much secret. With attention to some details, the tips for how to mop the floor shown here become a little obvious as you practice. If you have any more cool, different and useful and functional suggestions, share them here. Share your wisdom on the question how to mop the floor.

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