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There’s no way, Brazilians really like a good barbecue to enjoy the weekend. But when the person lives in an apartment, what does he do?

The good news is that you can barbecue in an apartment, even those without a balcony.

He doubts? So come with us on this post and find out how to make the best apartment barbecue of your life!

How to barbecue in an apartment: choosing a barbecue

The success of the barbecue in the apartment starts with the choice of the barbecue. As these are small spaces and, at times, with little ventilation, it is essential to choose barbecue grills that do not produce smoke or that release as little as possible.

First, because the excess of smoke is bothersome for the residents themselves, second because it will probably also bother their neighbors.

Nowadays, many apartments already have barbecue projects included in the plan, with the famous gourmet balconies. But, there are many others, especially the smaller ones, that don’t have this feature.

So, it’s worth checking out the grill options below and see which one fits your reality best.

Gas grill

The gas barbecue is one of the most recommended for those who live in an apartment without a balcony.

This type of barbecue does not produce smoke and roasts the meat in a similar way to a conventional stove. You can opt for a portable gas grill or a built-in model, ideal for those who like to roast meat on a regular basis.

One of the advantages of the gas barbecue is the safety in handling and the possibility to regulate and control the temperature, making the meats roast evenly and always stay at the right spot.

However, the gas barbecue does not leave that smoky taste typical of barbecues.

Electric grill

Electric barbecue is another very common option in apartments, especially those without a balcony. It works like a grill with the meat being roasted on a grill or griddle, depending on the model.

So, like the gas grill, the electric grill is very safe and does not produce smoke.

However, the meats don’t have the smoky flavor either.

Barbecue grill

So it’s impossible to have a smoked-flavored barbecue in the apartment? Not! There is still hope and her name is barbecue grill.

Usually compact and portable, this type of barbecue works on charcoal and, therefore, manages to offer the smoky flavor that everyone loves.

But what about the smoke? As it is a grill with a “lid”, the breath model can be used without fear of smoke coming out from all sides, since it is always closed.

It turns out that not everything is perfect. Even releasing little smoke and only when the lid is open, the breath grill always gives off a little smoke. For this reason, it is important that your apartment has a balcony or, at the very least, a large window to help dissipate this smoke.

It is also important to consult the condominium rules to find out if there is (or not) any impediment to having a barbecue in the apartment with this type of barbecue.

One more tip: the steam grill holds a small amount of meat. Therefore, if you choose to use this grill, you will need to reduce the guest list to be able to serve everyone.

Avoid smoke using plates

Plates are a good alternative to barbecue in an apartment. They prevent the meat from splashing onto the charcoal and, as a result, the smoke released is less.

But, remember, to use charcoal grills, permission from the condominium is required. And don’t even think about doing this inside the apartment. You need to at least have a balcony, okay?

Best cuts of meat for barbecue in an apartment

To further reduce smoke, it is important to know how to choose the right cuts of meat.

Everyone knows that the more greasy the meat, the more smoke will be released on the barbecue, especially on charcoal models.

Therefore, the ideal is to opt for lean cuts of meat and with internal fat, such as skirt steak or baby beef.

The rump steak must be pork. Chicken meat is also a good choice, such as thigh, drumstick and drumstick.

BBQ utensils in an apartment

So that everything goes well with your barbecue, it’s not enough to just choose the best barbecue and the best cuts of meat, you’ll also need the right utensils. Write down the main ones and start arranging:

  • Cutting board (for raw meat);
  • Cutting board (for roasted meats);
  • A container to accommodate and serve the meat;
  • A sharp cutting knife;
  • A boning knife;
  • A saw knife (for breads, cheeses and vegetables);
  • A grinder;
  • Meat takers;
  • Large fork;
  • dishcloth;

Oh, of course, don’t miss the chef’s apron.

don’t just serve meat

If you want to know how to barbecue in an apartment, then write down this tip: don’t just serve meat.

Put other options on the menu, especially side dishes and appetizers.

But why? Simple: apartment grills are usually small and cannot cook a large amount of meat at once.

And you don’t want your guests to have nothing to enjoy, do you? So, prepare appetizers while waiting for the time to prepare the meat.

A good tip is to serve antipasti and pastries with bread, cold cuts with various cheeses, dried fruits, peanuts and even some fried snacks, such as coxinhas, cheesecakes and pastries.

To accompany the barbecue, serve at least two types of rice, salad with leaves, mayonnaise and farofa.

Remembering that along with the meat, it is still possible to roast other foods that help make the barbecue tastier. This is the case of cheese and vegetable skewers and the famous and traditional garlic breads.

Did you see? With all these tips on how to have a barbecue in an apartment, there’s no longer any excuse to miss meeting friends on the weekend.

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