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Everyone is exposed to this all-too-familiar problem. So, in this tutorial, in addition to learning how to remove the smell of bedweed, you will also learn some techniques to remove the stain it leaves. But before these tips, start by learning how to protect your bed so that it doesn’t get hit so badly in accidents like this.

how to protect the bed

Rather than becoming an expert on how to get rid of the smell of bed wetting, as well as the stain it leaves, learn some methods of how to protect your mattress. With some bed protectors you can alleviate incidents with peeing on the mattress.

As the bed is a place that is exposed most of the time, as it is not kept in a closet, for example, it is at the mercy of everyday accidents such as food stains, cleaning products, dust, in addition to bugs that can plague the fourth as bed bugs, fleas and mites.

So, with that in mind, this article will bring you some protection and care options you should take with your bed, so that it’s in good condition for longer:

  • turn the mattress: Even a new mattress can have a depression in the foam leaving its silhouette marked. To prevent it from getting marked and so that you don’t start having body aches due to sleepless nights due to these marks, turn it inside out. One of the most common recommendations is to turn the mattress every fortnight. This will be enough to help maintain sleep quality. On top of that, if someone has wet the bed, turning the mattress over will help hide any stains.
  • put it in the sun: To prevent the proliferation of mites and other pests that can appear on your mattress, place it in the sun from time to time. At least once a week, put your bed out in the sun, especially in the case of mattresses that have already been wet with pee at some point (not recently, as you will understand in the next topics). If you don’t have outdoor space, you can choose to leave it standing in the window during the period when the sun enters through it. Make sure it is clean as the sun can stain it.
  • wear a cover: There are some covers available on the market that help preserve the mattress and are perfect for cases where there is a risk of pee leaks, such as crib mattresses, for example.

Among these protections you can find waterproof, hypo-allergenic, plastic or fabric anti-mite covers. You can find models with elastics or zippers. Remember to wash the covers frequently and keep the first two cares up to date.

How to get rid of bed wetting smells

A very important tip on how to remove the smell of bed wetting, regardless of which product you use, as well as removing the stain that can remain on the mattress is: readiness. The sooner you act on bed wetting the better the result and the quicker this problem will be resolved.

Don’t let it dry. Much less leave out in the sun. The sun can burn the area where the pee is located due to the presence of urea and phosphorus in the chemical composition of the urine. As soon as you notice what has happened, get a paper towel, an absorbent cloth or even a sponge and do not let the urine settle inside the mattress. Work quickly to get as much pee out of the mattress before it dries.

If its action is quick, a solution of soapy water will be enough to finish cleaning the area where the pee was left. Detergent can also help in these cases. But these products are just in case of immediate action.

If the pee dries up, enter the mattress or stay in contact with the sun, then the way is to use heavy weapons such as baking soda.

How to get rid of the smell of bed wetting with baking soda

In an ideal scenario, in which you acted immediately after the incident, act in this order to have the most effective effect:

  • First step – Absorb as much pee from the mattress surface as much as possible. Use a cloth, paper towel or absorbent paper to remove all excess urine as soon as possible.
  • Second step – Use baking soda. Throw it over the pee-affected spot or area and leave it there for a few hours. Baking soda will cancel out the action of the urea, preventing the strong smell of urine that may remain.
  • Third step – prepare a soapy water solution and splash a little over the stain. Let it act for about five minutes.
  • Fourth step – with a dry cloth or absorbent paper, dry the mattress as much as possible.
  • fifth step – Make use of baking soda once more. Cover the affected area once more and let it dry for a day or so. Wipe off all the baking soda with a dry cloth. If possible, vacuum it.

If you happen to be unable to act immediately to prevent the pee from impregnating the mattress, here are some steps on how to remove the smell of bed wetting to help you, while still using bicarbonate as a cleaning agent:

  • First step – prepare a pasty solution of baking soda with water and apply it over the area where the pee is and let the producer react to the urine for a few hours. It will depend on the level where the smell is.
  • Step Two – Wipe the solution off with a dry cloth or absorbent paper and let the mattress dry in an airy place or in the sun. Make sure the mattress is completely dry before using it.

How to Smell Bed Wetting with Corn Starch

If you don’t have baking soda at home when dealing with bed wetting, be aware that cornstarch can help as a good substitute. You will also use vinegar and water.

When completely drying the urine on the mattress with a cloth or absorbent paper, with a paste solution of water, vinegar and cornstarch, cover the entire area affected by the pee. This is a very powerful solution to combat the smell of urine that can get into bed.

How to get rid of the smell of bed wetting with lemon

So far there have been some ways to get rid of the smell of bed wetting. Some are basic and very efficient solutions that can dry in the sun right after cleaning.

This time, when presenting the method of how to get rid of the smell of bed wetting with lemon, avoid sunlight on the mattress for a few days after applying the solution given here. As lemon has acidic properties, when it comes into contact with the sun it can burn the bed, staining it.

In a container, mix half a glass of lemon, half a glass of baking soda and two glasses of water. Stir until everything is smooth. Apply over the place where the urine is and let it act for a few hours. Then dry the area with a cloth or absorbent paper. Leave to dry in a ventilated place without contact with the sun.

How to Smell Bed Wetting with Vinegar

To finish this tutorial on how to remove the smell of bed wetting, as well as the stain that can remain, this final tip is simple and your process can be even faster. How to get the smell of bed wetting with vinegar a good choice? Simple. Vinegar is a natural antibacterial, which also combats fungi that can appear inside the mattress, if it becomes damp inside. Thus, its use is highly recommended.

In a container, mix half a glass of vinegar and a glass of warm water. Apply over the region sparingly. Let the product act for about thirty minutes. Then, with the help of a hair dryer, dry the area. Tip: so the dryer doesn’t burn the mattress fabric, keep a distance of about a foot from the mattress.

If the smell persists, repeat the process. Stains usually come out along with the smell, so don’t worry about scrubbing the mattress in these cases.

How to get the bed-wetting smell out of your bed isn’t your only concern. With a simple solution of water and laundry soap or neuro detergent, you can scrub the stained area until the mark comes out. Then, with a cloth or absorbent paper, remove excess moisture and let it dry in an airy place or in the sun.

Mattress safe and sound

These were the tips on how to get the bed wee smell out of the bed to save your mattress from a tragic end. Make sure it doesn’t wear out over time and you will make your investment worthwhile. Always remember to leave it in the sun at least once a week and to turn it over every fortnight. This will also ensure a good night’s sleep as he will be in good condition and free from depression.

Leave your comment, share your tactics on how to get the smell of bed wetting with other people. Your opinion is important and can help others with the same problem. So be sure to comment.

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