+28 Bougie naturelle parfumée : [Spring in Kyoto] Jarless Candle

+28 Bougie naturelle parfumée : [Spring in Kyoto] Jarless Candle

Flown in from Paris, France! Discover this flowered candle and let yourself be intoxicated by its fruity and sweet notes. A real invitation to the contemplation of the first flowers during the flowering of fruit trees. Scented with high-quality fragrance oils from Grasse, France (perfume capital of the world). Fragrance: Peach & Pomegranate Botanicals: Amarantoid & Jasmine Flowers Burn Time: 8 Hrs. Approx. Weight: 5.0 oz Wax Type: Soybean & Rapeseed Phthalate Free ***Requires candle holder/basin sold separately here

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