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Do you have the feeling that every time you open your wardrobe nothing pleases you? And as much as you want to spend money on new parts, you know that you could renew what already exists in your closet?

For these questions above, we have a very valuable answer, which is the possibility of customizing clothes. One of the easiest and most accessible techniques is dyeing that can be done in many ways and with incredible results.

Next, we will teach you step by step, how to dye clothes in eight different ways!

1. How to dye clothes black

How to dye black clothes

To dye black clothes, first of all, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Black dye;
  • A kettle;
  • A bucket;
  • A spoon;
  • Salt and vinegar (they are used to make the fixative, being 1 tablespoon for every 300 grams of clothes).

To successfully dye, see the instructions below:

  1. Heat as much water as is necessary to cover your garment;
  2. When the water is boiling, turn it off and move to a bucket where you can dissolve the dye;
  3. Add the piece, always stirring, for about an hour. Do not stop stirring as it can stain;
  4. After an hour, wait for it to cool and rinse off the excess;
  5. Pass the fixer on the clothes and wait 30 minutes;
  6. After that, leave the clothes to dry horizontally;
  7. There: your clothes are dyed!

2. How to dye denim clothes

Do you want to dye that old jeans of yours? First separate the following products:

  • Liquid or powder dye;
  • An old pan;
  • Fixative;
  • A spoon.

Now, follow our steps for a successful answer to your jeans dyeing!

  1. Wash your jeans before dyeing, so that possible dirt does not hinder the process. It is not necessary to dry clothes;
  2. Put the water to boil in the old pot;
  3. As soon as it starts to boil, throw the dye – always following the manufacturer’s instructions on the product label – until you have a homogeneous solution;
  4. You can put your jeans in the pan, keep stirring until you complete 30 minutes;
  5. Turn off the heat and you can now remove the piece from the pan. Be careful not to burn yourself;
  6. Rinse the piece well, repeating the operation until all excess paint is removed. You will know that you have succeeded when the water that comes out is transparent;
  7. Put on the fixer and wait another 30 minutes. It is important so that your piece does not fade;
  8. After waiting another half hour, put your laundry to wash and then put it to dry in the shade and horizontally.

3. How to dye clothes tie dye

Tie Dye Clothing

The term tie dye it comes from English and serves to designate a type of fabric dyeing carried out with dyes that, when spread through the clothes, create exclusive prints.

This technique became very popular during the 60’s in the USA due to the movement hippie and, currently, he came back with everything. To be able to make your own piece tie dye you’ll need:

  • A fork;
  • Many rubber bands to hold paper;
  • Various fabric paints, diluted in water and separated into cups;
  • The piece that will go through the dyeing process tie dye it must be 100% cotton.

In order for you to be able to make the most traditional design which in this case is in a spiral format, follow the following instructions:

  1. Take the fork, press in the middle of the clothes and rotate it, as if it were spaghetti;
  2. The piece already in a spiral shape, put the elastics on the diagonals, so that they cross (the ideal is to use four elastics);
  3. Then, with a plastic underneath, apply the diluted paints: in each slice formed by the rubber bands, you will cast a tone of paint until it is completely dyed;
  4. Under a clothesline, place a plastic wrap and let the piece dry in the shade and in a horizontal position so as not to damage the pattern created by you;
  5. It is important to note that after the garment is dry, the first three washes should be done separately from other clothes.

4. How to dye clothes with checkered paint

Checkered paint

You may be wondering if it is possible to use plaid dye to dye clothes, but it is! First separate the following products:

  • Checkered dye;
  • A dark bucket, preferably so that the paint does not stain the utensil;
  • A spoon.

Let’s go to step by step? It’s pretty easy!

  1. Put on an apron;
  2. Make sure the part is clean, so you don’t have any problems when performing the procedure;
  3. Put the water in the bucket at room temperature and following the instructions of the manufacturer of the checkered dye, pour the necessary amount and mix with the spoon;
  4. You can now put your piece of clothing in the bucket and mix with the spoon for about ten minutes;
  5. Then carefully remove the garment – try to cover the area with plastic since this dye stains a lot – and under running water, rinse your clothes until the water comes out almost transparent;
  6. Before drying, leave the clothesline for this part only and line it with plastic underneath;
  7. Take to dry in the shade and in a horizontal position;
  8. After drying, your piece will be ready. But be careful when washing: always wash separately from other parts.

Check out this additional tutorial on how to make your dye:

5. How to dye stained clothing

How to dye stained clothes

You just found that sweatshirt that was lost in your wardrobe because it was stained. Know that it is possible to recover it through the dyeing process!

To perform this operation, you will need:

  • Remover (if it is going to lighten the part);
  • An old pan;
  • Powder dyeing ink;
  • A cup of salt;
  • A large spoon.

Now just put it all together and follow the steps below:

  1. If you want to lighten the color of the sweatshirt, use the remover according to the instructions on the product packaging. It is important to emphasize that the color will be more uniform and the tone will be lighter than that of the chosen paint;
  2. Boil the water in the pan. Don’t forget to hang up;
  3. Dissolve the ink well. Be careful not to burn yourself;
  4. Put a cup of salt in the pan and mix well;
  5. Meanwhile, moisten your piece in warm water;
  6. Then take the piece and let it soak for 10 to 30 minutes in the pan. The time should be managed in relation to the desired tone. Be sure to stir the spoon during the process;
  7. Take off your sweatshirt and rinse with warm water, as many times as necessary until the water drains clean;
  8. On a separate clothesline, be sure to line the bottom with plastic, dry in the shade and in a horizontal position.

See in this additional tutorial, another approach to dye stained clothing:

6. How to dye clothes tied

The process of dyeing a piece of tied clothing is the same as that done in the tie dye, but you will secure the piece in another way. You will need to separate:

  • A roll of cotton twine or various paper clips;
  • Paint to dye fabric of your choice;
  • Scissors;
  • A basin;
  • An old pan.

To understand more about how dyeing will be done, see the step by step below:

  1. Extend the chosen piece well, pull and tie it with string, always starting in the middle;
  2. You will have to tie several times, forming several buds;
  3. Place the piece in a basin with water to wet it;
  4. In a pan with boiling water, dissolve the paint powder and soak the clothes for a maximum of half an hour;
  5. Then remove the piece, rinse it in cold water until it comes out transparent;
  6. Cut the strings, leaving them to dry in the shade and horizontally.

7. How to dye clothes in degrade

Do you want to have an effect that your piece will gradually darken? The technique of how to dye clothes in gradient is the perfect choice! For this, you will need to have the hand:

  • Your garment must be made of cotton or some other type of natural fiber;
  • Dye powder;
  • Fixative;
  • An old pan;
  • A measuring cup;
  • A fork;
  • A basin.

Shall we get our hands dirty? Follow as described below:

  1. Wet the piece and twist to remove excess water;
  2. Measure out a liter of water and remove a glass to dilute the dye;
  3. The rest should be boiled. When it boils, throw the contents of the glass into the pot;
  4. Take the piece and dip the bottom vertically (remember to create an imaginary line), leave it for a minute for the lightest part;
  5. The intermediate tone, on the other hand, should last from five to ten minutes;
  6. The darkest part, which will be last, will remain for another ten minutes;
  7. Remove the piece from the pan and put out the fire;
  8. Then place in the basin with the water mixture plus the fixative and leave for 20 minutes;
  9. Take to the clothesline, remember to dry in the shade and leave the clothes horizontal.

Check out this step by step how to dye clothes in gradient

8. How to dye clothes with fabric paint

This is the method that even children can be involved in, since it does not go to fire. To get started you will need:

  • Liquid paint for fabric;
  • A sprinkler with water.

The process is very simple, according to our step by step:

  1. Leave the piece to be dyed well moistened;
  2. Dissolve the ink in 500 ml of water and place it in the spray bottle;
  3. Hang the piece well stretched on a clothesline and you can start spraying it front and back;
  4. After finishing, put the piece to dry in the sun. When it dries, it will be ready for use;
  5. Be careful when washing the garment, as it may stain other clothes.

A thousand and one possibilities

Now there is no more reason not to change your wardrobe pieces, after all the tutorials are easy and with little money, you will be able to buy the necessary ingredients to dye your clothes.

What about the processes, which one did you find most interesting? Leave it in the comments below to find out more!

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