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Residential security is not luxury, it is a necessity. Just to give you an idea, the São Paulo Public Security Department estimates that, at least every hour, a residence will be robbed throughout the state.

And to stay away from this statistic, there is nothing better than preventing yourself and taking all the necessary precautions with the security of your home.

To do this, start by reading the tips we have separated in this post.

Home security tips

1. Think like a criminal

This tip may seem strange, but it works. Imagine yourself as a burglar for a few moments and contemplate your home.

What are the main forms of entry? Are the locks safe and resistant? Is the street quiet or busy? Do you have things of value at home?

The main motivation of burglars is the ease of access to homes. That is, the easier for them, the better. According to the São Paulo Department of Criminal Investigations (DEIC), an assailant can study moving a house for up to two months before committing the crime.

Criminals observe the routine of the residents, the movement on the street, the escape points and even what the residents have. That’s because windows can reveal precious assets.

Therefore, the first tip is to analyze how your home may or may not become an easy target for burglars.

2. United neighborhood

Nothing like cooperative surveillance between neighbors. This simple attitude can bring more security to everyone.

The tip here is to gather the neighbors, exchange phones and let them agree that one will always keep an eye on the other’s house, especially in the case of trips and other more time-consuming departures.

When a neighbor helps the other in the observation, the criminals’ action decreases and the chances of your house being robbed as well.

3. Security cameras

Nowadays there are several types of security cameras to reinforce the monitoring of homes.

You don’t need super equipment, a simple model helps a lot.

In fact, only the fact that the security camera exists already frightens the action of the criminals.

However, when making the installation it is important that the camera is high enough that it cannot be easily reached and thus end up being broken or pulled out of place.

It is also critical that you check where the camera is going to point. Ideally, she should monitor the main entrance to the house. But, if by chance, your house has an entrance through the back or side aisles, it is also interesting to choose to install cameras in these places.

4. Lighting

Dark, poorly lit places are perfect for criminals to take action. They can hide easily and go unnoticed by everyone.

So it is super important that you provide good lighting in the external area of ​​the house, including garage, sidewalk, walls and garden.

A great way to do this is to use lights with presence sensors. In this way, whenever a movement is detected, the lights turn on automatically.

5. Alarm and monitoring system

For security to be complete (from the point of view of the equipment) you can choose to use alarms integrated with the cameras and the lighting system.

Alarms can be installed on doors and windows. In case of any break-in attempt, the audible alarm is triggered and the police are called in time to resolve the incident.

This type of alarm nowadays is also easy and inexpensive to find.

6. Home insurance

Another worthwhile attitude is to invest in home insurance. If all attempts to prevent the robbery fail, at least you will have the reimbursement of the value of the assets.

Not to mention that home insurance doesn’t just protect your home from theft. Insurance is also a protection against other factors, such as fires, gales, falling trees, electrical and hydraulic damages.

7. Grid or wall?

There are many people who prefer walls, while many others are in favor of using hollow bars around the residence. But, after all, what is the best option from the point of view of security?

In this case, experts are unanimous in stating that the more visible the house is, the better. After all, all a criminal wants is to enter the house and remain there unseen.

When the house has bars instead of a wall, visibility increases, making it difficult for the bandits to act.

But in case you already have a wall built or, for some other reason, prefer the wall, then the tip is to build a tall structure, measuring between two to three meters.

It is also important that the wall is protected with electric fences on the top or barbed wires.

Also avoid architectural details that facilitate climbing (this is also true for railings).

8. Observe the street before entering

Never, ever, enter the house without first observing the street, the sidewalk and the surroundings of your home.

Burglars take advantage of the moment that residents arrive to approach them.

So, if you notice any strange movement, call a neighbor, call the police and move to another place.

9. Secure doors and windows

The doors and windows that give access to the external area of ​​the house must be resistant and made of solid wood or other resistant material.

If your house has a window very close to the door, remember to remove the key. That’s because in the event of an attempted robbery, the criminal can easily break the glass and open the door from the inside.

One-piece glasses are also the most suitable, as they are more difficult to break and, when that happens, they make a lot of noise.

10. Sturdy locks

The use of resistant locks is essential in residential security. The most recommended ones are those with a tetra key or with password activation.

If it is impossible to install another lock, consider reinforcing the use of locks and padlocks.

If you lose a key, change the lock insert as soon as possible. Also avoid tagging the keys.

11. Wasteland is dangerous

Living next to a vacant lot is not problematic just because of the dirt that can accumulate. This type of area is perfect for hiding criminals.

If this is the case, then the tip is to seek the landowner and ask him to provide fences, walls or any other type of isolation from the land.

In the last case, look for the city hall of your city and report it.

12. Balcony security

In houses with balconies it is important that access is difficult. That is, never leave stairs in the yard that can be used to access the upper floor of the house.

Make sure there are points where the assailant can climb and reach the balcony. Architectural details, fences and trees favor the access of burglars. The same goes for balconies close to the walls of neighbors. The criminal can use the wall next door to gain access to his home.

13. Beware of landscaping

Tall trees and plants are beautiful, but they can become a haven for burglars.

This does not mean that you must cut down the trees or destroy your garden. On the contrary, the tip is just to analyze whether these plants are obstructing the view of your home or whether they are in a position that facilitates the hiding of criminals. If so, check the possibility of keeping these plants pruned at all times, or move them around.

14. Get out of the rut

Burglars act based on the routine of the people in the house. If you and the other residents leave and return at the same time every day, this can be a problem.

So try to change your habits a little and get away from the routine. Change schedules as far as possible and change the route of arrival.

15. Keeping an eye on social networks

Social networks are part of modern life. But you have to be very careful with what is being published. This is because criminals can access your profile to obtain valuable information, such as where you work, at what time, if you leave by car or on foot, if you are traveling, among other information.

And there, too, that criminals can gain access to the assets you have at home. A photo or another can miss an equipment, a work of art, a precious jewel, among other things.

Therefore, avoid posting photos and information that pose a risk to the safety of your home and family.

Another important tip: change your social network settings by changing public posts. That way, only friends in your network will be able to access the content you post.

Did you see? Maintaining residential security is not difficult and can make all the difference in your family’s well-being.

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