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At one time or another, there will be no way out: that sofa of yours, inseparable companion in series and movie marathons, will start to show signs that it is not well.

It can be a tear, a stain, a foam that sinks and doesn’t come back. All of these are indications that sofa makeover is inevitable and urgent.

But is retirement really the best option? If you also have this question, stay here in this post with us, we’ll help you decide.

Advantages of Sofa Makeover

Advantages of Sofa Makeover


Renovating a sofa can cost up to three times less than buying a new upholstery. These values ​​can vary, more or less, depending on the type of renovation you choose to do, but in any case it is always a good option from a financial point of view.


The current consumption pattern is problematic for the environment. In addition to the pollution caused by excess waste, this unrestrained consumption also destroys the planet’s natural resources, as more and more raw materials are needed to produce these goods. And you can get out of this vicious cycle by choosing to remodel your sofa instead of buying a new one. The environment thanks you.

emotional attachment

Another great advantage of the sofa makeover is the possibility of continuing to enjoy an asset that has been in the family for years.

quality furniture

Older sofas were manufactured with a better quality structure and, therefore, when renovating a piece of furniture of this type, you have the opportunity to gain a new sofa, but with a quality that is no longer seen today.

How to know if the sofa needs a makeover

How to know if the sofa needs a makeover

Analyze the state of the sofa

The first thing you need to do is analyze the general condition of your sofa. This is because, depending on the situation, unfortunately the reform may not be the best option, as the damage is irreversible.

Then start by looking at the surface of the sofa. Does it have tears, holes or blemishes?

Then analyze the foam. Are there parts of the sofa that are sunken in? And how are the arms and backrests?

The internal structure also needs to be analyzed. It can be more difficult to see this just by looking, so a tip is to turn the sofa upside down to look inside. Is the woodwork preserved? Does it show moisture or broken or cracked parts?

After answering all these questions, it is already possible to verify whether or not the renovation is the best option.

As a rule, superficial damage, such as tears and stains, can always be recovered with a repair. Structural damage, on the other hand, such as those involving foam and wood, need a technical and professional look to assess whether the renovation is advantageous or not.

Aesthetic adequacy

Another reason that you might want to remodel the sofa is the aesthetic adequacy. That is, when the sofa is no longer pleasing or simply does not match the new decor.

In these cases, if the structure is in good condition, the renovation will focus only on the fabric. You may also want to transform the look of the sofa, making it more straight and modern, for example.

However, in this case, it is important to have a company that specializes in this type of service, as the vast majority only carry out simple renovations.

How much does a sofa makeover cost?

As you might expect, the type of renovation will determine the total cost of your new sofa.

Just to give you an idea, average sofa makeover prices can range from R$1600 (for a small two-seater sofa) to R$2600 (for a 3-seater retractable sofa). However, these are just reference values ​​as it all depends on the current state of the sofa and how you want it to look.

See below the most common types of renovations and the approximate value of each one.

Reform sofa fabric

The most obvious problem that a sofa can present is fabric damage, mainly caused by tears, holes and stains. This type of damage directly impacts the appearance of the sofa and the decoration of the room.

The good news, however, is that this type of makeover is usually the most affordable on the market, as it only requires changing the fabric, if the foam and the internal structure are okay.

The average cost of this type of renovation is R$25 per meter. However, the type of fabric interferes with the value, ok? The cheapest are serge, suede and chenille, with prices ranging from R$25 to R$70 per meter.

The most expensive fabrics, such as silk, linen, leather and jacquard, range from R$ 120 to R$ 400, not counting the labor.

Reform sofa foam

Sofa foam can last up to ten years if it is of good quality. And when that time comes to an end, the sofa starts to sink and get uncomfortable. These are clear indications that it is time to change the foam.

In this case, you can also choose to change the design of the sofa, changing its shape, making it straighter or curved depending on your personal taste.

The cheapest foam on the market is flaked, with average values ​​between R$ 3 to R$ 4 per kilo. However, this type of foam is less durable and deforms more easily. If you prefer to invest in a higher quality material (which is more suitable in the long term), then the tip is to opt for block foam. The average price of this type of foam is R$ 12 per kilo.

Renovate the sofa’s internal structure

Now if your sofa needs a new structure, then there’s no way you’ll have to spend a little more. In these cases, the foam and fabric also often require refurbishment.

The average cost of a new structure is R$300 per square meter for a small, standard-sized sofa. This value can vary upwards or downwards depending on the type of wood used.

Renovate or wash?

You may also be considering the possibility of just washing your sofa. This is a great idea and a very valid one too. However, it doesn’t work for all cases. This type of procedure only works for damage such as stains on the upholstery.

Coffee, juice, wine and even pet pee are easily removed with a professional wash and the sofa is brand new again.

Nowadays there are several companies that specialize in sofa cleaning. Just make a budget and hire the service.

However, if the problem is not resolved, then, then yes, you should take your sofa for renovation.

Tips to take better care of your sofa

Tips to take better care of your sofa


A good way to keep your sofa beautiful and functional for longer is to perform the waterproofing service. In most cases, companies that work with renovations also usually offer this type of service.

Nowadays, the techniques used to waterproof the sofa guarantee total protection against the absorption of liquids with the advantage of not hardening the fabric.

This option is even more valid when you have children or pets at home.

Use blankets or covers

There are many people who turn up their noses at the blankets and sofa covers, as they tend to “hide” the beauty of the furniture.

But the truth is that both the blankets and the covers help preserve the upholstery for longer, especially against sweat stains.

You don’t need to leave the sofa covered with the blanket all day, but you can get used to extending it when you go to bed to watch TV, for example. To make it easier, leave a charming basket beside the sofa with the blanket, so you don’t forget to cover it.

away from moisture

This tip is very important! Avoid at all costs leaving your sofa leaning against a wall with mold and mildew stains.

This moisture can easily get into the upholstery and, in addition to being harmful to your family’s health, it also compromises the quality and useful life of the furniture, since both the structure and the fabric can be damaged in the presence of moisture.

keep cleaning up to date

Make it a habit to also clean the sofa regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day, but at least once a week vacuum with the brush. This simple tip helps a lot to conserve the sofa for longer.

Are you going to buy a new sofa?

If you’ve decided to buy a new sofa, that’s fine too! The renovation may not solve all of your old sofa’s problems.

In this case, remember to properly dispose of this furniture. The first option is to donate it if it can still be used by others. There are charities that do the service of collecting furniture and other objects for donation. Look for the one closest to your home.

But if the sofa is not ready to be donated, then the way is to discard it. You can do this in two ways: looking for a company that recycles this type of material (search the internet) or asking the city hall to do the collection.

Most cities have services of the “scavenging” type, where furniture and larger objects can be disposed of correctly. Another option is to send the sofa to an ecopoint.

The important thing is not to throw him in the street, ok?

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